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4th Earthdawn Character Sheet and Info
**Thanks for the improvement Glunker**

How to make a character:
30 Attribute points instead of 25.
Talents:  8
Spells:  Perception Step
Knowledge Skills: 2 points or Based off Background Options.
Artisan Skill:  1 point or this is available through the Nobility: Other Skills Option.
Speak Language:  Rank 1 Read/Write (Dwarf)  Rank 2 Speak Language (Dwarf + Racial) or based off Background Options.
General Skills: 8 points or Based off Background Options.
Optional Talents:  2 at 1st, 1 at every circle starting at 2nd.

Free Starting Gear:
1 Adventures Kit
1 Artisan Tolls (relevant to your Artisan skill)
1 Dagger or Knife
1 Traveler's Garb
1 Trail Rations (week)
1 Grimoire (Magicians only)
100 Silver or based off Background Options.

After you make your 1st Circle Character add 8,000 LP Some may have more, but this is the average.

If you want to buy potions or other magical gear, make sure to ask first before adding to your sheet.

Attribute Modifier Cost Table
ModifierCost (30 points)

Character Advancement Charts

Raising Attributes: +1 free per Circle.  1st Circle requires 5 talents at rank 2.  You can spend LP to advance your Attributes, but you get 1 advance free at each circle.
Attribute Increase Table
LP CostAttribute Increase

Advancement Table
New CircleMin # of TalentsMin Talent RankSingle Talent From Circle

Talent Cost Table
Talent RankNovice 1-4Journeyman 5-8Warden 9-12

Skill Cost Table
Skill RankTraining, WeeksWait Time, WeeksNovice 1-4Journeyman 5-8

Circle Training Advancement Cost Table
CircleAverage Cost (Silver)

New Discipline Talent Cost Table
Lowest Circle Attained2nd Discipline3rd Discipline4th Discipline

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Character Backgrounds - Place of Birth
Background Options:

I want to give players opportunities to fill out their character and have a better round out character concept.  By offering players backgrounds they can get a better concept of who their character really is and what he or she can do.

Wealth: Instead of 125 silver, everyone’s wealth starts with 1) Place of Birth + Occupation (x) multiplied by their Class Status to for starting total sp.

Background Options:  (POB + Occupation + Class Status)

Place of Birth:  Capital City, Town, Village, Hamlet or Outpost

Place of Birth:  Where you grew up.

Major/Capital City: Pop: 2,000-20,000  (Almost anything can be purchased)
Bonus Skills:  (2 at R1):  City Lore & Streetwise  (400 LP in skills)
Allies:  Rickshaw Cabby, City Lamp Lighter or Tavern Wench R2
Wealth: 125 sp

Forest/Mountain/River Town:  Pop: 800-2,000   (Merchant Inn, Gen Store, Sheriff, Guards, Stable, Shrine w/ Questor)
Bonus Skills: (3 at R1):  City Lore, Profession (Bartender, Farmer, Fisherman, Herdsman, Lumber Jack, Miner, Rancher) & Conversation (600 LP in skills)
Allies: Ferryman, Fisherman, Riverboat Captain, Logger, Rancher R2
Wealth: 100 sp

Village:    Pop: 200-800  (Small Common Inn, Stable and Shrine w/ Questor)
Bonus Skills: (4 at R1):  Know: Local Area, Craftsmen, Navigation & Swimming.  (800 LP in skills)
Allies: Local Fisherman, Hunter, Ranger, Farmer, Logger or Ferryman R2
Wealth: 75 sp

Hamlet:   Pop: 50-150  (No services, No Inn, No Stable, No Guards)
Bonus Skills: (1 at R2, 2 at R1):  Climbing, Navigation, Wilderness Survival  (900 LP in skills)
Allies: Local Rancher or Farmer R2
Wealth: 50 sp

Outpost:    Pop: 30-200   (Military Supply Store, No Inn)
Bonus Skills: (5 at R1):  Know:  Local Area, Awareness, Military Lore, Navigation, Wilderness Survival  (1,000 LP in skills)
Allies: Soldier, Scout, Traveling Merchant or Hunter R2
Wealth: 25 sp

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Tue 11 Apr 2017
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Character Backgrounds - Occupations
Occupation:  What you were raised to become as a youth.  This will usually be your father’s profession, an Uncle’s profession, some other close related family who was asked to instruct you to gain a way to make a living and provide for a family.  This could have also been an apprenticeship if your father or mother wanted you to become something more than they were able to provide due to their low class status.

Occupations:  Badlands Nomad, Travar Skyguard, Force of the Eye Enforcer, Scavian Survivor, House T’kambras Blackguard, House K’tenshin Traitor, Merchant Apprentice, Kaer Hunter, Gypsy/River Pirate, Riders of the Scorched Plains/Scorcher or City Profession (catch all).

Badlands Nomad:
You were born in the Boarderlands close to the Badlands and have to learn how to adapt to the harsh weather and dangers of the Badlands.  Those that don’t survive soon die and you were one of the few that quickly adapted.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Knowledge:  Badlands Lore, Creature Lore & Cult Lore .  Awareness, Danger Sense, Wilderness Survival & (Choose 1: Melee Weapons or Missile Weapons).  (2,000 LP in skills) 
Allies:  (1 at R3, 1 at R1) Badlands Mentor, Boarderlands Shaman & Trosk Local.
Wealth:  100 sp
Obligation:  You feel a strong bond to the Badlands and seek to destroy the taint.  You will do anything in your power to reduce the taint and prevent others from expanding the taint.

