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Last Will and Testament
"Those who never lived to see,
The end of war and victory,
And every friend who passed our way,
Remembered as of yesterday,
It's absent friends we miss the most,
To all, let's drink a loving toast”

-William Walker
Rondald Bertrand
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Tue 8 Sep 2020
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Last Will and Testament
Rondald was a Marine. A sailor who joined a Navy crew when he was just 8, Ronald has filled many roles as a cabin boy, and in the ships longboat due to his small size when he was young. Fighting many a pirate, he regularly fought off those who would take what they never worked for, so he grew up defending those who sought a peaceful life on the water. Not surprisingly, he was recruited into the navy, working with patrols that set out hunting pirates. He was good at his job, learning to use a crossbow well and soon he became a valued member of the crew. After a few years, he was given to leading boarding parties, and his consistent good work in subduing pirates ensured many followed him into action.

As his career developed, so did those that followed him, including one strong and attractive ships cook. Their relationship blossomed, and in order to develop some stability he left the life on the high seas he was familiar with to marry her. They then sought a life on land, though neither of them are really sure what that entails. Setting out with a group to stop a necromancer, Rondald and Terri set out to do their best to defend the good folk he fought with. And fight they did, against monstrosities and demons. Their conflict took them into the heart of the desert, far from the sea, to bring peace and freedom to folk who would have killed him in other circumstances. But killing the necromancer was not enough. They they progressed into a far away lair where the apprentice was in the service of a demon unleashing what hell they could. Together, Rondald used his skills with his wife and friends to deal once again with those who wanted to unleash destruction. They saw things that most mortals had never seen, and lived to tell of it.

But the greatest danger was to come. Returning to be knighted, he was not to live long enough to fulfil his potential. On returning to his inn after being knighted, he found his items missing. Ambushed later that day, he was killed fighting relatives of those he had brought to justice, dealing out injuries to take many of them with him before he fell. And so the cycle of injustice continues. There will never be a shortage of honest Heros...

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