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The Family
-73     Grandpa Roth Born  – Warrior - Military Sergeant
-71     Grandma Roth Born  -  Commoner -  Housewife.
-70     Sir Robert duFeu born  - Fighter – adventurer turned Military leader
-67     Grandma duFeu Born (dies age 67)  Sorc / Expert adventurer turned Advisor
-50     Nathaniel Roth (Father) Born
-49     Davey Roth (Uncle) Born  (Warrior in the army)
-46     Albert duFeu (Uncle) Born   (Fighter Army Officer)
-45     Beatrice duFeu (Aunt) Born  (Aristo / Sorc married to an Army Officer)
-43     Marayne duFeu (Mother) Born  (Aristo / commoner)
-42     Charles duFeu (Uncle) Born   (Expert Town Administrator somewhere)
-24     Wyndelle the Bard goes adventuring
-23     Marayne & Nathaniel get married
        Wyn Born
-21     Berta Born
-19     Grandma & Sir Robert duFeu come to visit
-18     Uncle Davey visits
-17     Aunt Beatrice come to visit
-16     Gedd Born
-15     Relations between Nathaniel and Marayne start to worsen.
        Marayne starts calling herself Mary
-12     Grandma duFeu comes to visit
-11     Grandma Roth dies
-10     Uncle Charles visits
 -9     Grandma duFeu comes to visit
 -8     Uncle Albert comes to visit
 -6     Grandma duFeu & Sir Robert come to visit
 -5     Grandpa Roth dies
 -4     Uncle Davey visits
 -3     Aunt Beatrice visits
        Wyn enters Church
 -2     Berta starts visiting the Barracks
 -1     Gedd  spends much more time with Gardener
        Grandma duFeu dies
  0     Mother enters a convent
        Mother Accused of theft & Wyn, Berta and Gedd prove her innocence.
        Father sacked for incompetence concerning arrest of mother.
        Win, Bertha & Gedd not welcome in their home town.
        Off we go adventuring.

Edit - added deaths of Grandma & Grandpa Roth.

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Wyn Roth
Short and slightly built, Wyn sports longish blonde hair and has a well trimmed moustache and a small patch of beard on his chin.  Everything is neatly trimmed, but look closely and you can see that the rest of his face is as smooth as a girl’s and he doesn’t need to shave.

He is always neatly dressed (stylish but not OTT) and generally wears a hat or bandana to keep his hair under control.

It is only when he takes his hat off that you might be able to glimpse the slightly pointed ears that imply that he isn’t completely human.

Wyn spent much of his early years with Mum -  she taught him how to dance and to love music and poetry (he doesn’t write poetry, but he gives great recitals)  and he even learn to sew and knit as he always wanted to join in with what ever she was doing.

Father, on the other hand, was distant.  While he wasn’t unkind to Wyn he just didn’t have a lot of time for him – and was happy to leave the child in his mothers company.  To Wyn it just seemed natural that he would spend time with his mum -  while his sister spent more time with their father.

After Gedd was born, Father became even more distant, and spent less time with Wyn and his Mum. But Wyn didn’t mind that.  He wasn’t quite sure he understood when Gedd was banished to live with the servants – he missed the baby for a bit, but he had Mum to himself again.  However, he still had a bit of a soft-spot for the child, and sometimes envied the freedom Gedd had running around the garden and even into the local woods, without getting called back.

Eventually father decided that Wyn should have a career – and he had chosen the church as  the right place for Wyn’s apprenticeship.  Both Wyn and mum argued -  but father said it was the best place -  Father knew Wyn wouldn’t make a career in  the army or the watch and the church was the next best thing.  Anyway, it was already arranged.

To his surprise, Wyn found that he enjoyed it.  The lessons interested him and the change in routine and expectations  stretched him – drawing all sorts of new skills and abilities out of him. Wyn was assigned to the graveyard, and alongside his lessons and church services, he helped with the funerals.  That helped him develop an interest in Bane the scrounger, the patron saint who wanders the planes searching out undead.