Aristocrat :
Your family comes from a long line of nobility (either in Barsaive or another nearby country).  While you are not in line to inherit your family lands, treasure and title, your parents raised you as a noble with the skills and knowledge all nobles should know.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Knowledge: Barsaive Nobility, Barsaive History, Conversation, Etiquette, First Impression, Education, (Choose 1: Acting or Artist).  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)  Capital Judge, Young Lord/Lady, 4 star Innkeeper, Vineyard Manager, Ritzy Bordello Madam
Wealth:  75 sp + 20 acres 3-10 miles outside Capital.
Obligation: You may not want to become the lord or lady of your families estates, but you own fealty to them.  You have a strong sense of pride and will help family no matter the cost.  How you help them is up to you, but fail your family and you may loose your title, lands and any inheritance.

Travar Skyguard:
You were born and raised most of your life in Travar and take great pride in joining the Travar Skyguard protecting the people of Travar.  You learned how to help the crew sail the skies around Travar and how to fight on the decks of an air ship.  You are comfortable on board the airship as you are land.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Knowledge:  (City) Travar Lore & Profession: Carpenter.  Air Sailing, Awareness, Great Leap, Climbing & (Choose 1: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Throwing Weapons, or Unarmed Combat)  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1) Travar Airship “TBD” & sailors, Travar Skyguard & Travar Bartender at “TBD”.
Wealth: 75 sp + Skyguard equipment, Armor and Weapons.  Armor can be dyed to cover the Skyguard blue and white colors and emblems.
Obligation:  You must help a fellow Skyguard if he or she is in danger and needs assistance.  You must help any citizen of Travar that is in danger.

Force of the Eye Enforcer (Kratas):
You were born and raised in Kratas the city of thieves.  Your father or mother was a Thief and worked for the Force of the Eye gang.  You were incinerated early in your life and were recruited to be an Enforcer for the gang.  You would protect visiting VIP personnel, ensure they stayed safe and made sure they had a good time.  After several years, you longed for something else and left Kratas but it will always be your home.
Bonus Skills:  (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Knowledge:   Kratas (City) Lore.  Awareness, Conversation, Danger Sense, Great Leap, Stealthy Stride, (Choose 1: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons or Throwing Weapons).  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)  Force of the Eye gang members, Kratas City Captain Guard & House V’strimon emissary.
Wealth:  100 sp + 75 sp in stolen gear.  You didn't steal the gear but it was given to you as payment.
Obligation:  You have strong ties to the Force of the Eye and understand their goals to prevent the spread of the Bloodelves corruption to other lands and races.  You may be greedy, but you will help others of your previous gang.

(Human) Scavian Survivor:
Your parents were survivors of Kaer Scavia and belong to a small group of Humans who take great pride in their origins.  Despite the small size of your tribe your family has done well and has learned to adept using the Serpent River as your life blood.  Recently Scavians have allied with House T’kambras and now fight against both Theran and House K’tenshin.  Having served aboard your clan’s floating barge bartering and selling goods as they go.  Having entered parts of the Mists Swamps, you know of the dangers and know just enough to get you in trouble if you aren’t careful.  Having served enough time with the family, you now are looking for a spouse to someday settle down with your tribe.
Bonus Skills:  (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Conversation, Danger Sense, Entertainer, Haggle, Read River, Sailing, Swimming.  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies:  (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   Family Tribe, House T’Kambras & Trosk Local.
Wealth:  100 sp
Obligation: You will help any Scavian in mortal danger, you will help anyone from your family who needs any help.

(T’skrang) T’skrang House  Blackguard:
You are a stalwart fighter for house T'kambras (or any other Major T’skrang House) fighting all house enemies which are the Therans and House K’tenshin right now.  Your were selected as a Blackguard due to your tenacity, bravery and wise tactics in the face of great peril.  As a Blackguard you were responsible to protect the leaders Children and other VIP visiting House T'kambras.  Unfortunately, you fell in love with your charge and asked to be released giving the excuse you wanted to fight the Therans and protect your House.  Although your heart is broken, you have joined your house's soldiers and sailors in defending its honor.
Bonus Skills:: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Awareness, Etiquette, Great Leap, Stealthy Stride, Swimming & (Choose two: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Swift Kick, Throwing Weapons or Unarmed Combat).     (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   T’kambras Contact, Farram Bartender at "Dusty Trader", Trask Guardsmen
Wealth:  100 sp
Obligation: You are loyal to House T'kambras and will die if necessary to protect your family.  You will help a family member in trouble at all times, unless your orders prevent you from doing so.

(T’skrang) House K’tenshin Traitor:
At the young age of 8, House Henghyoke snuck you into a House K’tenshin youth group, taking one of their youth in your place whom you resembled.  House K’tenshin was recruiting from the villages looking to bolster their army and House Henghyoke choose to slip you in at an opportune time.  You can never tell anyone you are House Henghyoke, except those of your own house.  You will always be known as a Traitor to House K’tenshin.  You have been a spy for your house for the last 12 years secretly sending reports to your contact.  Although you may have feelings towards House K’tenshin, your true House is Henghyoke.  As a young man, you developed a relationship with a House K’tenshin T’skrang  woman.  When it was discovered you were selling House information you were sentenced to death.  Only through a little luck and help from your outside contact were you able to escape.
Bonus Skills: Disguise Self Rank 2 (1 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Awareness, Conversation, Fast Hand, Forgery, Stealthy Stride,  (Choose one: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Swift Kick or Unarmed Combat). (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies:   (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   Henghyoke Contact/Handler, Farram Bartender at "Tarnished Toad", Trask Guardsmen
Wealth:  100 sp + 100 sp in stolen gear.
Obligation: You are loyal to House Henghyoke and will continue to feed them information via your contacts as often as possible. If you can thwart House K’tenshin without getting killed, you will do so.  Your lover is a scorned woman and seeks your capture and possible demise but you have some feelings towards her still as time with her was the best you ever had since inside House K’tenshin.  You are a wanted man with a 100 sp bounty on your head.

