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Hall of Honor
Great deeds lead to a great reputation.  With a good reputation come rewards.
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Ulf Dahlen

     Reputation 16


     Reputation 18

Vidar Svanhild

     Reputation 17

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Reputation Rewards
Reputation can be used in several ways, most often by “cashing in” reputation points to gain favors. Spending reputation points in this manner can get you aid in court, help you avoid an unwanted arrest, or even secure gifts and loans, but doing so costs a random number of reputation points. You may spend reputation points in this manner up to once per game session. If you attempt to spend reputation points and you do not have enough to pay for the boon you seek, your reputation points are reduced to 0 and you do not gain the boon.

Diplomacy/Intimidate Boost:
You gain a +5 circumstance bonus on either Diplomacy or Intimidate checks for the remainder of the game session. Cost: 1d6 reputation points.

Favor: You gain a favor from an NPC ally. Cost: From 1d6 to 5d6 reputation points, depending on the GM’s whim and the difficulty of the favor.

Gift or Loan: An NPC ally grants you a gift or a loan.  The gift or loan in question must be one that the NPC could actually grant (subject to the GM’s approval— requests for particularly expensive gifts or loans beyond what a character of your level could or should be able to earn through adventuring should generally be refused).  The gift or loan can be in the form of wealth (in gp), or it could be a single item. A gift is permanent, but a loan lasts only for the game session in which it is granted.  Cost: 1d6 reputation points per 2,000 gp value of the gift.  For a loan, this reputation point cost is halved, but at the start of each subsequent game session, if the loan has not already been returned or repaid, the halved cost must be paid again to extend the loan for that game session—this counts as your use of reputation for that session.

Weregild Payment: Allies back home pay for your weregild and save you from being a hostage. Cost: a number of reputation points equal to your character level + 1d6.
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Reputation Log

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