He didn’t forget his family though, there was still time to visit mum and Bertha, he even spent time with Gedd and the servants.  Lets face it -  he had grown up with all of them, and they were like family to him …

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Berta Roth
Berta was never what you might call pretty, and certainly not to her face unless you'd got a good start on her.  Not plain, by any means - takes after her mother in that regard, and Mary Roth got all the attention she ever wanted.  But ...  she favours leathers over silk dresses and those red tresses of hers are rarely touched by either hair dresser or brush.  Got more muscle and bulk on her than  is considered proper for a woman too, least so her mother told her and told her - in these parts if you see a man or a woman with a sword at her hip, you damn well asssume he or she knows how to use it and keep a civil tongue in your head if you know what's good for you.

Might easily mistake her for a boy, come to that, for she swears and swaggers  like one.  I'd keep that to myself if I were you, though - she's no killer, not like some we get around here, but she has a temper on her and more than one bravo deep in his cups has been sent sprawling and earned a few bruises into the bargain.

Wears good leather boots, leather breeches, belt and linen shirt, with leather  gloves and a good thick woolen cloak with a hood, to keep the chill out.

Fiery haired harridan, that's what they say of Berta down at the barracks, though not to her face, for she's got a temper on her, that one.  And while she might think she knows how to use her fists and a sword, nobody is minded to teach her otherwise, for her father, Captain Roth, would skin alive any man who lay a hand on his daughter.

Trouble in that house.  First child came along almost before the last chimes of the wedding bells had fallen silent, and if he takes after his mother, there's not a sign of the captain's features in that face - far too handsome for one thing !

Berta, though ... now she is her father's daughter in more ways than one.  That red hair which betrays an Illuskan ancestor in the mix but one thing the two have in common.  Born in happier times, the pair have always been close.

It was the third child that did it, though, quite the scandal.  Captain hasn't  een the same since.  Closest friend is the bottle now.  Why, if it wasn't for his daughter who knows what he'd do.

The three children always got along well, though.  Two boys always followed the girl's lead.  Always bigger and stronger than her elder brother, and had the years on the younger.  No dolls for her ... more likely to be dragging a stick behind her, trailing in the dust, lashing out at unwary passers-by till she was taught the error of her ways.

That was a good while ago.  We all get older, though the eldest boy doesn't look it.  Berta, though ... always down at the barracks, watching the men.  Learned a thing or two from them, some of it with her father's blessing and the rest best he doesn't find out.

Now ... younger brother out on his ear, eldest apprenticed to the church, and the Captain's wife, well, she's been packed off to the Sisters, gods have mercy on the poor creature.  Captain figured Berta would settle down, keep house for him ... even had a good marriage sorted for her with a merchant's son - a lowly guard not good enough for his daughter, eh ?

Could've told him that wasn't going to work out well ...

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Gedd the Gardener
Gedd is the son of Mrs Mary Roth (Nee: Marayne duFeu - Now: Sister Mary.) Marayne  was a pretty, vivacious young lady but not particularly clever. She loved to party  and fell pregnant after a brief liaison with an elf. The family swung into action  and a quick marriage with a junior officer in the Town Watch, called Nathaniel Roth,  was arranged. So, the duFeu family had a half-elf son Wyn and human daughter Roberta  (otherwise known as Berta) before the shock arrival of a half-orc bastard son.

Not surprisingly, the relationship between Nathaniel and Marayne changed. Nathaniel  was eventually promoted to Captain of the Watch but took to drink as well. Wyn was  apprenticed with the church. Berta was more of the warrior son that Nathaniel  always wanted but she has a wild side as well. Mary Roth spent more and more time  with the Sisters of Minor Mercies and now lives inside the cloisters of the convent  as Sister Mary.

The name Gedd is about the only thing the Captain ever gave him, actually. Drunk as a  lord one night he took one look at the boy's unmistakable features and gave him the  name that has stuck ever since.

"Geddoudanstayoud!" Which he usually just shortened to "Gedd!" after that, and most  folk outside the family just know him as Gedd the Gardner.

The gardener and his wife (the family's cook) gave him shelter when he literally  wasn't allowed back in the house (at least when the Captain was at home). They  basically became his foster family and of course he learned enough skills from  the gardener to help him in his work as well. As good, loyal servants they also  made sure that Gedd didn't harbour any resentment against the rest of my family  despite the Captain's attitude to me. He was the only villain in Gedd's life and  the rest of the family deserved any help and protection he could offer.

Ranger were skills partially learnt from the gardener and his friends - woodsmen,  game-keepers, poachers, even a proper ranger or two - but sorcerer skills just  slowly developing without any sort of formal training, just a few glimpses of  Grandma duFeu's skills to spark a youngster's curiosity and start him experimenting  and practicing a few neat tricks.

