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Mon 7 Oct 2013
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Rules of Posting
Please try to post at least once a week, though if you get busy you can let me know.

Swearing is allowed but no F-bombs or G-D's please. Keep it mild and light, used for emphasis when needed without overdoing it. It should be used like a seasoning, not an entree. And of course sometimes the post really warrants it and in that case feel totally free!

Do not be overly graphic in sexual situations. Please keep it PG-13.

The game should be taken seriously in that posts are high quality and we stick to a good storyline, etc. However, I am much more story based than rules based. If you are a stickler for everything exactly by the book, then this is not the game for you. Occasionally I may miss something, or forget some minor nuance of a rule, etc. If that's the case, chill. We'll work through it and get back on track. I know how to play the game, but memorizing every little rule is not why I play it. I want to get on with the story and the adventure, not be a rules Nazi. That said, I will try to be fair and accurate to the rules, I just won't be too upset if something gets glossed over now and again.

Please try to be descriptive and post quality writing. No sloppy writing please, and be descriptive.

Also, no one be a jerk ok? I want my players to get along and have fun. Don't take life or the game too seriously.

No fighting!! If you have a problem with each other take it up with ME, not the other person. It never seems to work out the other way so just don't do it, got it? For the love of Mike, try to keep calm about crap too. It's not worth getting worked up over and it just pisses me off so get along! If something truly bothers you, let ME know as stated above. In the end remember, it is a friggin game. Treat each other with respect and cool it.

Another thing: No politics or too much religious talk in the ooc. General respectful theology and light conversation in regard to such may be acceptable (if you can pull it off without pissing anyone off) but religion and politics are the 2 most likely topics to cause a freak out and that kind of drama is something I already have to deal with in the real world. So just be good to each other and keep it light please. I get standing up for what you believe in, but this is a game and I want to keep the controversial aspects of the real world out of it. That means respect for each other from BOTH sides, even if it is just a mutual agreement to shut up about something. No drama! I simply cannot state this enough.

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Sun 10 Nov 2013
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Re: Rules of Posting
Something else I should note about posting. For fights I will often ask you to post three rounds just for the sake of time. I'll let you know before hand of course, but be aware of that. Also, please copy and paste your rolls and damage so I can keep track of them in the thread and not have to go to the dice roller to look. So far everyone is already doing this, which is great. Keep me appraised of you current hit points as they go down too so I can keep track easier during fights.

I also play by the rules that if you get two natural 20's in a row, you get a "quick kill" of sorts- however rather than having them actually be dead they fall down as if dead, meaning they get to -1 hit points and they are unconscious and dying. You can either finish the job or leave them to die (unless of course they are revived). Consequently the same thing can happen to you if I roll 2 natural 20's against you. You would automatically be at -1. At that point your friends will need to stabilize you, you will need to pass your stabilization percentage roll, or you will continue to die. It makes the game more interesting. However, my luck with the dice roller is horrid on this thing and it is very unlikely that I'll ever get the chance to do that to you and even if I do, you'll get the chance to be healed so don't think I'm just going to up and kill you. Although, if you are in a situation where you are obviously in over your head and you choose not to run, then I will throw everything at you for being foolish. It will be obvious though when you should run.