Merchant Apprentice:
One of your parents is a merchant (non-adept) or skilled trader and take great pride in being an honest merchant.  They have worked their way up from riverboat traders, to tent pawn traders outside the city to the merchants they are today within a great city store they own and run.  You have learned the value of items and the art of conversation, diplomacy and haggling to get the best deal.  You also know when to stop pushing or loose the sale.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Knowledge:   Barsaive Trade Routes & Merchant Guild Lore.   Appraise, Animal Handling, Conversation, Haggle, (Choose 1: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons or Throwing Weapons).  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   Travar Caravan Master, K’tenshin Caravan Riverboat CPT, Farram Trader and  Trosk Merchant.
Wealth:  75 sp +100 sp in merchandice (wool, spices, food stuff, finished wood, kits, etc) + Pack Mule
Obligation: (I’ll let the player come up with something that makes sense for him/her.)

Take from the rich, give to the poor.  You were born poor and the rich have more than enough to share with you.  Perhaps your parents didn’t have morals or maybe you were an orphan who grew tired of being hungry, either way you were raised into a life of crime.   Travar has stiff penalties with theft and muggings, so you were raised to rob those outside the city, outside the law.  You have a thief’s sense of twisted honor but know right from wrong.  One of those is, the dead can’t be stung again so you avoid killing if possible.  Now that the Therans are here, you have a different target in mind, a richer target who can make life very sweet.
Bonus Skills:  (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Awareness, Bribery, Diplomacy, Graceful Exit, Great Leap, Stealthy Stride (Pick 1: Melee Weapons, Throwing Weapons, Missile Weapons or Unarmed Combat)    (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies:  (1 at R3, 1 at R1)    Highwaymen Gang, Travar Fence, Travar Riverboat Captain, Farram Fence
Wealth: 50 sp + 200 sp in stolen loot.  Loot can't be sold in the city it was stolen from unless using a Fence.  Loot can be sold at 35% of its base price + Haggle, etc.
Obligation:   Honor among thieves dictates you help your follow Highwaymen whom you have worked with and they will help you.

Kaer Hunter:
You know there are items, knowledge and history out there that need to be found and you are just the person to find missing or lost items and sell them for a tidy sum.  There are many types of Kaers and just as many types of Kaer Hunters.  You were raised to look for those that were still sealed and need to be alerted to the ending of the Scourge but hoped to find empty Kaers ready for looting and plundering.  Many Kaers were ravaged by Horrors and constructs which are terrible traps for all Hunters, so have to take great care when applying your profession.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1): Knowledge:   Kaer Lore.  Awareness, Climbing, Danger Sense, Disarm Trap, Navigation or Research & (Choose 1: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons or Throwing Weapons).  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   Travar Merchant, Travar Librarian, Farram Merchant & Trosk Riverboat Merchant.
Wealth: 150 sp
Obligation: You are a Hunter to make money, however you have a strange sense of honor to help Barsaive.  If you find something that can help Barsaive overcome Thera, you feel obligated to contact Thera and sell them the item first.

Soldier/City Guard:
There is honor to be had in protecting the people of your town and you take honor in keeping them safe, bringing criminals to trial and helping the weak, poor and needy.  There are many types of city guard and soldiers in Barsaive and some of those will rise the ranks to be a leader.  You have the potential, strength and courage but you also have vision.  You realize that being a protector of a town is honorable, but there is more out there which is waiting for you.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Knowledge:  City Lore.  Awareness, Danger Sense, Diplomacy, Streetwise, (Choose 2: Melee Weapons, Throwing Weapons, Missile Weapons, Swift Kick or Unarmed Combat)  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)  Reformed Convict/Retired Soldier, City Bartender, Stablemaster
Wealth:  50 sp + Soldier or City Guard equipment, armor & weapons.  Armor can be dyed to cover markings.
Obligation: You feel a need to help those who are weak, poor and the defenseless.   You can't pass up the opportunity to help children, orphans and widows.

Gypsy/River Pirate:
You were raised on the river, much like the Great T'skrang houses and feel the life blood of Barsaive seeps along its waterways.  The river is your life and you miss the Serpent River when you have to leave.  You know how to barter, trade, steal ortrick your way to a better deal and often take great pleasure in a good negotiation, even if you don't always get the best deal, there is fun to be had in tricking your victim.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):  Appraise, Awareness, Danger Sense, Sailing, Stealthy Stride, Swimming & (Choose 1: Melee Weapons or Missile Weapons)  (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   Lake Ban Trader, House Vstrimon River Captain, House Ishkarat Fence
Wealth:  100 sp
Obligation: You

Riders of the Scorched Plains/Scorcher:
Horses, Thundrabeasts, Granlains and the plains is your life.  You love the massive open plains and skies which you call home.  You are as comfortable on the back of a mount as a sailor is aboard a ship.  You know your territory and the dangers in holds.  You and your tribes men have fought, bled and many died to keep your children, women and old folks safe from the horrors the Scourge left behind.  Those that ride through your tribes lands will pay tribute for the safety your people have afforded them.  Those that don't pay with silver will pay in other ways, one way or another.
Bonus Skills: (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):   Knowledge:   Plains Lore.  Animal Handling, Charge, Sure Mount, Trick Riding, & Wilderness Survival, (Choose 1: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons, Swift Kick, Throwing Weapons or Unarmed Combat).   (2,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)   Tribal War Leader, Traveling Merchant, Tribe Member
Wealth:  50 sp + Choice of a Horse, Granlain or Huttawa (with saddle, saddle blanket, saddle bags, bit and bridle)
Obligation:   You have great honor and pride of your people.  Many attempt to discredit them and give them a bad name but they do not understand your people, your hard way of life and the things you have found for.  You must educate the ignorant with words, fist or steel; how you decide to teach others is up to you.

