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Berta Char Sheet
Name  : Berta Roth          | Race  : Human             | Height: 5' 8"
Player: Skald               | Gender: Female            | Weight: 160lb
Update: 21/05/14            | Age   : 21                | Eyes  : Hazel
Align : Chaotic Good        | Size  : Medium            | Hair  : Red
Deity : Tymora              | Speed : 30'               | Hand  : Right
       Ability    |   Temporary   | Class                 Level
     Score   Mod  |  Score   Mod  |
STR    14     +2  |               | Rogue                   1
DEX    17     +3  |               | Fighter                 1
CON    14     +2  |               |
INT    13     +1  |               |
WIS     8     -1  |               | XP  : 1000         Char Level: 2
CHA    10     +0  |               | Need: 3000              ECL  : 2
        Total   Current   Subdual |         Total   Dex   Misc
HP    :   15       15             | Init  :   +3  =  3  +
        Total         Armour   Shield   Dex   Size   Natural   Misc
AC    :  18   = 10 +     4   +    1   +  3  +      +         +

Touch      : 13 (excl. Armour/Shield/Natural)
Flatfooted : 15 (excl. Dex)
        Total   Base   Str/Dex   Size |         Total   Base   Dex   Size
Melee : +3/+4 =   1  +   2/3   +      | Range :   4   =   1  +  3  +
SAVES      Key                    Ability
         Ability   Bonus     Base   Mod   Magic   Misc
Fort  :    Con       4     =   2  +  2  +       +
Ref   :    Dex       5     =   2  +  3  +       +
Will  :    Wis      -1     =   0  + -1  +       +

RACE: Bonus Feat at 1st lvl
RACE: 4 extra Skill points at 1st lvl/1 extra skill point per lvl thereafter
RACE: Favoured Class: Any

RAC1: Two-Weapon Fighting (reduce penalties by 2)
CHR1: Two-Weapon Defence (+1 shield bonus to AC)
FIG1: Weapon Finesse (use DEX mod for attacks)

ROG1: Simple Weapon Proficiency
ROG1: Martial Weapon Proficiency (hand crossbow, rapier, shortbow, short sword)
ROG1: Sneak Attack +1D6
ROG1: Trapfinding
ROG1: 40 skill points
FIG1: Simple Weapons proficiency
FIG1: Martial Weapons proficiency (all)
FIG1: Light Armour proficiency
FIG1: Medium Armour proficiency
FIG1: Heavy Armour proficiency
FIG1: Shield proficiency
FIG1: 1/2D10 = 5HP
FIG1: 4 skill points
Common (= Chondathan ?), Bonus: Orcish
SKILLS      Max Ranks (3 + Level): 5   Cross-Class (CC) Max Ranks (/2): 2

                           Key    Skill Ability                      Misc
CC Skill                 Ability   Mod    Mod     Ranks    Synergy   Mod

R  Appraise                Int      +2 =   1    +   1    +         +
R  Balance                 Dex*     +4 =   3    +   2    +         +  -1*
R  Bluff                   Cha      +4 =   0    +   4    +         +
RF Climb                   Str*     +6 =   2    +   5    +         +  -1*
   Concentration           Con      +2 =   2    +        +         +
RF Craft                   Int      +1 =   1    +        +         +
R  Decipher Script         Int      NO =   1    +        +         +
R  Diplomacy               Cha      +0 =   0    +        +         +
R  Disable Device          Int      +3 =   1    +   2    +         +
R  Disguise                Cha      +0 =   0    +        +         +
R  Escape Artist           Dex*     +2 =   3    +        +         +  -1*
R  Forgery                 Int      +1 =   1    +        +         +
R  Gather Information      Cha      +0 =   0    +        +         +
 F Handle Animal           Cha      NO =   0    +        +         +
   Heal                    Wis      -1 =  -1    +        +         +
R  Hide                    Dex*     +4 =   3    +   2    +         +  -1*
RF Intimidate              Cha      +4 =   0    +   4    +         +
RF Jump                    Str*     +6 =   2    +   5    +         +  -1*
R  Knowledge (local)       Int      NO =   1    +        +         +
R  Listen                  Wis      +0 =  -1    +   1    +         +
R  Move Silently           Dex*     +4 =   3    +   2    +         +  -1*
R  Open Lock               Dex      +3 =   3    +   2    +         +  -2&
R  Perform (percussion)    Cha      +1 =   0    +   1    +         +
R  Profession (herbalist)  Wis      +0 =  -1    +   1    +         +
 F Ride                    Dex      +4 =   3    +   1    +         +
R  Search                  Int      +2 =   1    +   1    +         +
R  Sense Motive            Wis      +0 =  -1    +   1    +         +
R  Sleight of Hand         Dex*     NO =   3    +        +         +  -1*
   Spellcraft              Int      +2 =   1    +  2/1   +         +
R  Spot                    Wis      +0 =  -1    +   1    +         +
   Survival                Wis      -1 =  -1    +        +         +
RF Swim                    Str**    +4 =   2    +   4    +         +  -2**
R  Tumble                  Dex*     +6 =   3    +   2    +         + -1*/+2^
R  Use Magic Device        Cha      NO =   0    +        +         +
R  Use Rope                Dex      +3 =   3    +        +         +

