Transitioning 3rd to 4th.   Posted by GM.Group: 0
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Mon 14 Aug 2017
at 04:02
Transitioning 3rd to 4th
  1. I didn't see your Allies.
  2. You are missing 1 rank 1 skill for your Aristocrat.
  3. You are missing your Artisian skill offered in the Nobility section.
  4. Missing some of your Wealth from Nobility.  If you left it behind, that's fine.
  5. Missing title

  1. Your skills looks correct.
  2. Stats still good.
  3. Your KO and Death is off:
  4. Wealth: Your math is off  350  Sp
  5. Armor:  4th Ed Shields do not provide armor.  They increase your defense.

Have not reviewed yet.

Have not reviewed yet.

  1. Looking over your Stats, looks like you are 1 point over.
  2. Talents:
  3. Looks like you've spent 3200 LP.
  4. Looks like all your talents are correct for 3rd Circle.

Have not reviewed yet.

  1. You have spent 6,500 LP with 900 remaining.
  2. Yep, you look good.  Just need to fix your stats.  I'm assuming you raised a stat and forgot the *.

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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 00:48
Transitioning 3rd to 4th
Getting closer to everyone being complete.
If you have any questions or need me to check your CS, post up here and I'll look again.
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Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 14:50
Transitioning 3rd to 4th
If you want to buy normal gear from the PHB, feel free to spend your 'new' silver.  If you want to buy potions, blood charms or common magic, I'm good with it, but let me know what you are buying just so I'm not surprised.

Vstri'tyke is complete with his 4th Edd Character.
First one completed, +150 LP

Krrshyk is almost completed.  Just need to clear up 2 extra skills.  Delete or spend LP to keep.

Kae'Le has a few skill questions I am hoping to resolve before complete.
(Artisan) Acting R2
Speak Languages (Dwarven / Elven / Troll) R3
Second Weapon R1
POB - free skills will resolve some questions.

Rahikika 95% complete, just a few last minute skills to fix.

Bastet 95% complete, some silver to spend, family treasure to fix ...  basically finish up the CS for the last review.

Calaun I think is close to being done, just need you to update from my last PM comment and finalize your CS.

Glunker I believe you are working on your CS.  Let me know when you are ready for a review.
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Tue 22 Aug 2017
at 03:15
Transitioning 3rd to 4th
Vstri'tyke is complete with his 4th Edd Character.

Kae'Le reports she is ready to roll.

Calaun reports she is ready.

Krryshk reports he is ready.

Bastet almost ready, just some 'prettying' up of her CS.

Rahkika is caught in the solar eclipse, she is near enough to done.

Glunker is working on his CS.