You were raised as a common man, tending sheep, cows, horses or perhaps raising crops.  All of this is essential for a civilization, there is no shame in doing a job needed.
Bonus Skills: Your choice of Farming or Ranching at R3 (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):   Knowledge:  Scorcher Lore.  Awareness, Animal Handling, Animal Training, Stealthy Stride,  Wilderness Survival & (Choose 1: Melee Weapons, Missile Weapons or Unarmed Combat)  (3,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1) Small City Mayor, Traveling Merchant, Small City Council
Wealth:  50 sp
Obligation:   You are obligated to your family, clan or tribe and feel a need to continue to help them in any way you can.  You won’t give them all your gold, but you will continue to give some support be that financial, your time or other assets.  You will do everything in your power to help your family, tribe or clan.

You were taught how to use a skilled profession of your families choosing.  Your father, mother, uncle, aunt or someone in the city has been working this family profession for years and took it upon themselves to teach you to help support the family.  You have been taught at a young age how to work your trade and have become a Journeyman in this trade able to handle the business if needed by yourself.
Bonus Skills: Your choice of Profession or Craft at R3 (2 at R2 and 5 at R1):   Knowledge:  Barsaive Trade Routes, Capital City Lore & Merchant Guild Lore.  Appraise, Bribery, Conversation, Haggle, (3,000 LP in skills)
Allies: (1 at R3, 1 at R1)  Small City Mayor Leader, City Merchant or Bartender, Small City Sheriff/Constable
Wealth:  50 sp
Obligation: You have come to love and appreciate your city and value its and the people in its safety.  You will do all in your power to preserve and help the city and its people prosper and will take no action to harm it.

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Character Backgrounds - Class Status
Class Status:  Everyone’s wealth starts with their base background + Class Status + Place of Birth and multiply it by your Financial Income multiplier to find your starting total sp.

Class Status:  Nobility, Upper Class, Merchant Class, Middle Class, Working Class or Poor.

Bonus Skills: (2 at R1): Knowledge: Court Processes & Governance and Law. (400 LP in skills)
Languages: Read/Write Dwarven, Sperethiel + your race.  Speak Dwarven, Sperethiel + your race.
Other Skills: The nobility take great pride in being able to play an instrument as a sign of their status and class.  All Nobility are taught to play a musical instrument from birth.  Nobles also take great pride in art so instruct their youth in how to express themselves with painting, sketching or needle work.  (Rank 1 music instrument and singing or R2 Painting, sketching or embroidery)
The Education skill includes math, science, writing and other basic knowledge learned in school.
Allies: (1 at R1)   Royal Library Mentor/Tutor,  Local Bartender
Wealth: Silver Multiplier x 2.5 , {Family gift: 100 sp, 6 sets of artisan clothes and simple jewelry 100 sp each set-15 lbs, 4 sets of nobles clothes with matching jewelry 250 sp each set 20 lbs each} {Fine Musical Instrument, Antique Rapier or sabre, Good Racing Horse or a covered carriage all @ 500 sp value}
Obligation:  You have several older siblings older than you who will inherit your fathers lands and title however if they die, you may be required to take up his mantle and care for the lands, people and resources King Neden / Chief Bigballs has bestowed upon your family.  Your father and mother may require you to carry out negotiations, official letters or act as an official member of the family for social functions.  You are expected to act as a noble at all times and will disgrace your family name if you don't follow set protocols.  Your family owns a huge estate in the county and a large home in the city's noble quarter.
Title:   [Dwarf only: Count, Viscount, Barron, Cavalier, Knight or Hero] [All Other Races: Barron, Cavalier, Knight or Hero]

Upper Class:
Bonus Skills:  (1 at R2, 1 at R1):  Conversation & Leadership (700 LP in skills) 
Languages: Read/Write Dwarven + your race.  Speak Dwarven + your race.
Other Skills: The upper class try to mimic the nobility as much as they can, showing they are as good as the nobility or are worth to become nobility.  They too instruct their children on the finer arts and ensure they do well in front of those they entertain.  (Rank 2 music instrument, singing, painting, sketching or other fine arts)
Allies: (1 at R1)    Guild Innkeeper, Trade Master, Local Judge
Wealth: Silver Multiplier x 2.5, {Family gift: 75 sp, 3 sets of profession clothes w/ simple jewelry 50 sp each - 15 lbs, 2 sets of Court Clothes with matching jewelry 200 sp each set - 15 lbs each} {Seat at the family Profession guild hall, Dowry, small book of family trade secrets, riding horse and 2 person carriage}
Obligation:  Your family has responsibilities to the city and to the King.  While not as prestigious as a noble, your family has critical functions in the town government functions.  Your family expects you to help in various functions and make yourself presentable when requested.  You inheritance and dowry hinge upon your obedience.  Your family owns a large home in the Artisan quarter of the city and a large estate in the country.