Grandma duFeu never openly showed me any of her arcane skills but when she came to  visit she always did like to go out to the garden or the woods nearby to be alone  when she thought no one else was around. But those were Gedd's favourite hiding spots  as well, so sometimes he did get to watch as she did the most marvellous things with  lights and candle flames and all sorts of things. As a child he always believed she  never knew he had seen her but later he did wonder if that was really true. He knows  she saw him at least once trying to imitate what he had seen her do. He might have  imagined her smile at that moment - he was never quite sure.

The raven duNoir was given to Gedd several years ago as a gift by Grandma duFeu. It  already spoke Orcish but learned to swear fluently in Orcish thanks to the efforts  of Gedd's older brother and sister. It became his familiar when his sorcerer powers  reached maturity.

Gedd has an heirloom item - a masterwork composite longbow (+2 strength bonus).  It was given to Gedd by his maternal grandfather Sir Robert DuFeu, who is something  like 70 years old and living in comfortable retirement in a city some distance away.  The gift came after the death of Grandma duFeu, who had a soft spot for Gedd as he  seems to have inherited a little of her talent as a sorceress. Who knows, maybe  there was something else among her possessions more suitable for a sorcerer that  she left to Gedd in her Will but Grandpa isn't convinced that half-orc bastard Gedd  is worthy of it yet, so the bow is a compromise to ease the old man's conscience.  At 70 years old he is no longer strong enough to pull that bow, anyway.  Gedd wouldn't be aware of any of that, though.

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The Household
Captain Nathaniel Roth – Human Male:  LN:  Warrior L5
Str:12 Dex:10 Con:12 int:10  Wis:10  Cha:10

The young Nathaniel was an ambitious man, with a shock of red hair, from a long standing Military family, whose members  generally served as sergeants or junior officers (Note 1).  Nathaniel was fortunate in that he managed to arrange a marriage to Marayne duFeu, the daughter of the Guard Captain,  that guaranteed his promotion into the offer ranks (Note 2).

All was well, He got his promotion to Lieutenant and his own child came along, a daughter with hair red enough to match his own.  That was fine.  He let Mary (as he had started calling her) bring up Wyn (the first child) her way, but he spent a lot of time with his own daughter, trying to mould her in his own family image.  He an Mary had different interests and lived their own lives,  but there was a mutual understanding between them, and life was fairly happy.

When the third child was born, he was initially happy, however as the child grew he realised that it was not his.  The child just looked wrong to start with, and as he grew the differences became more pronounced.  He started drinking more heavily, was more violent with Mary.  Eventually he banished the child from the house, although even he couldn’t bring himself to really throw it out on its ear -  and he turned a blind eye to the servants raising Gedd (as the child had become known), so long as it kept out of his sight.

With his salary and Mary’s allowance, they could afford a decent place to live – so there was space for the half-orc to stay out of his way.

Then the first one, Wyn, started exhibiting weird traits – magical abilities no less, and in the Roth family.  That was unheard of.  And the kid was a wimp, he would never make a soldier, so the army wouldn’t beat it out of him.  The next best thing was the church – after all they were strict with their apprentices and they would get him in some sort of shape.  It was a good job the girl took after the Roth family, she would be able to cope with the military!

By now there had been a promotion to Captain of the Watch and he had started drinking more.  Since Wyn had been sent to the temple, Mary had been acting strangely, she wasn’t her normal self.  She had become more isolated,  shutting herself in her room more, perhaps even neurotic.  He worried about the effect that would have on his daughter, or even if some of the mother’s wildness would rub off on Betha. And the child was starting to turn into a woman.  So he decided that his little girl should not mix with boys unless he, Captain Nathaniel Roth, was present.

He realises that he had probably reached the end of his career path – and is a bit resentful that he won’t go higher.  But he knows (deep inside) that he really doesn’t have the ability for more.    He drinks too much (and knows it) – but only to really drinks to excess when he is at home.  He took on one bastard child – and has then been betrayed sexually by the woman he took in.  And he resents the fact that he wasn’t good enough for her, or couldn’t satisfy her.  He also resents the fact that she can mange without his company.  It all festers slowly -  not enough to stop him doing his job -  just enough to make him rough and domineering with his family.   He does his duty by them, but ….

