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Tale of Three - Character Details (bio, description etc)

BIO1: Human Fighter/Rogue
BIO2: Let's do it my way


Berta was never what you might call pretty, and certainly not to her face unless
you'd got a good start on her.  Not plain, by any means - takes after her mother
in that regard, and Mary Roth got all the attention she ever wanted.  But ...
she favours leathers over silk dresses and those red tresses of hers are rarely
touched by either hairdresser or brush.  Got more muscle and bulk on her than
is considered proper for a woman too, least so her mother told her and told her
- in these parts if you see a man or a woman with a sword at her hip, you damn
well asssume he or she knows how to use it and keep a civil tongue in your head
if you know what's good for you.

Might easily mistake her for a boy, come to that, for she swears and swaggers
like one.  I'd keep that to myself if I were you, though - she's no killer, not
like some we get around here, but she has a temper on her and more than one
bravo deep in his cups has been sent sprawling and earned a few bruises into
the bargain.

Wears good leather boots, leather breeches, belt and linen shirt, with leather
gloves and a good thick woollen cloak with a hood, to keep the chill out.

Portrait: ffw005


BIO1: Dapper looking
BIO2: Bard / Cleric


Short and slightly built, Wyn sports longish blonde hair and has a well trimmed moustache and a small patch of beard on his chin.  Everything is neatly trimmed, but look closely and you can see that the rest of his face is as smooth as a girl’s and he doesn't need to shave.

He is always neatly dressed (stylish but not OTT) and generally wears a hat or bandanna to keep his hair under control.

It is only when he takes his hat off that you might be able to glimpse slightly pointed ears that imply that he isn't completely human.



BIO1: Half orc, half ranger,
BIO2: half sorcerer?

Gedd's half-orc heritage is fairly obvious in his facial features but fortunately not enough to make him ugly. He is solidly built, 6'2" tall and wears the hard-wearing clothes typical among woodsmen. The composite longbow he generally carries would be the envy of any huntsman after four-legged game but the longsword at his side suggests he would be equally capable of dealing with two-legged foes if necessary. However he also has a pet raven that he seems unusually fond of. It is generally either perched on his shoulder or somewhere nearby.

Portrait: mfd375

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Character Sheet - Gedd (from Tale of Three)
 PC Name:  Gedd                       Gender: Male     HD: 2
 Race:     Half-orc                   Weight: 260LB    HP: 16 / 16 14 / 14
 Align:    Neutral (good tendencies)  Age:    16       Current/Normal
 Deity:    Mielikki                   Eyes:   Dark     XP: 1000
 Size:     Medium                     Speed:  30       Needed for
 Hair:     Dark                       Height: 6'2"     Next Level: 3000

 SHEET UPDATED: 1 Dec 2013 25 May 2014
 ABILITIES                                     | Class / Level
                                    Final      |
     Base  Racial  Magic  Misc  Ability / Mod  | Ranger   / 1
           Bonus   Item             Score      | Sorcerer / 1
 STR: 12     +2     --     --      14 / +2     |
 DEX: 15      0     --     --      15 / +2     |
 CON: 14      0     --     --      14 / +2     |
 INT: 10     -2     --     --       8 / -1     |
 WIS: 12      0     --     --      12 / +1     |
 CHA: 15     -2     --     --      13 / +1     |

 +1 Ability Increase every 4th level is added to Base number.

 Damage Reduction:      0 (DR 2 when Mage Armor spell is cast)