Merchant Class:
Bonus Skills:  (4 at R1):  Profession (Accountant, Dock Master, Engineer, Merchant, Store Owner, Trader, Winemaker, etc), Conversation, Leadership, Trade Routes. (800 LP in skills)  (Lore & History should relate to your profession)
Languages: Read/Write Dwarven + your race.  Speak Dwarven, your race + 1 other.
Other Skills: Merchant class find it important to show their great mastery of tools from which they make a living.  These skills often combine with their profession or choice of work and should go hand in hand.  (R2 Rune carving, embellishment, embossing, wood carving, needlework, embroidery, ice sculpting, etc..)
Allies: (1 at R1)   Guild Trade Master, City Soldier, City Merchant
Wealth: Silver Multiplier x 2, {Family gift: 50 sp, 4 sets merchant garb, 300 silver in trade goods: silk, cotton, spices, rare wood, food stuffs or other valuable of your choice, Family guide of Barsaive traders friendly to your family and favored trade routes, 2 Mules and Wagon}
Obligation:  Your family owns a moderate business.  Business is doing well and your family has some wealth and influence.  Your father and mother expect you to someday marry someone important to help expand the family's sphere of influence.  You adventuring does not fit in their plans and you get an earful every time you return home with several scheduled dates with prospective men/woman.

Middle Class:
Bonus Skills: (1 at R2, 2 at R1):  Craftsmen (Barrel maker, Blacksmith, Carpenter,  Stonemason, etc) OR Artisan (wood carving, rune carving, bone carving, embroidery, tailoring, etc).   Animal Handling, Barsaive Lore.   (900 LP in skills)
Languages: Read/Write Dwarven + your race.  Speak Dwarven + your race.
Other Skills: The middle class are often indifferent to art and copy things they find interesting or of use to them.  Middle Class do not have a lot of extra coin, so traditionally teach art that doesn’t require instruments.  (R1 Singing, Story telling, Juggling, Comedian, Acting or any art skill that doesn’t require items to complete)
Allies: (1 at R1)   City Bartender, City Merchant
Wealth: Silver Multiplier x 1.7  {Family gift: 25 sp, 4 sets Common garb, 150 silver in trade goods: something from your Craft, family book of crafting schematics and a Mule}
Obligation:  Your father and mother want you to be happy.  You may have brothers or sisters to take over the business so they are not concerned about your travels but they do want you to get married some day and give them grandkids.

Working Class:
Bonus Skills:  (5 at R1):  Profession (Bartender, Boatman, Dancer, Farmer, Fisherman, Miner, Mortician, Rancher, Soldier, Sailor, Town Guard) Animal Handling, Conversation, Swimming, Wilderness Survival.  (1,000 LP in skills)  (Lore & History should relate to your profession)
Languages: Read/Write Dwarven.  Speak Dwarven + your race.
Other Skills: Working class find it important to show their great mastery of tools from which they make a living.  These skills often combine with their profession of choice of work and should go hand in hand.  (R2 Rune Carving, Embellishment, Embossing, Wood carving, Needlework)
Allies: (1 at R1)   City Beggar, Baker, Innkeeper, or Professional
Wealth:  Silver Multiplier x 1.3  {Family gift: 15 sp, 2 sets Common garb, 75 silver in trade goods from your profession}
Obligation: Your father and mother are too busy with your brothers and sisters to be concerned about you.  They do hope you can send money to help from time to time and pay back the food and shelter they gave you when they raised you.  Your mother worries about you and asks you to send a letter as often as you can.

Bonus Skills: (1 at R2, 3 at R1):  Laborer (Ditch digger, brick layer, cement mixer, washer, beggar, city cleaner, etc) OR (Profession: Begging/Fishing/Hunting/Laborer).  Picking Pockets, Stealthy Stride, Streetwise (1,100 LP in skills) </b>
Languages: Read/Write Dwarven.  Speak Dwarven.
Other Skills: The poor can’t afford to buy musical instruments or tools but find it important to pass along history and stories or will teach their children skills they picked up which they find valuable.  (R1 Singing, Story telling, Juggling, Comedian, Acting or any art skill that doesn’t require items to complete)
Allies: (1 at R1)    Village Fisherman, Hunter, Logger or Scout
Wealth: Silver Multiplier x .9  {Your family is struggling to get by and can't afford to give you much.  Anything you have is because you earned it}
Obligation: You owe no one anything; everything you have you earned due to your own ingenuity.
Special: Grace of Garlen Rank 1

Grace of Garlen:  Garlen, the passion of Hearth and Home, has had her eye on you and favors you with her grace.  She knows how you've struggled and has been by your side throughout your life helping you.  During you life, you've managed to get by at times when you were almost ready to give up.  Things you didn't realize you had you suddenly found which gave you the extra boost you needed to survive that day and endure to the next.
Rules:  Once per day you may find something which you really need.  This can't be coin but it can be small things which you need.
Example, Candy for a sad child, find a missing key, remember the name of a forgotten friend, find something lost, seeds for a needy farmer, perfect gift for someone in need, food to feed the hungry or find something critical for a mission.  This is divine intervention to help the player with small things which isn't on their character sheet which would come in handy.  This should be something less than 20 sp & something that can fit in a pocket or a side pouch.  As long as it follows these rules, I'll allow the player to come up with what is found and where it is found.

Wealth: Some of the Class Status choices have wealth which they may not be able or willing to take with them when they adventure (wagon/carriage).  These items can be left at your family's house/estate.

Allies - The Rank of the Ally is not an indicator of their strength/Circle but an indicator of their loyalty to you and how easy they are to reach and what they are willing to do to help you.  A Rank 1 Ally will answer questions that pertain to his area of expertise but won't pay gold to bail you out of jail. A Rank 2 Ally will answer questions and help if its not a major inconvenience.  A Rank 3 Ally will go to help you as if you are a best friend and willing to take more threats to himself/herself to help you.  If you put an Ally to great risk, he or she may suffer from her actions and may not help the player after the dust settles as he/she recuperates.

