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Chapter 8.5
The next morning Simon, Lily and Jo rush off to the train station, which is fortunately not far. The summons from Victoria was urgent. "I need you South!" the telegraph read. How the attendant found you to deliver it was a mystery but then the woman was a witch, she had her ways. "Go to New Orleans immediately! I will find you!" That was all it said. It was decided that the group should split, especially since the need here was so pressing, and you three were deemed best fit to answer the call.

I hate trains Lily grumbled as she plopped down in the seat, stuffing her carpet bag under the seat and crossing her arms. Whatever this is, it had better be important. I hate being stuffed in a tin can full of people she glares at the other passengers as though it is somehow their fault she is there. Seeing a scowling Indian woman, most give her a wide berth. I don't suppose either of you have been to New Orleans? Full of hoodoo isn't it? I think Victoria is from there... she muses.

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Chapter 8.5
Smiling happily to be traveling with Lily and Simon, Jo was all grins today. She hadn't ever ridden on a train, so this was quite the excitement for her.

At Lily's question, she shook her head, and smiled,

"Nope, not to New Orleans... never been much out of home, to be honest. This will be great!" she tried to cheer her riding partner up, nudging shoulders softly with her, "Plus, we've got Simon with us! Sky is the limit!" she giggled, obviously quite satisfied with this trip.

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Chapter 8.5
Simon is lulled into a half sleep by the gentle rocking of the train car. It takes him a few moments to answer, "Yes, I've been to New Orleans. Twice actually, once as a child and once as a student. My second trip took me four years, Loyola University. Voodoo is not satanic, in fact is is based heavily on Catholicism and is should really be considered a subset of the same. It is present, but so is the Church and I don't think you will be as uncomfortable as you think. It is very...enlightened."
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Chapter 8.5
Lily arches an eyebrow at Simon's words. Really? Well I hope they are enlightened enough to accept an Indian woman without too much bother. Not many of us in that city I'd wager. I'm glad you've been there. I hate strange cities and New York is bad enough even knowing where I am. She turns to Jo suddenly. And you are far too chipper my friend. Ugggh- I bet you're a morning person aren't you? I'll wake up tomorrow and have you bouncing off the walls won't I? she looks disgusted and fond at the same time somehow.

The train ride goes smoothly enough. There is an actual dining car but for the first few days of the stretch there are dining houses along the way where the train stops and you can get out and eat. It feels wonderful to stretch your legs and Lily in particular is having a difficult time being pent up. She gets bored quickly and restless and you can tell she is frustrated at taking such a long method to travel when she's used to horseback and open air. The bunking situation is interesting. Simon is given the bottom bunk and Lily and Jo must cram onto the top. There is no room to straighten your legs and it is a scrunched mess. The fact that all the other passengers are going through the same thing at least means you are in good company though when one portly man proves to be a snorer it is all you can do to keep Lily from jumping out of her bunk to strangle him.

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