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Fri 11 Oct 2013
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Hunter Bonuses
This is likewise a work in progress. I may tweak it if it needs to be more balanced, and naturally I will be adding onto it. I will make improvements to the Hunter's spell abilities too.

Level 1: 10 bonus hit points

Level 2: +2 to hide, spot, move silently, and listen checks

Level 3: Extra Feat

Level 4: +4 to intimidate checks and +2 to saves against fear, concentration, and any similar checks that would negatively affect one's ability to be level headed in a dire situation.

Level 5: You can choose either Devil's trap or Exorcism from the Men of Letter's list.

Level 6: You gain +2 to gather information skill checks and +1 to your base attack bonus.
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Fri 24 Jan 2014
at 15:57
Re: Hunter Bonuses
Level 7:

You get tougher. Add an additional 7 hit points. You also get a +1 to all fortitude saves.

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Mon 8 Dec 2014
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Re: Hunter Bonuses
Level 8: You can choose either Devil's Trap or Exorcism from the Men of letters spell list (whichever you haven't chosen already) OR you can choose bonuses to the spell you already know. Example:

If you already have Devil's trap, your concentration DC is now 18 and your concealment check to hide the trap is given a +4 bonus automatically. If you are taking a 20 when you make the trap you are given a +6 hide concealment bonus now. This is known as Improved Devil's trap.

If you had exorcism before you now have improved exorcism 1 on the spells list.

So you can either choose to know low levels of both spells or you can advance ONE spell you already know. Be sure to specify.

On top of the spell bonus, you also gain an additional +1 damage bonus to all attacks.
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Thu 14 May 2015
at 18:23
Re: Hunter Bonuses
Hunter Level 9 Bonuses:

You automatically have both Devil's trap with the improved concentration DC and concealment bonus AND Improved Exorcism from the men of letters spell list. So now you have both abilities and they are both advanced.

You also gain 4 additional hit points and +1 to bluff skills.
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Tue 9 Aug 2016
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Re: Hunter Bonuses
Level 10 bonus: You deal an extra hit point of damage each time you roll a damage die.
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Fri 3 May 2019
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Re: Hunter Bonuses
Level 11 Bonus:

When performing heal checks on others you get a +5 to your check. You've seen enough wounds to know your way around them. You also heal them, or YOURSELF an additional 2d8 of hit points upon making a successful check. You do not have to have ranks in the heal skill to perform this, it just obviously helps.

You also gain a notoriety score amidst fellow hunters and enemies alike. It's not necessarily great when the enemy finds out who you are, you will gain a +5 bonus to intimidate or diplomacy, depending on the circumstance.