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Blessed Weapons
Weapon stats for Blessed weapons: (I may tweak this a bit in the future if I think it's unbalanced or doesn't fit well with the game. For now, a rough draft at any rate)

Ok, so this is only towards weapons that have been specially treated and blessed by those who know how. It takes a few hours to do, so it's a lengthy and difficult process. Once your weapon has been blessed though, it stays that way unless the blessing is taken away, which doesn't happen often.

There are 4 main types of creatures and the weapon affects each one differently.

It hurts the creature much like salt or iron would, and can be used to drive them away. However, to kill them completely it will require burning their bones or whatever other requirements the lore dictates should the spirit be of a more unusual variety.

Common Monsters:
Genies, Vampires, Werewolves, hell hounds etc. Run of the mill monsters are able to be killed by a blessed weapon as long as they are within 6 levels of the player. You treat weapons as you normally would against mortal creatures except you add a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls. Critical hits are worth 3 times the damage though with a blessed weapon rather than just 2x.

Greater Monsters:
(This includes alphas, higher ranking demons, Leviathans, minor deities, etc)
The weapon can only be used to wound or drive away. It will not actually kill the creature. Only obedience to lore specifications will work, such as exorcism for demons, special stakes for demigods, etc.

Ultimate Monsters:
Lucifer, Knights of Hell, Certain ancient entities, etc.
Fortunately these are few and far between. The weapon only gives them minor wounds, more of an irritation for them than an actual wound. These tend to require rituals and more extreme measures to be dealt with. Demon traps do work for Knights of hell, though, which is a fortunate aid in certain cases.