 ARMOR CLASS                                 BASE ATTACK BONUS
 AC Total :            1613 (or 17)            MELEE         RANGED
 AC when Flat-Footed   1211                    Total: +3     Total: +3
 AC vs Touch Attack    1412                    Base:  +1     Base:  +1
 Base:                 10                    STR:   +2     DEX:   +2
 Class:                +3/+1FF/+2touch       Misc:  --     Misc:  --
 Shield:               +1
 Dexterity:            +2                        INITIATIVE
 Size:                  0                        Total:  +2
 Magic:               (+4 if Mage Armor cast)    DEX:    +2
 Misc.:                --                        Misc.:  --
            Total    Base  Ability    Misc   Magic
 Fortitude  : +4  =   2  +    2    +   0   +   0
 Reflex     : +4  =   2  +    2    +   0   +   0
 Will       : +3  =   2  +    1    +   0   +   0
 Darkvision 60 feet.
 Orc blood.
 Favoured class: barbarian.
 FEATS                                      Indicate for level, class, race, etc.
 Point blank shot (+1 on ranged attack and damage within 30 feet)          [Lvl1]
 Alertness (+2 on Listen and Spot checks when familiar is within arm's reach)
 CLASS ABILITIES                                  Indicate current abilities only
 Weapon proficiency: all simple and martial weapons                        [Rng1]
 Armour proficiency: light armour and shields (not tower shield)           [Rng1]
 Favoured enemy: humanoid (orc): +2 bluff/listen/sense motive/spot/survival,
                                 +2 weapon damage                          [Rng1]
 Track: survival skill check to find/follow tracks                         [Rng1]
 Wild empathy: as per Diplomacy, roll 1d20 + Ranger level + Cha bonus      [Rng1]
 Summon familiar                                                           [Sor1]
 Not applicable yet
 Racial: Common, Orcish
 SKILLS                       Fill in skills you have ranks in AND skills that
                              can be used untrained.  Mod is the final score, Rnk
 Skill Point Total:    21     is the number of ranks attained in the skill, Abl
 Max Class ranks:       5     is the related Ability Modifier, and Msc is for any
 Max Cross-Class ranks: 2.5   miscellaneous bonus from feats, race, synergy, etc.
  Ranger skills   = (6-1)x4 at first level = 20
  Sorcerer skills = (2-1)x1 level          =  1
         Mod = Rnk Abl Msc  |  Skills:                     Ability  Untrained?
         +2  =  -  -1  +3   |  Appraise                    (INT)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +2  -1!  |  Balance                     (DEX)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Bluff                       (CHA)       Yes
         +5  =  2  +2  +2-1!|  Climb                       (STR)       Yes
         +2  =  -  +2  +_   |  Concentration               (CON)       Yes
         +0  =  1  -1  +_   |  *Craft: Gardener            (INT)       Yes
         --  =  -  -1  +_   |  Decipher Script             (INT)       No
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Diplomacy                   (CHA)       Yes
         --  =  -  -1  +_   |  Disable Device              (INT)       No
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Disguise                    (CHA)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +2  -1!  |  Escape Artist               (DEX)       Yes
         -1  =  -  -1  +_   |  Forgery                     (INT)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Gather Information          (CHA)       Yes
         +2  =  1  +1  +_   |  Handle Animal               (CHA)       No
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Heal                        (WIS)       Yes
         +4  =  3  +2  -1!  |  Hide                        (DEX)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Intimidate                  (CHA)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +2  -1!  |  Jump                        (STR)       Yes
         --  =  -  -1  +_   |  *Knowledge:                 (INT)       No
         +6  =  3  +1  +2   |  Listen                      (WIS)       Yes
         +4  =  3  +2  -1!  |  Move Silently               (DEX)       Yes
         --  =  -  +2  +_   |  Open Lock                   (DEX)       No
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  *Perform:                   (CHA)       Yes
         --  =  -  +1  +_   |  *Profession:                (WIS)       No
         +2  =  -  +2  +_   |  Ride                        (DEX)       Yes
         -1  =  -  -1  +_   |  Search                      (INT)       Yes
         +1  =  -  +1  +_   |  Sense Motive                (WIS)       Yes
         --  =  -  +2  -1!  |  Sleight of Hand             (DEX)       No
         +0  =  1  -1  +_   |  Spellcraft                  (INT)       No
         +6  =  3  +1  +2   |  Spot                        (WIS)       Yes
         +5  =  4  +1  +_   |  Survival                    (WIS)       Yes
         +0  =  -  +2  -2!  |  Swim                        (STR)       Yes
         --  =  -  +2  -1!  |  Tumble                      (DEX)       No
         --  =  -  +1  +_   |  Use Magic Device            (CHA)       No
         +2  =  -  +2  +_   |  Use Rope                    (DEX)       Yes

 ! = Armor Check Penalty applies (double for Swim)
 * = Requires specialization
 WEAPONS                 ATT is your final attack modifier when using the weapon.

 NAME : Mwk comp longbow*  NAME : Longsword          NAME : Dagger
 ATT  : +4    (+1<30ft)    ATT  : +3                 ATT  : +3    (+1<30ft)
 DMG  : 1d8+2 (+1<30ft)    DMG  : 1d8+2              DMG  : 1d4+2 (+1<30ft)
 CRIT : x3                 CRIT : 19-20/x2           CRIT : 19-20/x2
 RNG  : 110ft              RNG  : -                  RNG  : 10ft
 WGHT : 3LB                WGHT : 4LB                WGHT : 1LB
 TYPE : Piercing           TYPE : Slashing           TYPE : Piercing/slashing
 SIZE : 2-handed           SIZE : 1-handed           SIZE : Light
 COST : 600gp              COST : 15gp               COST : 2gp

 GRAPPLE BONUS: BAB  1 + STR  2 + SIZE  0 = +3
*Masterwork composite longbow (+2 Strength bonus) = heirloom item

 ARMOR                                   SHIELD
 NAME :  None                            NAME :  Masterwork buckler
 TYPE :                                  TYPE :       Shields
 DAMAGE REDUCTION:                       AC BONUS :        +1
 MAX DEX  :                              CHECK PENALTY :    0 -1
 CHECK(&AC)PENALTY:                      SPELL FAILURE :   5%
 SPELL FAILURE :                         WGHT :           5LB
 SPEED:                                  PROPERTIES:
 WGHT :                                  COST:          165gp
 EQUIPMENT          Indicate in notes which item(s) are bonus regional equipment.
                    Don't forget to add weapon, armor, magic items, and treasure
                    weights to total weight carried.

