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Thu 2 Jan 2014
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Read before doing character sheet!!!
Full demon- I would like only a few full-demons if possible. Also, if you are going to be a full demon then you can either be perfect at handing a sword or hand to hand combat. If you are only doing spells you can be good not perfect, and it also means your spells have to drain you so use them wisely.
Now if you have a sword that can do spell attack move that is okay but the same thing aplys it cant be super powerful,it has to drain you if you use it a lot.

Half-demons: you may alos use what is ment for full demon you just have to be...not weaker just it causes less damage the target takes.Like fighting hand-to hand you arnt as fast as a full demon but, u have a advantage against humans cause u are faster.With a sword that has spell attack like a full demon they can be perfect but, they can be just as powerful but but can only use it twice cause it drains you A LOT!1

Humans; you can not have any spells im sorry but, you may only do hand to hand combat or use a sword but no spell what so ever! You may be a master at hand-to hand combat but, ur still weaker than a full demon or half-demon. Here is a TIP let the full demon or half demon use his full power attacks first to drain then then you may have a chance at beating them!Now some full demons and half-demons can be rash and will use a full attack on the first try to try to get you down but, as long as you keep moving you do good.

Now a select few that i find have trained well and not have be rash in battles will be allowed to join the demon gaurd.

If your characters family or you wants revenge on a demon you may travel closer to the demon forest to train at a demon slaying village but, to get there you will have to fight A LOT of demons and may have died trying ot get there so be wise and travel during day when the demons are sleeping and stay near rivers at night to cover your scent!