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Recon: Eyes Behind The Lines will be a Recon style game using an amended version of the T2k rules.

It will focus around a LRRP team serving with 1st Platoon, F Company, 58th Infantry, 101st Airborne in 1968 and will be based out of Camp Eagle near the city of Hue, Vietnam.

Please read the explanation post below before submitting an RTJ.

Please also note that while I've read a number of books about the Vietnam War and the 101st Airborne LRRPs in particular I don't claim to be any form of expert about this conflict.  Therefore everything in this game is open to errors of my own personal interpretation - my apologies if I accidentally offend anyone but this is an RPG after all! <G>

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Game Set Up
Role of a Lurp Team: Long-range reconnaissance patrols, or LRRPs (pronounced "Lurps"), are small, often heavily armed, long-range reconnaissance teams that patrol deep in enemy-held territory.  They are highly trained, far ranging units tasked to perform reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, bomb damage assessment, prisoner capture and special type combat missions (ambushes).  They occasionally also participated in downed pilot search and rescue missions.

A typical patrol comprises a six man team on a mission of up six days duration, often ten or more miles from the closest friendly troops.  A Lurp team is able to call on air and artillery support but is not capable of prolonged engagement with a sizeable enemy force.  Their tactic is to rely on stealth, often avoiding aggressive contact with enemy troops in favour of continuing with the mission, though at points they would ambush NVA units in perceived "enemy safe areas" using a double team of twelve men.

Organisation of a Lurp Team: A LRRP team normally comprises six members and, as it is a military unit, this game will have a distinct command structure that you, as players, will need to follow.  The roles within a Lurp team are as follows:

  • Team Leader or TL (normally either a Staff Sergeant or Sergeant) - often the most experienced member of the team but can be a "Shake and Bake Sergeant" who received his promotion to Sergeant after attending NCO school prior to being sent to a combat theatre

  • Assistant Team Leader or ATL (normally a Sergeant or a Spec-4) - often one of the most experienced men in the team, though sometimes can be a "Shake and Bake Sergeant"

  • Lead Scout or Pointman (normally either a PFC or a Spec-4) - often one of the most experienced men after the TL and ATL who normally takes point when the team is moving

  • Assistant Scout or Junior Scout (normally either a Private, a PFC or a Spec-4) - often the most inexperienced member of the team - this position is sometimes replaced with a medic or a machinegunner, depending on the structure and objective of a team/mission.

  • Senior RTO (normally either a PFC or a Spec-4) - often a more experienced man or someone who comes from a Signals background - their role is to monitor the company radio net and calls in air support

  • Junior RTO (normally either a Private, a PFC or a Spec-4) - their role is to monitor the artillery net and back up the Senior RTO - often a less experienced member of the team

I'm therefore looking for a maximum of six players to take up those roles.  In particular for the game to work properly I need strong reliable players to take on the roles of TL and ATL.  They will need to be reliable and regular posters who are happy to assist me in organising the game.

Structure of the Game: My plan for this game is as follows:
  • Each mission will start with the PCs inserting and will end once they have finished extracting.  I don't intend on running any "downtime interaction" back at Camp Eagle or elsewhere.  If you were to be stopping at a Firebase for some reason then I would probably run that interaction on the assumption that it was relevant.  The game will therefore be very mission and episodic in nature/structure.

  • Though the game will be mission focused it will be "action heavy" rather than "combat heavy" - hopefully you understand the distinction I'm making there but please PM if you don't.  My anticipation is that you will avoid combat whenever possible but there will be times when you either chose to initiate it or fail to avoid it.  There will be lots of searching around and (hopefully) tension without that having to be through combat the entire time.  After we've done a couple of "normal" missions it might well be fun to set up a "heavy" 12 man mission to stage an ambush or something but the game will need to be established before I start doing that kind of thing.

  • Alongside each mission IC thread I will also have a mission briefing thread that I will run in parallel.  Even though the Team Leader (TL) and Assistant Team Leader (ATL) would normally plan much of the mission I'm going to change that and brief most of it myself - you will have a lot of decisions to make but those will be on the ground rather than in advance.  This is partly driven by my previous experiences of planning things on RPOL - sometimes it is successful but it always drags on and bores some players.  The idea behind this parallel briefing thread is therefore to allow questions to be asked retrospectively in the briefing, if that makes sense.  Please note that there will be an NPC CO on the end of the radio so if necessary I have the facility to order you to do things.

  • With regards to interaction between PCs I suspect that there will be more talking than would have really happened but that is one concession to this being an RPG that I think we're going to have to accept.  I am considering ways of trying to "write" hand signals and the mouthing of words but nothing is finalised on this at present.

  • In terms of actual IC posts my anticipation is that there will probably be two turns per week so you're probably looking at two to three IC posts per week.  I would like these to be of a decent length and not just a couple of lines but they don't need to be more than a couple of proper paragraphs.  There will be times when a short post will be appropriate but generally I would like a moderate length one.  In terms of style of post I'd also prefer posts that interact with other players rather than complete short stories?

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RTJ Requirements
For an RTJ I would like you to do the following for me:

  • Confirm that you understand that this is a Mature game that may contain more grown up themes such as graphic violence, racist language and swearing.  In particular any racist terms MUST only be use in In Character posts as part of speech or thoughts and not in the OOC thread.  As a result the In Character threads will not be publicly visible.  Please note that this game will not be an Adult rated game.

  • Clarify your level of experience with the Twilight 2000 version 2.2 system.  Experience with T2k is not necessary for me to accept you into the game, and I am using my adapted version of the rules anyway, but it would help me to understand the level of explanation I will need to provide over things like combat rules.

  • Tell me which role within the Lurp team that you are interested in playing.  I do not want character concepts or a synopsis of a character background at this stage - once I have recruited sufficient players will will finalise which role each player is taking and then start character creation together.

  • Give me an example of an In Character post that's a couple of paragraphs long so that I can get a gauge on your writing style - please either copy and paste something you have written previously in another game, provide me with a link to a post of yours in another game or write something new.  Please note that I will make great efforts to make my posts readable with correct spelling and punctuation so I expect the same out of my players.

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