 Item                     #   Cost   Weight   Location   Notes
 Mwk comp longbow (+2Str) 1    600     3LB    Shoulder   400gp of cost is heirloom item
 Quiver / arrows         20      1     3LB    Shoulder
 Longsword / scabbard     1     15     4LB    Belt
 Dagger / scabbard        2      2     1LB    Belt
 Mwk buckler              1    16515     5LB    Left arm
 Explorer's outfit        1     10    (8LB)   Worn       Weight doesn't count when worn
 Waterskin                1      1     4LB    Shoulder
 Backpack                 1      2     2LB    Back
  Rations (days)          4      2     4LB    Backpack
  Flint and steel         1      1     -      Backpack
  Candles                 2   0.02     -      Backpack
  Sunrod                  1      2     1LB    Backpack
  Rope, silk, 50ft        1     10     5LB    Backpack
  Grappling hook          1      1     4LB    Backpack
  Pitons                  4    0.4     2LB    Backpack
  Climber's kit           1     80     5LB    Backpack
  Bedroll                 1    0.1     5LB    Backpack
  Scrollcase              1      1   0.5LB    Backpack
  Alchemist's fire(flask) 51    10020     51LB    Backpack
 Belt pouch               1      1   0.5LB    Belt
  Tindertwigs             2      2     -      Belt pouch
  Antitoxin (vial)        1     50     -      Belt pouch

 Subtotal:    646816.52gp (+400gp heirloom item value), 5450.0LB
 Magic items: 250175   gp                                0.3LB
 Cash:          8.48gp                                0.3LB

 Total weight carried: 55LB
 Light Load: 58LB           Medium Load: 116LB       Heavy Load: 175LB
 Lift over head: 175LB  Lift off ground: 350LB     Push or Drag: 875LB
 MAGIC ITEMS      List items weights, costs, location, number of charges (if any)
 Potion(32): Lesser Vigor (CL1),          50gp each, 0.1LB each, in belt pouch
  (Heals 1HP/round for 11 rounds) Source: Complete Divine Handbook, page 186.
 Scroll: Comprehend Languages (CL1),     25gp, Wt negligible, in backpack
 Scroll: Protection from Evil (CL1),     25gp, Wt negligible, in backpack
 Scroll: Disguise Self (CL1, 10 mins),   25gp, Wt negligible, in backpack
 Scroll: Jump (CL1, +10 on jump checks), 25gp, Wt negligible, in backpack
 TREASURE                                                      List where carried

 PP:                                                                in belt pouch
 GP: 3
 SP: 4
 CP: 8


               Base       Ability  Misc.
 Lvl    DC   Spell/Day     Bonus   Bonus     Spell Per Day      # Known
 0      11       5      +    0   +   ?    =        5                4
 1      12       3      +    1   +   ?    =        4                2

 Misc. bonus is for such things as domain spells, specialist spells, etc.

 Mark prepared spells with a * (not applicable for sorcerer)

 If a spell comes from any source other then the Player's Guide, note which book
 it comes from using the following code:  FR = Forgotten Realms Campiagn Setting,
 T&B = Tome and Blood, MF = Magic of Faerun, FP = Faiths and Pantheons, UD =
 Underdark, etc.

 Detect Magic
 Read Magic
 Disrupt Undead

 Mage Armor
 Enlarge Person


 NAME:    duNoir
 TYPE:    Familiar
 AC:      15 (+2size +2Dex +1 Natural), touch 14, flat-footed 13
 AC:      14 (+2size +2Dex), touch 14, flat-footed 12
 DR:      1 (half of the normal D&D natural armor adjustment)
 HP:      8 (half Gedd's HP)
 ATTACKS: Claws +5 melee (+1Gedd'sBAB +2size +2Dex)
 DAMAGE:  1d2-5
 MOVE:    10ft; fly 40ft (average)
 ABILITIES:Str1 Dex15 Con10 Int6 Wis14 Cha6
 SAVES:   Fort+2 Reflex+4 Will+4
 SKILLS:  For all skills use Gedd's skill ranks + raven's ability modifiers
 SPECIAL: Speaks Orcish
          Improved evasion (successful Reflex save = no damage)
          Share spells (must remain within 5ft)
          Empathic link (within 1 mile)
 ABILITIES GRANTED TO PC: +3 on Appraise checks, Alertness (within arm's reach)
 Gedd is the son of Mrs Mary Roth (Nee: Marayne duFeu - Now: Sister Mary.) Marayne
 was a pretty, vivacious young lady but not particularly clever. She loved to party
 and fell pregnant after a brief liaison with an elf. The family swung into action
 and a quick marriage with a junior officer in the Town Watch, called Nathaniel Roth,
 was arranged. So, the duFeu family had a half-elf son Wyn and human daughter Roberta
 (otherwise known as Berta) before the shock arrival of a half-orc bastard son.

