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The Narrator
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Sun 21 Feb 2021
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Request to Join
Hello and welcome to The Girl in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses, a solo game played with one player and a GM. The game can accommodate several players but each will be playing solo, in a private thread.

--Send in your RTJ along with a couple of paragraphs of your character in action overcoming a situation--any kind of situation you can imagine--that is of a decidedly hardboiled, noir bent. Show some flair, some imagination, some two-fisted grittiness, and while you're at it, provide your PCs name and description.

--Once the game begins, I'd prefer it if you posted once a day, Monday-Friday, weekends optional. It's only what, ten-fifteen minutes per day that we're talkin' about over here? What's the big deal?

--The game is rated mature for gut punches, wise cracks, and women that don't mind being looked at.

Thanks for reading, and I better hear from you soon. Or else.

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