Those serving under him laugh behind his back and use his vanity to manipulate him, not to the point of making him do anything stupid, but to make their own lives easier, and keep a little harmless corruption hidden from his eyes.  Something he would certainly not tolerate should it come to his attention, since for all his faults he does not let his troubles at home colour his approach to his job, scrupulously sticking to the letter of the law (if lacking the wit to sniff out real evil or to know when the needs of justice should prevail).

Marayne duFeu never quite lived up to her name. She was quite pretty, vivacious and chatty – but she was vacuous.  Silly conversations were her thing, ball gowns, fancy dinners, baubles, dancing.  But when it came to a serious conversation, she lost interest very quickly indeed.  Nor was she particularly good at physical skills -  she did just as much as she needed, to keep her instructors happy – and for many  that was just a pretty smile and an  earnest “I really am trying my best”.

Still, she got invited to all the parties, which suited her very nicely.  It was at one of the smaller society events that she met The Elf.  He was good looking and popular, much in demand, but it was Marayne who caught his eye. A few days later he moved on, but Marayne was left with the consequences of their brief liaison – a pregnancy.

The family swung into action – and a quick marriage with a junior officer in the Town Watch, called Nathaniel Roth, was arranged.  Marayne duFeu became Marayne Roth and a few months later Wyn was born.  From being a single girl with no concerns, Marayne become a mother at twenty, married to a serious minded man who was seven years her senior.

It was OK, Nathaniel was a more distant and formal than  Marayne was used to, and he wasn’t close to the boy, so Wyn spent a lot of time with his mother as he grew up.

It was different when Roberta turned up a couple of years later.  She was a real daddy’s girl and Nathaniel spent hours with her.  Almost as if she was his firstborn – and he would have preferred a boy.

Then came a shock – Marayne gave birth again -  a nine months after a party she had attended while Nathaniel was on duty.  The new child didn’t look a bit like his father, and Nathaniel wasn’t interested in the child at all.  In fact he was so hostile towards the child, that Gedd (as he became known) spent most of the time with the servants.

The relationship between Nathaniel and Marayne changed.  Nathaniel became even more distant and formal, and Marayne became even more isolated with just Wyn for company.  Nathaniel even insisted that she made herself ‘feel’ more married, and started calling her Mary.  Even the parties stopped, Nathaniel put his foot down – Mary was NOT to go to social events with out him -  and when they did go he only stayed as long as he had to – taking Mary back home at the earliest opportunity.

Then, as soon as Wyn was old enough, Nathaniel arranged an apprenticeship for him.  The boy wasn’t suited to the army, so Nathaniel arranged an apprentice shop with the church.  But it meant Wyn was taken from Mary.  Gradually life became less bearable – Nathaniel ignored her almost completely now – he was more likely to stay at work or spend an evening with a bottle or two of wine for company.  Mary became more and more introverted, less and less sure of herself.  There were visits from Wyn, of course, and the other children -  but she spent most of her time alone.

As time went by she started to receive visits from the Sisters of Minor Mercies – they had come looking for a donation the first time they called.  Then there were more visits, and she gave them something each time they came.  Now she has decided to join them, to do something with the rest of her life.

Sister Mary now lives inside the cloisters of the convent, helping the women there who are in need.  Her children and husband don’t need her anymore, but there is someone who does …

The Servants

Hank Gardener, known as Gardener, is the ‘Outdoors’ servant who does tend to the garden, among other chores.  He is also sent out the local villages to bring back fresher food than can be found in the town’s markets and, in recent years, he has taken Gedd with him.  Gardener tells tales of being seriously injured when  he was a young man and was working as a patrolmen defending his village against Orc patrols.  Cookie nursed him back to health, married him and insisted they come to the big town.  However, he is still prone to severe coughing fits and struggles with heavy work. Gardener is well liked and has many friends, particularly among those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Gardener (M Half-elf Ranger1/Commoner2 - with a low con, speaks Common, Elven & Orcish)

‘Cookie’ Gardener is the household cook – and a very good cook she is too.  She is a motherly figure always ready with a glass of milk, a cup-cake and a hug.  While Maryane was often distant and un-sympathetic – Cookie was the surrogate huggy-mum for all three children when they needed it.  She bought Gardener to the town so he could live more gently, but she finds many an excuse to send him out around the local villages for special, or extra fresh, ingredients. She is quite a skilled herbalist too, as Berta can testify.