GM Comments:

Old vocabulary for the size of a city/village/Hamlet:
A CITY:  has a cathedral or a university or both
A TOWN: has a market
A VILLAGE:  doesn’t have a cathedral or a market but it will have a church
A HAMLET:  is very small with only a handful of houses and usually doesn’t have any shops or other services. It would be unusual for it to have a church, but occasionally they do

GM Notes:

I intentionally inversed the Silver and Skills.  Major City will start with more silver, but fewer skills.  The poorest starting point, Outpost starts with the most skills but less silver.  Most Occupations have 2,000 LP however Ranchers/Professional’s have an additional R3 skill related to their profession.  Your family’s Class Status also reflects this; more silver the fewer skills.

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Character Backgrounds - Class Status
No problems at all!

Just a quick note about the tables....   Anywhere that you see a field like:


The first line, Family, takes up 8 columns.

The second line, (Father) Has two things going on.
 The first part, |1.4|, means that there is a single column (1) for four rows (.4).  Then Father takes up seven columns (|7<).

This is hopefully helpful at understanding where problems might come into play at...  If you only have parents, and no siblings, leaving the table at

|8< Family: |
|1.4 |7< (Father) |
 |7< (Mother) |

Will throw off any following formatting, like this:


Instead of it looking like:


Hopefully this helps with everyone's edits!
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Character Backgrounds - Class Status
Assign Attribute Points
Every character starts with the Attribute Values for his race, as outlined in the Namegiver Races chapter (p. 19). Each player receives 30 Attribute Points which he uses to modify his character’s Attributes. The Attribute Point cost for doing so appears in the Attribute Modifier Cost Table.
A player can also lower an Attribute to gain more Attribute Points, as outlined on the Additional Attribute Points Table.

Attribute Modifier Cost Table
Modifier  Point Cost
+1           1
+2           2
+3           3
+4           5
+5           7
+6           9
+7          12
+8          15

Additional Attribute Points Table
Modifier Attribute  Point Cost
–1                       +1
–2                       +2

Any attribute points remaining may be exchanged for Artisan skill points or Karma points on a one to one exchange.  Artisan skill points may be used to increase your Artisan skill up to Rank 3.  You may also start a 2nd or 3rd Artisan skill as well.

House Rule: At 1st and 2nd Circle you can pick 2 optional talents.  2 Initiate and 2 Novice.  In order to increase from 1st to 2nd however you must have your 5 Discipline talents at rank 5.  At 3rd circle and beyond you pick one optional talent.

Optional 3rd Ed Rule: pg 238 You do not have to spend LP to increase your attributes at each level however you can only raise each attribute 3 times for a total of 15 points.  You gain an attribute at first circle as well, however you can only increase an attribute once you have increased your 5 Discipline talents to rank 2.

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 09, STR 10, TOU 12, PER 11, WIL 11, CHA 10
Movement Rate: 10/5 squares
Karma Modifier: 4
Vision: Heat Sight

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 12, STR 10, TOU 8, PER 11, WIL 11, CHA 11
Movement Rate: 14/7 squares
Karma Modifier: 4
Vision: Low Light

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 10, STR 10, TOU 10, PER 10, WIL 10, CHA 10
Movement Rate: 12/6 squares
Karma Modifier: 5
Vision: Normal
Racial: Versatility

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 8, STR 18, TOU 13, PER 9, WIL 10, CHA 9
Movement Rate: 10/5 squares
Karma Modifier: 3
Vision: Normal
Racial: +3 Wound threshold
Natural Armor: Obsidimen have very tough skin, which serves them as armor. Obsidiman skin has a Physical Armor Rating of 3. Obsidimen can only wear other types of living armor, which add their protection to the character’s Natural Armor.

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 10, STR 13, TOU 11, PER 10, WIL 8, CHA 9
Movement Rate: 12/6
Karma Modifier: 5
Vision: Low-Light
Racial: Gahad: Gahad is a sensation similar to intense heartburn, triggered in orks by certain circumstances or situations, causing them to feel a drive to eradicate the situation triggering the gahad or take revenge on the perpetrator.

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 10, STR 14, TOU 12, PER 9, WIL 11, CHA 10
Movement Rate: 14/7 squares
Karma Modifier: 3
Vision:  Heat Sight

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 11, STR 10, TOU 11, PER 10, WIL 10, CHA 11
Movement Rate: 12/6 squares
Karma Modifier: 4
Vision: Normal
Racial: Tail Combat: T’skrang often make use of their tails when engaged in combat. A t’skrang can use his tail to whip at opponents in unarmed combat much like striking with an arm or kicking with a leg, using an appropriate unarmed combat talent or skill for any Attack Tests.

Starting Attribute Values:
DEX 11, STR 04, TOU 08, PER 11, WIL 10, CHA 12
Movement Rate: 3/8* • Karma Modifier: 6
* Flying Movement Rate
Vision: Astral Sight: All windlings have access to the Astral Sight Talent (see p. 61). Windling adepts starting play with no Ranks assigned to their Astral Sight talent know it at Rank 0. They may purchase Ranks for it during the game using Legend Points, just like other talents, treating it as a talent of First Circle.

Flight: Windlings can fly, but it is not their primary method of movement. Flying windlings tire quickly and usually limit their flights to short periods of around twenty minutes.

Cathay Races:

Gar – The Outcasts................13
DEX 11, STR 11, TOU 11, PER 11, WIL 11, CHA 8
Movement Rate: 7  -  Karma Modifier: 4
Racial Abilities: Low-Light Vision: Like elves, gar have the Low-Light Vision
ability (Player’s Guide, p. 20).

