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Thu 19 Dec 2013
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Attacks on Dufair
10:00 A.M.
It is a normal day in the city of Dufair the capitol of the Planet of Foraois. The streets are busy around the Governor's Mansion because the nobble Houses are lobbying for an audience with the Governor. Suddenly there is an Explosion emanating from the heart of the Governor's Mansion. There is chaos in the streets as the house guards try and secure the perimeter of the mansion.

10:05 A.M.
----Explosion at the Governor's Mansion-----
Colonel McDonell receives this sudden message as he is about to sit down with his senior staff to discuss the celebrations of the new founding.

10:10 A.M.
----Report to Briefing Tent----
This is what the entire Regiment hears over the speakers around the Founding Fields.

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Sun 12 Jan 2014
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Re: Attacks on Dufair
As the 159th's platoons deploy themselves across the planet some of them are hastily met with attacks and ambushes. These actions are reported back to the Colonel and he discriminates the information that is necessary to remaining units that have yet to be attacked.

----All units be prepared for close quarters combat. traitors and rioters have become increasingly violent and prone to ambushes----

while the platoon stationed at the Governors Mansion are still creating a perimeter they will clearly hear the sounds of gunfire and heavy explosives in the distance. the sounds seem to be coming from the east on the perimeter of the city. They are also hearing the sounds with less frequency coming from the Northern perimeter of the city.

After the Colonel completes his transmission to the regiment he sends Lt. McDonec to inform second squad to be prepared due to extreme pressure on first company first platoon's location to the East and North of the city.
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Sun 26 Jan 2014
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Re: Attacks on Dufair
after the initial attack on the governor's mansion and the subsequent conflicts that lasted two full day the Men and Women of the Foraois 159th with the assistance of the Foraois PDF were able to begin to regain control of not only the Capitol but also the planet. there were still pockets of resistance but the 159th were beginning their routine sweeps and search and destroy details to cleanse their planet of this heretical and traitorous filth.

With the help of the Governor and his staff images and videos of some of the finer exploits of the defense were broadcast across the planetary news feeds and data slates. One of the videos in particular that was broadcast with a dual purpose of raising civilian morale while informing the traitors of the unyielding power of the Imperium was that of Gaius Smih's unbelievably effective shot with his Plasma gun. this particular video started to become the most widely viewed image and video on the planet. Smih would soon become the poster child for the regiment.