 * Armour check penalty applies to checks
** Double armour check penalty applies to checks
 ^ Synergy
 & -2 on check if not using Thieves Tools

Short sword x 2   +5  +3/+2 1D6+2 19-20/x2  -   2LBx2   M     P   Mstrwk x 1
Dagger            +4    -   1D4+2 19-20/x2  10'  1LB    M    P/S
Longbow, comp     +4    -   1D8+2   x3     110'  3LB    M     P   +2 draw

NB: Weapon Finesse Feat                           TOTAL WEIGHT:      8 LB
                        ARMOUR CHECK    MAX  SPELL

Chain shirt       L       +4     -1      +4   20%   30'   25LB  Masterwork

                                                  TOTAL WEIGHT:     25 LB
COIN:    PP:    GP: 10  SP: 1    CP: 8

Carried in Beltpouch                              TOTAL WEIGHT:   0.38 LB

Item                     #   Cost   Weight   Location    Notes

Explorer's Outfit        1     -      -       Worn

Chainshirt               1   250gp   25LB     Worn       Masterwork

Shortsword               1   310gp    2LB     Back       Masterwork
Shortsword               1    10GP    2LB     Back
Dagger                   1     1GP    1LB     Belt
Longbow Composite        1   300GP    3LB     R Shoulder +2 STR draw
Arrows                  20     1GP    1LB     Quiver     attached to side pack

Backpack                 1     2GP    2LB     L Shoulder
  Bedroll                1     1SP    5LB     Pack       attached to top pack
  Candle                 2     2CP    -       Pack
  Fishhook               2     2SP    -       Pack
  Flint & Steel          1     1GP    -       Pack
  Oil (1 pint flask)     1     1SP    1LB     Pack
  Rations, trail         4     2GP    4LB     Pack
  Rope, Silk             1    10GP    5LB     Pack
  Sack, empty            1     1SP    0.5LB   Pack
  Shirt, linen           2     2SP    1LB     Pack
  Soap (cake)            2     1SP    0.2LB   Pack

Waterskin                1     1GP    4LB     R Shoulder

Beltpouch                1     1GP    0.5LB   Belt
  Coins                 19            0.38LB  Pouch

                      TOTAL WEIGHT:  57.58 LB
        58 LB    116 LB        175 LB        350 LB        875 LB


Berta was never what you might call pretty, and certainly not to her face unless
you'd got a good start on her.  Not plain, by any means - takes after her mother
in that regard, and Mary Roth got all the attention she ever wanted.  But ...
she favours leathers over silk dresses and those red tresses of hers are rarely
touched by either hair dresser or brush.  Got more muscle and bulk on her than
is considered proper for a woman too, least so her mother told her and told her
- in these parts if you see a man or a woman with a sword at her hip, you damn
well assume he or she knows how to use it and keep a civil tongue in your head
if you know what's good for you.

Might easily mistake her for a boy, come to that, for she swears and swaggers
like one.  I'd keep that to myself if I were you, though - she's no killer, not
like some we get around here, but she has a temper on her and more than one
bravo deep in his cups has been sent sprawling and earned a few bruises into
the bargain.

Wears good leather boots, leather breeches, belt and linen shirt, with leather
gloves and a good thick woolen cloak with a hood, to keep the chill out.


Fiery haired harridan, that's what they say of Berta down at the barracks, though
not to her face, for she's got a temper on her, that one.  And while she might
think she knows how to use her fists and a sword, nobody is minded to teach her
otherwise, for her father, Captain Roth, would skin alive any man who lay a hand
on his daughter.

Trouble in that house.  First child came along almost before the last chimes of
the wedding bells had fallen silent, and if he takes after his mother, there's not
a sign of the captain's features in that face - far too handsome for one thing !

Berta, though ... now she is her father's daughter in more ways than one.  That
red hair which betrays an Illuskan ancestor in the mix but one thing the two have
in common.  Born in happier times, the pair have always been close.

It was the third child that did it, though, quite the scandal.  Captain hasn't
been the same since.  Closest friend is the bottle now.  Why, if it wasn't for his
daughter who knows what he'd do.