Ki Mao – In the Shadows...........14
Starting Attributes:
DEX 12, STR 9, TOU 8, PER 12, WIL 10, CHA 11
Movement Rate: 7  -  Karma Modifier: 4
Racial Abilities: Low-Light Vision: Like elves, ki mao have the
racial Low-Light Vision ability ( Player’s Guide, p. 20).

Po Na – The Curious...............15
Starting Attributes:
DEX 11, STR 11, TOU 10, PER 10, WIL 10, CHA 8
Movement Rate: 6  -  Karma Modifier: 5
Prehensile Tail: A po na’s tail is thin and flexible, allowing him to grasp objects as if with a third hand. It also includes all abilities of the t’skrang Tail Combat ability (Player’s Guide, p. 24), enabling  a po na to become a Taildancer (Namegivers of Barsaive, p. 189) and learn skills or use items that are restricted to t’skrang because they require a tail (like the Tail Dance skill or ch’tard weapons). However, a po na’s tail is relatively weak. It has a separate Strength Value and Step that is used for all purposes involving the tail only (for example lifting objects with the tail, attacking with the tail, or determining if the character meets the Minimum Strength to wield a weapon with it). The tail’s Strength Value is 6 lower than the normal Strength Value (on-the-fly, Strength-based tests for the tail can be made at a –2 penalty to simulate this). It can hold weapons up to Size 2. Tail-worn armor can be used, but its Initiative Penalties are doubled.

Core Disciplines: (Players Guide)

Air Sailor......42
Beastmaster.... 44
Sky Raider..... 50
Swordmaster.... 51

Racial and Discipline considerations:  Players Guide pg 40

Obsidimen seldom become Sky Raiders or Air Sailors, as their deep bond to the earth urges them to stay on the ground. They do not normally get an opportunity to bond with a mount and become a Cavalryman simply because so few mounts that can carry them exist. The ways of the Archer and Swordmaster require a little too much finesse for obsidimen to follow them frequently; if they do, they favor weapons appropriate to the obsidiman physique.

Trolls usually do not become Thieves, as their culture’s honor forbids them from stealing in secret, but dictates they take openly with a show of force. This stance is the way of life of highland trolls, but trolls integrated into other societies do not follow it.

Windlings seldom become Nethermancers, as their culture celebrates life, and contact with the afterlife is unsettling to them. They also seldom become Sky Raiders, as the way of the Sky Raider emphasizes physical prowess and brute force over cunning and subtlety.

Other Disciplines:  (3rd Ed Name Givers Compendium)
Boatmen ..........170  (T'skrang Only)
Horror Stalker....176  (No Restrictions)
Liberator ........189  (Orks Only)
Messenger ........196  (Racial Restrictions: Ork, Windling)
Outcast Warrior...201  (Troll Only)
Purifier..........207  (Obsidiman Only)
Shaman............213  (No Restrictions)
Songsmith.........222  (Elves Only)
Taildancer........228  (T'skrang Only)
Traveled Scholar..235  (Dwarf Only)
Wind-Dancer.......241  (Windling Only)
Windmaster........248  (Windling Only)
Wind Scout........251  (Windling Only)
Woodsman..........256  (Elf Only)

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Character Backgrounds - Class Status
4th ED Earthdawn Character Sheet
by: Soulforge

Character Info
Character NameGenderRaceDisciplineCircle
Character nameMaleHumanWarrior1
16-555”9”175 lbsLong, BlackBlue, brown, Green
VisionPlace of BirthResidencePassionBody Type
Normal/HeatBartertownBartertownThystoniusAthletic but Slim

Racial AbilitiesLanguages
Racial #1 – List any racial special abilities(2) Spoken(1) Written
Racial #2 – Racial abilitiesDwarvenDwarven
Racial #3 – Racial movement Rate: 12HumanN/A

Legend Points (LP)
Background LPCurrent LPTotal LP

Dex (0/3)Str (0/3)Tou (0/3)Per (0/3)Will (0/3)Char (0/3)
16 7/d1216 7/d1214 6/d1013 6/d1013  6/d1010 5/d8

Defenses & Armor
Physical DefMystic DefSocial DefP. ArmorM. Armor
Carrying CapKODeathWoundRecovery

Dex StepArmor ModifierInitiative Step
Karma Points (4/D6)
Karma ModTotal KarmaCurrent Karma
** The adept may spend a Karma Point on XXXXXX.**

NameAttribute (Step)RankStepActionStrain  
Avoid BlowDex (7)310Standard0  
Melee WeaponsDex (7)29Standard0  
Tiger SpringDex (7)29Standard0  
Wood SkinTou (6)29Standard0  
War WeavingPer (5)29Standard0  
Danger SensePer (5)29Standard0  
FirebloodTou (6)29Standard0  

NameAttribute (Step)RankStepActionStrain
Speak LanguagePer (6)28Standard0
Read/Write LanguagePer (6)18Standard0
Know/NavigationPer (6)17Standard0
Know/GeographyPer (6)17Standard0
Body PaintingCha (5)16Standard0
Animal HandlingWil (6)17Standard0
HuntingDex (7)18Sustained0
Place of Birth
NameAttribute (Step)RankStepActionStrain
Momentum AttackDex (7)29Sustained1
StealthDex (7)18Sustained0
TrackingPer (6)17Sustained0
NameAttribute (Step)RankStepActionStrain
Wilderness SurPer (6)17Sustained0
AwarenessPer (6)28Standard0
DiplomacyCha (5)16Standard0
Missile WeaponsDex (7)18Sustained0
StreetwiseCha (5)16Standard0
Class Status
NameAttribute (Step)RankStepActionStrain
Prof: SailorPer (6)17Sustained0
SwimmingStr (7)18Sustained0
Wilderness SurvPer (6)17Sustained0