 Not surprisingly, the relationship between Nathaniel and Marayne changed. Nathaniel
 was eventually promoted to Captain of the Watch but took to drink as well. Wyn was
 apprenticed with the church. Berta was more of the warrior son that Nathaniel
 always wanted but she has a wild side as well. Mary Roth spent more and more time
 with the Sisters of Minor Mercies and now lives inside the cloisters of the convent
 as Sister Mary.

 The name Gedd is about the only thing the Captain ever gave him, actually. Drunk as a
 lord one night he took one look at the boy's unmistakable features and gave him the
 name that has stuck ever since.

 "Geddoudanstayoud!" Which he usually just shortened to "Gedd!" after that, and most
 folk outside the family just know him as Gedd the Gardner.

 The gardener and his wife (the family's cook) gave him shelter when he literally
 wasn't allowed back in the house (at least when the Captain was at home). They
 basically became his foster family and of course he learned enough skills from
 the gardener to help him in his work as well. As good, loyal servants they also
 made sure that Gedd didn't harbour any resentment against the rest of my family
 despite the Captain's attitude to me. He was the only villain in Gedd's life and
 the rest of the family deserved any help and protection he could offer.

 Ranger were skills partially learnt from the gardener and his friends - woodsmen,
 game-keepers, poachers, even a proper ranger or two - but sorcerer skills just
 slowly developing without any sort of formal training, just a few glimpses of
 Grandma duFeu's skills to spark a youngster's curiosity and start him experimenting
 and practicing a few neat tricks.

 Grandma duFeu never openly showed me any of her arcane skills but when she came to
 visit she always did like to go out to the garden or the woods nearby to be alone
 when she thought no one else was around. But those were Gedd's favourite hiding spots
 as well, so sometimes he did get to watch as she did the most marvellous things with
 lights and candle flames and all sorts of things. As a child he always believed she
 never knew he had seen her but later he did wonder if that was really true. He knows
 she saw him at least once trying to imitate what he had seen her do. He might have
 imagined her smile at that moment - he was never quite sure.

 The raven duNoir was given to Gedd several years ago as a gift by Grandma duFeu. It
 already spoke Orcish but learned to swear fluently in Orcish thanks to the efforts
 of Gedd's older brother and sister. It became his familiar when his sorcerer powers
 reached maturity.

 Gedd has an heirloom item - a masterwork composite longbow (+2 strength bonus).
 It was given to Gedd by his maternal grandfather Sir Robert DuFeu, who is something
 like 70 years old and living in comfortable retirement in a city some distance away.
 The gift came after the death of Grandma duFeu, who had a soft spot for Gedd as he
 seems to have inherited a little of her talent as a sorceress. Who knows, maybe
 there was something else among her possessions more suitable for a sorcerer that
 she left to Gedd in her Will but Grandpa isn't convinced that half-orc bastard Gedd
 is worthy of it yet, so the bow is a compromise to ease the old man's conscience.
 At 70 years old he is no longer strong enough to pull that bow, anyway.
 Gedd wouldn't be aware of any of that, though.

 Gedd would be very worried if the family home is being sold off by the Captain. His
 foster mum and dad will have lost their livelihood as well. He'll need to earn enough
 money to support both of them as well as himself, unless he can find an untenanted
 patch of land somewhere they can set up a new life for themselves.

 Gedd was very excited as a youngster when he first heard about the Arcane Archers.
 He already loved archery and practiced every day, so for months he dreamed that one
 day he might become one too. He was absolutely devastated when someone told him that
 only those of elven blood can become Arcane Archers. He knows it is an impossible
 dream but somehow he has never completely given up hope.


 Things the DM can incorporate into adventures and rumors.

 I wonder who Gedd's half-orc father really was? Might even have been more orc than
 half-orc, though I hope not. I wonder if mum really knew the truth about him?
 Gedd is not particularly religious but if he does pray to anyone it is more likely
 to be Mielikki - the Lady of the Forest, goddess of forests, dryads, and patron of

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