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chapter 6: Into the Past
You step through the portal and into a blinding light, walking through the piercing glow for a few seconds before you find yourselves suddenly outside in pitch darkness. The cloudy sky blocks the sliver moon and a tenacious rain immediately drenches you. The air is cold and an icy wind bites at your now soaked flesh as you quickly realize your feet are already half submerged in soggy squishy peat and mud. It is difficult to see but you seem to be in the middle of a great plain of marshy flatland. Penny recognizes them immediately. You are on the moors in just about the worst conditions possible.
Father Simon Cole
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Mon 28 Sep 2015
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chapter 6: Into the Past
Simon looked around, then down at his feet, then at Penny. "So this is why you always carry an umbrella."

There seemed to be no where around them, just more cold and miserable bog. "I hope you know which way to go."
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chapter 6: Into the Past
Penny flung out her arms and laughed, her smile happy and carefree for once in a long time. She did not care how wet or muddy she got. 'I'm home!' She luxuriated in the refreshing rain, tasted the sweet water in her mouth, shivered at the caress of the cold wind upon her skin, through all the layers of dress. It was weather to make you feel alive. She took a deep breath, savouring the rich, earthy smells of the peat and plants, all the life of the moor around her. The land, with bogs and mires and tors and all, as bleak as it was, was so beautiful. She'd always come here to get away from that bleak house she'd grown up in; the moor gave her a wondrous feeling of freedom. Actually being back here chased away all her fears. 'Indeed so, Father Simon. Welcome to Britain!' Even her Devonshire accent had grown a tad more noticeable, her 'r' stronger and her 's' more like 'z'.

At last, she raised her umbrella, erecting the canopy overhead and sheltering her eyes from the rain as she scanned both the horizon and the ground close by. 'Visibility is poor, and Dartmoor is a big place. We must find a tor a large rocky outcrop of granite boulders. We might find shelter from the rain there, and I can get my bearings.'

'Walk only where I walk. There are bogs and mires here that will swallow whole ponies, and beds of moss grow over some. They might support your weight for a time.'
she warned, trying to stress the hazards of this wild landscape. 'Plus, there'll be monsters lurking about.'


Dartmoor on a dark night:

I wish I'd put some points in Survival when I had the chance.

Finding our way and avoiding hazards, Survival 21. Rolled a 20, thankfully. Did we arrive in the right season?
10:23, Today: Penny Dreadful rolled 21 using 1d20+1. survival.

Do we need to make Fort saves against the weather? Unfortunately, Penny can't do anything about that.
10:25, Today: Penny Dreadful rolled 2 using 1d20+1.  survival - weather.

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chapter 6: Into the Past
Well what a lovely home you have here Ian mutters dryly, looking miserable in the rain. Lead the way then good lady. Lily follows close behind and though she looks cold in the rain she handles it quite well and as you travel she is more surefooted then most of you though you're sure it has something to do with her native upbringing and being acclimated to the wilds, even if they are the wilds of America versus England. (ooc: i.e. she has crazy good survival ranks, lol).

Ian does less well and stumbles and slips and is forever falling and complaining, even putting a foot wrong here and there and starting to sink into the very bogs and mires Penny warned him of. Fortunately a close eye is kept on the man and he manages not to sink too deeply. Penny spots a tor not too far and you all trudge towards it, the only one having a happy time is Penny, though the cold is getting to her and she shivers uncontrollably. Continued exposure will likely wear on her and you are grateful for the hope of shelter, even if just for a little while. Castiel is nowhere to be seen but you hope he will find you soon enough. In the meantime the air is cold and biting but Penny knows it could be far colder. It feels like a nippy spring, perhaps you were put in the correct time after all.

ooc: So please roll a survival check the rest of you to see how well you do and go ahead and roll fort saves against the weather too, good idea Penny. Also, roll a spot everyone so that when you get the to the Tor you can perhaps find a direction to head.