NameThreadsWeaveCastingDurationRangeEffectDescriptionSuccess LevelsExtra Threads
Air Armor05/10TMDRank +5 RoundsTouch+3 ArmorIncreased Armor+2 RoundsIncrease duration (minutes), Increase Effect (+1 Armor), Additional target (+Rank)

Melee Weapons
NameMin StrWeapon StepStrengthDamage StepSizeCostWeight
Dagger42791free1 lbs
Broadsword125712325 sp4 lbs

Ranged Weapons
NameMin StrWeapon StepStrengthDamage StepSRLRSizeCostWeight
Shortbow837102-3031-60315 sp3 lbs

NamePhysical ArmorMystic ArmorArmor PenaltyCostWeight
Chainmail70-318040 lbs

NamePhysical DefenseMystic DefenseArmor PenaltyShatter ThresholdCostWeight
Crystal Raiders Shield+2+2-31815015 lbs

Other Gear
Item NameLocation/Stored inEncumbranceCostShort Description
Standard Adventures KitBackpack40 lbs25 SpBackpack, Travelers Garb #1 (worn), Bedroll, Waterskin, 10 days rations, 50’ hemp rope
Travelers Garb #2Backpack8 lbs10 SpLinen Shirt, Leather Jerkin, Leather Belt, under clothes, Woolen Breeches, Woolen Cloak, Leather Gloves, Low Leather Boots
Belt Pouch #1Belt.5 lbs1 SpCoin Purse
Belt Pouch #2Belt1 lbs1 SpFlint-Steel & Tender


Item50  sp+8 Healing Steps when a recovery is used.

Common Magic Items
Name200 sp5 lbsWorn+3 Cold Resistance

Thread Magic Items
NameCostWeightLocationThreads WovenDescription /Stats
NameFree5 lbsCarried3 out of 51H axe / Dam 8, +1 Melee, +2 Phy Armor

**The following comments are optional.**

Place of BirthOccupationClass Status
Capital, Village, OutpostNomad, Blackguard, City Guard, ProfessionalNoble, Merchant, Working, Poor
PoB LPOccupation LPClass LP

Player Notes

BartenderTravarRank 1
Local FishermanFarramRank 2
Travar Skyguard CaptainTravarRank 3
City MerchantBartertownRank 1

Physical Appearance
Physical appearance, tall, short, garb, weapons, demeanor.

How the PC views him/herself or how others view the character.

Personality Traits
Courageous, Chivalrous, DisciplinedProud

Character History:

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Character Backgrounds - Class Status
Earthdawn Character Sheet v2
Name :Name Goes Here
Discipline :Discipline HereCircle :Circle#
Race :RaceNameR.Ability: Gender :GenderTypeAge :Age#
Hair :HairColorSkin :SkinColorEyes :EyeColor
Height :Height#Weight :Weight#
POB :POBnameResidence :ResNamePassion :PassName
Language(s) SpokenLanguageSpokenLanguage(s) WrittenLanguageWritten
AttributeBase ValueLP Inc.CurrentStepAction DiceInitiative
Dexterity151167d12StepAction Dice
Toughness151167d12Defense Ratings
MovementCarryKarma - CurrentKarma - Max
 HealthArmor Ratings 
Tests/DayStepAction Dice Shatter Threshold
UnconciousnessPhysical ArmorphyArmor
BaseAdj.CurrentMystical ArmormysArmor
37643Current DamagecurDmg
BaseAdj.CurrentNumber ofThresholdPenalty
Discipline Talents
Talent NameActionStrainAttribute+ Rank= StepAction Dice
If Human, keep the following 5 lines.  Otherwise it is safe to remove.
Versatility Talents
Talent NameActionStrainAttribute+ Rank= StepAction Dice
Talent Knacks
WeaponDmg StepSizeTimes ForgedShort / Long 
Armor and Shield
ArmorPhysicalMysticTimes ForgedPenalty 
Skill NameActionStrainAttribute+ Rank= StepAction Dice
Active Skills
Skill NameActionStrainAttribute+ Rank= StepAction Dice 
Equipment & Loot
Platinum Piece (PP) :0Gold Piece (GP) :0Silver Piece (SP) :329Copper Piece (CP) :4
Coins weight 1/50 of a pound. 1 PP = 1,000 GP = 10,000 SP = 100,000 CP
Common Magic Items
Thread Items
Traveler's Garb {does not count towards encumbrance}8 lbs
 {Consists of: Linen Shirt, Leather Jerkin, Leather Belt, Loin Cloth, 
Woolen Breeches, Woolen Cloak, Leather Gloves, Low Leather Boots}
Standard Adventurers Kit
Misc. Notes
MiscNote Number 1
MiscNote Number 2
Physical Appearance:  What does your toon look like?
Personality:  What is your personality?
Character History:
 Paragraph 1
Paragraph 2
Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4
Paragraph 5
Paragraph 6
Paragraph 7
Player Notes:
 (Father) NameHere
(Mother) NameHere
(Sister) NameHere
(Sister) NameHere
 Names Here
Additional Names
Specific Place
Additional Names
Mentors :Name
Tattoos :Tattoos
Piercings :None
Habits (Good/Bad) : 
Goal(s) :What Are Your Goals
 Current :1,125Total :7,675Legendary Status :0 
Legend Rewards: (Laundry List LP, oldest on bottom)
Chapter 1 Awards:
Chapter 2 Awards:
Character Creation
Legend Point Expendatures

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