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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
She looks bewildered but at last nods gratefully. I'm happy to hear that. I never knew how to forgive him myself, but I am glad he found some form of peace. You were very kind to tell me of all this. she smiles gratefully.

She's a liar. The voice from behind you startles you both, and Constance's surprise immediately turns to irritation. You turn to see one of the children, a girl of about five, looking at you blankly, face innocent. Melanie! Enough! This woman is our guest! Melanie is unaffected by the scolding. But she's lying mama. Grandpa had a tree branch stuck in his middle. I can see it. He hung there a long time, squirming like a worm on a hook.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Smiling understandingly at her loss, Josephine turned towards the little girl, and shook her head,

"I wish I had better news, and I'm sorry that your daughter seems unable to cope with the news, but I do come bearing the truth." she said, keeping her head on the woman.

She then handed her the letter, and sorrowfully took her leave.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Constance is shocked by her daughter's words, and gives her hand a little slap, reprimanding her. You'll have to forgive Anne! She's taking to telling such wild tales lately! At this the girl argues that they are most definitely not tales and an argument ensues. It does make you shiver, how accurate she is. Clearly the girl has some sort of gift. No matter her father's death, Constance has ties to hunting whether she likes it or not.

ooc; Ok, any plans before the storyline continues? Planning, scheming, shopping? ;P
What does Jo hope to do next? She has a lot of balls in the air. Her mother is back in New York, still tainted, you have Lily who's been messed with too, and of course her father somewhere on the loose. What does she want to do next?
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
OOC Chase her mother WITH Lily. She cares about Lily/Mom the most, and would want to keep them close in some futile hope of keeping them both safe!

She has confidence that her father will find her himself, so she'll chase her mother with Lily.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
With Marcus on the mend, he's able to transport you all back to headquarters in New York. It's handy now that you don't have to take the time to track anyone, he can get you places with great speed. Castiel is especially grateful for this and he is taken to rest by Victoria, who does the best she can for him.

Meanwhile, Lily is questioned and, now that things have calmed down, she takes over control of her body once more, her angelic half going dormant again. She remembers nothing. Just injections of black blood and then waking up here. Needless to say it's not very useful, but it sounds a great deal like what they did to your mother. When Lily walks across a demon trap though, she passes it with ease. Does this mean they were successful with whatever it was they were doing? Or was it something else entirely?

Your mother, has been a very patient woman in the meantime. She's been poked and prodded, questioned endlessly and then prodded again. The man in charge of this process is named Benjamin Kirk, a severe looking fellow in his early fifties with white blond hair and a face made of granite. You immediately don't like him but he clearly has great skill judging by the way everyone seems to respect him. He begins the process with Lily too, experimenting and such, but she takes it far worse than your mother, slapping him when he tries to feel her body for abnormalities and swearing him out endlessly whenever he wants to poke and prod. It's only Victoria's pleading that gets her to cooperate at all. After days of this, Kirk frowns. From what I can tell, the demon blood is dormant for now. I imagine it can be activated though, otherwise why put it in? We know they've been using children's souls for their armies, and now they are recruiting actual human foot soldiers, whether they want to be or not. They're making an army. There's no telling if any of them could actually resist the call once it's been sounded. He sounds grim. Hearing this, your mother looks terrified. Maybe, maybe it would be better then to be rid of me. I won't be a tool for the dark like my husband.

ooc: By the way, you probably don't know about the children's souls thing right? So I imagine it would sound less than great to Jo.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
"Children's souls?!" Josephine questioned, sounding absolutely sick at the idea, "I thought... like somehow, they were immune, or left out or something?" she questioned hopefully, really bothered by that fact.

Waving her mother's concerns away, Jo was NOT about to lose her too,

"Quiet, mother." she lectured sternly, "You are not becoming a quitter now. Absolutely not how a Hartley acts and you know it!" she said, lecturing her mother with the exact words her mother had said to her multiple times in the past, "We just need to figure out how to remove the effects... whether that means getting your blood cleaned, or an angel like Castiel to work on it, or something else entirely. We're not losing you for no reason." she said resolutely.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
ooc: Hahahahahaha! I don't know why her reaction is so funny to me!

IC: If it makes you feel better Josephine, no child has died as yet. It would seem they are left in a sleeping state, no one is able to rouse them and amazingly they don't appear to need sustenance. Their souls are being collected though, to power the enemy. We currently have several members throughout the country, rescuing them and returning the souls to their rightful place. But yes, it is disturbing the lengths the enemy will go to. she shakes her head.

