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Tue 13 Sep 2016
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The meditation pool
The serine atmosphere of the meditation pool is disturbed by the angered yips and howls of lockjaw.

LJ paces back and forth as a human trying to find the words with his limited monkey babble. Giving up he shifts to his natural lupine form, the massive grey wolf turning to shadowclaw.

"Nol-sh.. sorry Shadowclaw-rya. I don't understand I didn't break the litany. I didn't endanger my pack. I saw an opportunity and I took it. When hunting with the pack if you see a lame fawn in winter that will feed you all, do you stop to give your alpha first try at catching it with the chance that it will get away while you go fetch him? Or do you kill it and respect your alpha by giving him the first taste of fresh meat? You do not punish or shame a pack member for showing initiative! That will never feed your pack. To top that all off, it was Ryan that split the pack. Then split us again so he could 'Walkie Talky' with the tainted pets of the cadaver..."

*For some reason LJ finds that amusing, a slight smile appearing upon his face.*

"So shall he be till he redeems him self."

*he says under his breath before continuing with Shadowclaw.*

"It was all him Nol.."

*LJ shakes his head to remind himself he is of lower station than his comrade.*

"Sorry Shadowclaw-rya, he made the plan on how to go into the leeches den. Walkie talky had to get the glory of going in first reducing our strength by splitting the pack twice how weak did he want us? These are leech we hunt not girl scouts, that crazy inbred fuck tard! It cost Marcus his life and yet I am shamed for showing initiative! For acting before his fucked up highness said so. Well Fuck that!! It is bull shit. If his madness costs any more of my pack, so help me luna I will make a puppet of him in the most literal sense."


"It makes me SOOO ANGRY! I want to take a sharpened tree and ream it up his high and mighty ass! Perhaps brain surgery will improve his decisions, but honor holds me back."

*He snaps at the air in frustration.*

"I will do what he and the rest of you say, but Walkie Talky will get no respect from me. Until he proves his worth he is not my Alpha. Do you hear me shadowclaw-rya. Only my honor keeps me bound now. That and my concern for you all. That this mad, sister fucking knucklehead will send you all to your graves. If I am not there to stop it!..FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!"

*He howls the last part to the heavens hoping luna will hear him. Each time he says Walkie talky, it is said with disdain in a derogatory manner. It seems this is what he has named Ryan from hence forth. Always slow to act like he is walking and always wanting to talk. On and On and on and on .. someone kill me already....*

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Tue 13 Sep 2016
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The meditation pool
LJ paces around the pool his wolf form that of a large grey wolf standing 3'6" tall and over 6'4" long, bigger than any dog, weighing in at 200lb. (he's a record breaker)

He could never pass for a dog.

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Fri 16 Sep 2016
at 00:30
The meditation pool
LJ turns to Shadowclaw and with imploring eyes asks;

"Shadowclaw-Rya, what am I supposed to do?"
Lock Jaw
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Thu 22 Sep 2016
at 00:37
The meditation pool
"Grrrr walkie Talky commands our attendance. Hold me back if I try to gut him Shadoclaw-rya."

Says Lockjaw moving to the edge of the pond and gazing into it's reflective surface moving through to the umbra.

(ooc takes his time so no roll but it takes a minute or 2)
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Sat 24 Sep 2016
at 13:08
The meditation pool
Shadowclaw is silent the whole time, as he has much to think about. This is a very complicated matter and he has to make sure that he says it right the first time. It is only when Lockjaw asks him for help that he decides to say something.

"Well, I-" But before he can say something constructive, they are interrupted by Ryan ordering them to get back. With a heavy sigh, he turns to Lockjaw. "Alright then, we will have to talk later. For now, just try to stay calm. Alright, big guy? I have your back."

With that, he followed Lockjaw into the Umbra.

OOC: Sorry, didn't have time to post this week. Guess we will have to finish this scene later.