The three children always got along well, though.  Two boys always followed the
girl's lead.  Always bigger and stronger than her elder brother, and had the years
on the younger.  No dolls for her ... more likely to be dragging a stick behind
her, trailing in the dust, lashing out at unwary passers-by till she was taught
the error of her ways.

That was a good while ago.  We all get older, though the eldest boy doesn't look
it.  Berta, though ... always down at the barracks, watching the men.  Learned a
thing or two from them, some of it with her father's blessing and the rest best
he doesn't find out.

Now ... younger brother out on his ear, eldest apprenticed to the church, and the
Captain's wife, well, she's been packed off to the Sisters, gods have mercy on the
poor creature.  Captain figured Berta would settle down, keep house for him ...
even had a good marriage sorted for her with a merchant's son - a lowly guard not
good enough for his daughter, eh ?

Could've told him that wasn't going to work out well ...


Berta would have grown closer to her father after the disgrace that is Gedd's birth,
and at the same time pulled away from her mother - loving her, but frustrated with
her bad choices and interpreting her growing neuroticism as lack of spirit, while
feeling sorry for her father - right up to the arranged marriage made her re-evaluate
that relationship.

Though she seems easygoing, almost careless, and had a far easier youth than either
of her siblings, Berta still bears the emotional scars of a distant mother and a
father who she sees as having betrayed her finally.  She trusts only her brothers,
and any interaction with strangers often comes off as aggessive and confronting.

Loves her brothers, and has bonded deeply with them as the three were peforce
thrown together due the the circumstances in the family home as they sought to avoid
the awkwardness between their parents.

With both her brothers having arcane talents, Berta was determined to emulate, even
better them ... but for all the effort she put into the attempt (far more than she
ever displayed during her schooling) and much to her disappointment, this was one
area where Wyn and Gedd completely surpassed her. At least all that work was not
entirely wasted - Berta has an outside chance of recognising spells being cast or
even their lingering effects - though she wouldn't see it that way.

A mostly indifferent student, what schooling she had now gratefully left behind
her.  Learned orcish, thanks to the efforts of her brothers ... and the mischief
of teaching Gedd's bird his shocking vocabulary.

At first the less-than-salubrious men of the Watch began training her as a bit of a
game.  After a while they began to take her a little more seriously, but she was
still relying on her natural agility as she lacked their strength and bulk.  Got
better, and stronger, but always more comfortable with the knives and other light
weapons she started out with.

Those crooked guardsmen taught her a bit more too, something of the other side of
the law, though even that took some ... persuasion.  At least they taught her to
lie with a straight face and lean on those who were all bluster (though with her
attitude and appearance she didn't need much help with that). Struggled where
the situation required a more careful approach or delicate touch - more like to
use her fist or the pommel of her sword than take her time, though she could do it
if she must.

It was just one of those things that could happen to any young woman who was less
than careful.  First and only time she'd ever know real fear too, and not just at
what her father would say or do. But the gardener's wife 'took care of it', that
kindly old woman who knew a few things about plants and the unique properties of a
particular few.  She'd cried afterwards, of course, loss, relief, shame (and not
least that it turned out she was no better than her own mother) all part of it.
Learned her lesson the hard way, and damned right she listened attentively enough
to the old woman, learning something of her herb-lore in the process, enough to be
sure it wouldn't happen again.

Likes a song, but not disciplined enough to learn an instrument, for all Wyn tried
to show her.  Can't sing worth a damn either, least that's what the tavern-keeper
said and how he'd ban her from his premises if she where to make the attempt again.
Can just about hold a beat, though, long as it doesn't get too fancy.

Berta honours the gods as a matter of course - because they're gods and that's what
you do, rather than any real devotion to a particular deity - praying/swearing on
whichever is appropriate to the circumstances, usually Tymora.  Your basic
bargain/contract - she sacrifices to them so they look out for her.

Wouldn't take a penny from her Father, or anything else beside, just a few pieces
of jewellery her mother had given her, years ago.  Not that she ever wore it, and
even that was soon gone, sold or traded so she could afford a chain shirt and at
least one good blade from reputable makers.^

^NO bonus regional equipment or family heirloom, assumed part of 900GP limit


Berta is a free spirit, but inextricably bound to her brothers.  Her only aim is
to keep them safe and with food in their bellies and coin in their pockets, and
she's not thought much beyond that.  Lives in the moment rather than planning
ahead, and like as not to go along with whatever either of them suggest,
especially if it sounds entertaining.

Enjoys a challenge, and favours the physical over anything that requires her to
exercise her brain, though she's both proud and competitive and will always try
to best her brothers in whatever field of contest they find themselves.

Likes a good time too and happy to prop up the bar in any inn or tavern, the
rowdier the better for her preference, though she'd be careful in company with
her brothers and not drag them into just anywhere or anything.