Meanwhile, your mother gives you a sad smile at your words. Alright, alright. I'll stick around a while longer. But if they somehow activate me, if they turn me into a weapon, I need you to promise me you'll kill me. I just...I can't let that happen, she shakes her head. Lily nods gravely at this. The same goes for me. I don't want to lose control either. Of course, I should probably be asking Marcus to do it. You couldn't shoot the side of a mountain three feet away from it, she grins, lending much needed mirth to the situation.

Kirk listens to all this without emotion. Well if you want any chance of reversing this, I'll need more time. Actually, since your father is the one who did this, my best chance would be to question him. I have ways of doing it. But I need him here first and I'm not going out to get him. My work is in New York. If you really care about your mother you should bring your father in. Alive if possible but I can work around that if needed. he sniffs.
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Fri 20 Sep 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Josephine didn't like the news about the children, but it wasn't that bad with this new intel. Shaking it off, she focused on the other three,

"Well, they're not going to turn either of you into weapons, so we'll plan on that instead." she said, shaking her head, "Nobody here is allowed to die, unless I say so!" she said resolutely.

"I'm the worst person, quite literally, in the world to catch my father. These two aren't great for the job either, since he'll know how to 'activate' them. We need a different plan Kirk." she said flatly, shaking her head.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Kirk looks annoyed at your blatant disagreement. You get the feeling he's not used to women questioning him. He seems to be one of the more unpleasant people you've had the misfortune to work with. A moment later his next statement confirms this hunch.

Well, you seem to be inept and the other two are liabilities. In my book they should be kept under lock and key until I can neutralize them. If you're so poor at fetching your father, perhaps you'd best stay here too, let more important folk take on the task. I'm sure there's something around here they can find for a spirited young woman. Wrapping bandages perhaps? Entertaining the hunters? he says the word hunters with a sneer, clearly thinking them beneath him too.
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Sat 28 Sep 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Nodding with a smile, Josephine agreed,

"Ok, perfect! I'll let Marcus know that you'll be heading the trip to chase down my father, while I manage to hold down your operation here. Thank you so much for being the brave soul that you are, it really helps poor ol' girls like myself." she said, trapping him with his own words.

She knew the type, though... the man was angry, probably judgemental because women had never given him the time of day. Walking suddenly super close to him, breathing softly, she looked at his lips, subtly, and back up to his eyes, her own wet... the air suddenly very intense and intimate as she whispered,

"Or I can help you... show you things you've never seen... Teach you about the hunt... the things you've always been afraid of." she said, although with her honeyed whispered tone, it sounded like heaven pouring from her lips, "I mean... I can tell you're not half as bad as the other guys say you are... not as weak... not as indecisive. You could really make this operation go smoothly if you were in charge of it, right?" she asked, gently fiddling with his collar just a bit, subtly manipulating him to her cause...

OOC: Mwahaha, I finally found my one area of strength! Bring it on, old-fashioned, creepy man with looking down on girls syndrome! I'll make you my puppet!
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
ooc: Hahahaha!

Kirk looks at you in surprise, though annoyance flashes across his features. As you play with his collar he looks like he wants to pull away, glaring at you but...he doesn't. He's the curmudgeony type, a man used to power, to getting his way. A man who takes nothing off of anyone. But clearly he must find you attractive, even grudgingly. Why else would he hesitate? After a moment, he does take a step back, face still stony and cold, but he's quieter than he was before. Yes. You may have a subtle pull on him, but it is there. So. You expect me to lead this catastrophe do you? And you think you want to come along is that right? He is clever, perhaps even seeing through your charade, but not enough to not be affected by it. I can see that I'm going to have to do everything myself. I always do. he shakes his head. Fine. But from here on out, what I say goes. If you want to come, and what's more if you want to live, you'll obey ME. I'm the only one here who actually knows what he's doing. And I'd appreciate it if you kept your hands to yourself young lady, he adds with a raised brow at you. Yes. He's not so easily manipulated as most men it seems, but then you must have done something right or he wouldn't be coming along. And I'll have you know, the last person who mistook me for weak, died. Painfully. Remember that. he sniffs.
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Thu 3 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Holding her hands up, palms out, with an obedient look on her face, Josephine nodded,

"Oh, of course, Sir!" she said, just sinking that hook a little bit deeper... the hint of power... control... she baited the hook like a professional fisher,

"I wouldn't make the mistake of taking you for weak, sir. I promise you that much." she reiterated, explaining her 'position' in no uncertain terms.