Cookie (F Human Expert2 – high sympathy rating)

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The DuFeu Family
Sir Robert DuFeu.  Grandpa is seventy years old and showing his age.  He suffers badly from arthritis and gout and can’t travel easily.  He has an apartment in City X , where he was captain of the guard for many years.  Before that he was the guard captain in Yhaunn and before that he was captain of a small adventuring, and mercenary, company called The Myrmidon Watch.

TN  Fighter 6
Str:8 Dex:4 Con:8  Int:15 Wis:15  Cha:13  (Current)

Grandma duFeu sadly passed away this year at the age of 67.  Although she tired easily, grandma was limber right up to the end and was able to travel until very near the end of her life.  She met her husband when she was an adventuring mercenary, and they settled down together when she realised that she was pregnant with her their first child.  They stayed in Yhaunn until  Maryane was 21 and then moved on to a new home in City X.  In Yhuann she had been little more than a wife and mother, however in City X she started her own small business making and selling minor magical items. (Rope of Climbing, Stone of Alarm, Boots of Striding and Springing, Gloves of Arrow Snaring, Horn of Fog)

She was not a flashy sorceress (she was bright enough to know that she was not powerful) but she did like to appear somewhat mysterious - so she dressed in dark clothes and kept pet Ravens (one of which was her familiar).

While she observed the conventions in the Roth household, she knew that Gedd was her grandson and often found ways to in the garden or the local woodlands when he was there.

NG  Sorc 3 /Expert 1
Str:7 Dex:11 Con:7 Int:14 Wis:14 Cha:16 (at time of death)

They had four children:

Albert duFeu  (Uncle)  Human, Male, age 46.   He followed in his fathers footsteps, trained as a fighter, and is currently serving as an officer in the army.

Beatrice Hollingberry, nee duFeu  (Aunt) Human, Female, age 45.  Beatrice  inherited her mothers magical abilities (Aristocrat/Sorc) and married a dashing young officer under her father’s command.  Now he is Captain of the guard in  City X.

Marayne (Mary) Roth, nee duFeu  (Mother) Human, Female, age 43.  See her long description  (Aristo/Commoner)

Charles duFeu (Uncle) Human, Male, age 42.   Charles didn’t have the constitution for a soldier, nor his mother’s magical abilities.  Instead he trained for a life as a city administrator.  He now works in the administration of in  City X.

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The Roth Family
Grandpa (Nathan) Roth passed away a few years ago.  He, too, was an old soldier with red hair – although it was nearly all white by the time any of us children knew him. He had been in the army and then in the city guard as a senior sergeant.

LN  Warrior 4
Str:9 Dex:9 Con:11  Int:12 Wis:12  Cha:12  (at time of death)

Grandma (Sybil) Roth died when Wyn was young, so none of the children remember her well.  But she was a little old white-haired woman who had been a housewife all of her adult life.

TN  Commoner 2
Str:8 Dex:8 Con:8  Int:12 Wis:12  Cha:12  (at time of death)

They had two children, both sons.

Nataniel Roth (Father)Human, Male, age 50. See his long description  (warrior)

Davey (David Lee) Roth (Uncle)    -  Joined the army as a lad and is now a   Bugler sergeant. He only ever came home rarely, the last time was to claim his inheritance just after Grandpa Roth passed away.  He is still a well built man with short ‘Salt and Pepper’ hair. (Warrior)

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Wyndelle the Bard

Good looking, soft spoken, poetic, charming – slight of build, blonde locks and a baby-soft face that the girls all swooned over - all the things a good Elven bard should be.  And Wyndelle was quite a good bard – not as good as he thought, perhaps -  but  a good bard, none the less.

He just wasn’t a very highly principled bard. Well not in human terms anyway.  His behaviour would certainly have been acceptable in many areas of Elven society.

He had a marvellous time as he worked his way through the human lands – trying out their food, their wine, their women -  with never a care in the world. He wasn’t backwards about buying pretty young women drinks, not was he adverse to the occasional suggestion or even a charm to make life a bit more enjoyable. He truly loved them – for a while. Then he left them behind without another thought, when it was time to move on.

Marayne duFeu never quite recovered from her meetings with Wyndelle

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