Pausing, just long enough to not make it obvious, she finally asked,

"So how can I best help you prepare for this arduous journey, Kirk?" she asked softly, at least fulfilling the role of 'obedient' for now...

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Fri 4 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
He arches a brow but seems accepting of your sincerity after a moment. I don't need your help other than to prepare yourself. You wouldn't know what to bring anyway. Just keep Marcus in check. He's an arrogant fool and he doesn't know nearly so much as he thinks he does. We leave tomorrow. Be ready. With that he leaves, a scowling Lily looking after him. She turns to you with an urgent expression. I don't like this. He's worse than you think him. He's sexist, pompous and he can be...dangerous. There is no one stronger than he in the arts of the arcane. Don't try to toy with him Jo. If you get on his bad side, he can do things to you you wouldn't dream of. He's too powerful. Most of us hate him but he's such an asset...If it were up to me though we'd have shot him years ago. I want to go with you. I know I'm a danger with this tainted blood but...I just want to make sure you're safe!
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Fri 4 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Nodding her acceptance of his words, Josephine bowed her head in respect,

"Thank you sir. I will do my best with Marcus."

When she turned to Lily, and the man had left the room, she shrugged,

"Of course I want you along, but what if you can't control yourself? Do you want to be the one that kills me?" she asked her, bringing her hand to the side of Lily's face gently stroking her, "I want you there too, but I don't know if its whats best for YOU. I will get him to do what we need, and I will come back, safe and strong. I promise."

Jo was lying, of course... had no idea what lay in store for her, but she knew Lily needed to stay here for her safety, and so somebody could figure out how to help her.
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Lily pales at mention of killing you and she give a slow nod. You're right. Of course you're right. I'll stay. have to be careful! I know you're talented at manipulation but use caution. That man is immune to anything requiring a heart. He's cold as ice Jo. And so, so powerful. Don't you cross him. Whatever happens. Don't. Do you understand? You are stunned to see a flash of fear in her green eyes. Lily has never been afraid of anything that you could see. It definitely makes you hesitate. She continues. I'm glad Marcus is going with you. You can trust him, he's as good of a man as Ian. He's not so strong as Kirk but he can keep you safe. Watch each other's backs. It's not so much that I think Kirk is evil, it's just that he's used to getting his way. If he doesn't get it then he can be...dangerous.

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Thu 10 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Leaning in conspiratorially, Josephine whispered,

"Him mentioning those who cross him dying is a sign that he's already falling for it." Josephine grinned, her impetuous troublemaking already showing its face, "But I'll be careful, I promise you that. I'm not trying to play him anyways... I just need his help, and I feel like this is the only way to get it. I'm not here to cross anybody, Lily, you know that. I'm here for the best for everyone." she nodded, hearing about Marcus. She knew that, and was glad he was coming as well to keep her balanced. She needed that.

OOC: Haha, perfect! I am glad to hear she'll be coming back to me soon! I already miss her!
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Lily seems satisfied, wrapping you in a tight hug and telling you to be safe and stick with Marcus. After your goodbyes are through, you're left with your mother, who smiles warmly, though sadness is deep in her eyes. Well Jo. Looks like I'm gonna be stuck here a while. I hate leaving the bar so long, she sighs and shakes her head. It's killing me actually. Ah well. I'll pick back up when this is all over. She pauses then, her half smile disappearing as she tucks your hair behind your ear. Sweetie...what you're about to do...I need you to know. Your father is still in there, somewhere. You're going to want to try to get him back, I know you but...honey it's not going to work. I tried and tried, even thought I got through to him but his demon is too strong. When it comes down to it, because it eventually will, you're going to have to let him go. He knows that. He understands. He may be technically alive but, he died a long time ago. Can you do it, if it comes to it? Can you be strong enough to let him die again?
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Sat 12 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Placing her hand on her mother's shoulder, Jo leaned in closely at her words, thinking with a furrowed brow for a long, hard moment. Eventually, she nodded her head, a determined look in her eyes,

"Mama, I wouldn't be a Hartley if I couldn't handle hard choices. I don't intend on losin' both my ma and my pa in the same lifetime, so if you could: focus on getting yourself right, so we can get through this together, you hear me?" she asked, and although her tone was mockingly tough, she was clearly very shaken by the idea. Still, if there was one thing Jo was good at, it was putting on a good face when needed.

"I don't know how I'll do it, mama, but I'll find a way. Us Hartley women always have to, because the men are so gall-darned useless." she smiled, trying to lighten the mood a bit, patting her mother one last time,

"I'll be fine. Make me some of those cookies for when I come back, alright?" she asked with a smile, taking off and following Marcus out of there, barely containing her emotion.
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Tue 15 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Your mother puts on a brave face in return, but you can feel her watching you as you leave, her eyes sad.

The rest of that day you prepare and rest and come morning you head out. Kirk has already been able to track your father, or at least determine which direction he's headed. It would seem he's gone north. Very north. Canada.

You take a train and already feel cramped again. At least Marcus keeps your spirits up! He's very likeable and so handsome it's distracting at times. Kirk, mostly keeps quiet, glaring in thought and keeping copious notes about something. You travel two days like this and that's when you realize that all throughout the journey thus far, a man has been watching you. He's in his forties, a bit rough looking, and somehow seems to always be around. In the dining car, glancing at you over his newspaper, even when you get out for rest stops, he never stays far away...
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Tue 29 Oct 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Finally, Jo was never one to be called indirect, she approached the man in his forties, immediately curious about his doings,

"Hello. I noticed you were looking for me. Or at least, looking at me." she said flatly, hand on her hip (which was as dangerous a look as anybody could see, if they knew women), "Was there something I could help you with?" she asked, that one, dangerous, eyebrow raised in question.

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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
He actually seems quite surprised that you confront him and for a humorous moment you can see him wracking his mind for some kind of excuse. Finally he comes up with one, which he reveals in such a strangled voice that you almost think it might be true. Sorry. I uh...think you're pretty. Sorry. He holds up his paper in front of his face quickly then, desperately trying to ignore you. Considering his tough features, you're surprised at how awkward he actually is. It's so incredibly odd, seeing this thug blush and stammer, that you aren't sure what to make of it. You also note, glancing down at his socks, that they are a ridiculous shade of scarlet, completely at odds with his brown suit, and, come to think of it, none of his clothes match. They are all rumpled and poorly laundered too, though you can tell they were nice once. What sort of man is this? Then, even more strange, you see at his table he seems to be drinking a glass of milk of all things, along with three pieces of cake.
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Thu 7 Nov 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
"I apologize, but I'm not pretty sorry..." she teased with a little smirk, playing on his phrasing, "But I would be happy to make your acquaintance. Who might you be?" she asked, watching his eyes for signs of deceit,

"If you don't mind, may I ask a question?" if she gets the affirmation, she continues, "Your clothes... was it recent?" she asked, sensing a recent divorce, or something similar, like a life-altering event, but with her slipperiness in words, she knew how to phrase it to seem like she knew exactly what had happened, to open him up.
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Tue 12 Nov 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
He laughs at your declaration of not being pretty, heartily disagreeing. Nah, you're beautiful! he declares. It's laughable how different his personality is from his intimidating face.

At your question though he pales, straightening in his seat and looking over at Marcus's direction of all people. Marcus, eyes closed and seemingly dozing, appears not to notice. Uh....r-recent? he licks his lips nervously. I mean...well yeah. But... he swallows hard. Do you...know who I am? Another worried glance towards Marcus.

ooc: Roll bluff! Ha! Of course bluff and diplomacy are the only rolls I'm sure you really don't have to worry about ;P
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Fri 22 Nov 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
OOC - And yet... I rolled a natural 4. At least I'm consistent!

"I have no idea who you are." she said, shaking her head, glancing towards Marcus, "And I'm starting to guess that you don't wish to share with me." she said, raising an eyebrow.
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Fri 22 Nov 2019
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8.7: Telegrams & Train rides
Indeed a massive, relieved grin spreads across his face. He looks laughably pleased you don't know, such an odd combination for such an otherwise intimidating man. His face truly does not match his personality. I'd rather not. But...I'm from the men of letters! I can tell you that much! I was uh...sent to help watch you. That's right! I'm here to protect you! It's completely obvious he's lying, but you also don't sense hostility from him either. My name is uh....Jooooohn..... the fact that it takes him that long to come up with the moniker means it's obviously false. He's so inept, so bumbling that you aren't sure at all what to think. So far though, all you know is he's a liar and he's nervous of Marcus for some reason.

ooc: Ahahahaha! I totally take credit for that. I jinxed you :)