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A1 S3: After Beads and Buns
[Private to Kumahl: The buns remind you that you had been hungry even before you had sold the boat. The tiny buns did little to satisfy that. The smell of street food from nearby vendors is a siren's call to your stomach.]
[Private to Huruyan: You hear Kumahl's stomach growl and remember he had said he was hungry even before you sold the boat.]
As Unalanu's lad works feverishly on stringing the beads, you eat the offered buns with Kumahl taking the first byte. While plain, the buns were fresh and well made. The water had a slight tinge that you couldn't place but was refreshing in the heat of the confined city.

Kusak eyed the buns and cups with longing but politely remained in the background pretending to look at other things.

Almost before the last bite was finished, Huruyan's spear was back in his hand with the new beads sparkling in the light. They were strung along the loop of the lanyard and made a colorful bracelet on his wrist.

[Private to Kumahl: The javelin and the writing on the building behind the stall remind you that Chozal's man had mentioned a Vri of Purdimal.]

Where to now? Food? Shelter? Weapons/armor? Other?

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Re: A1 S3: After Beads and Buns
" Thank you kind sir, we wish you and yours well, but now must be going; Kusak, please lead us to this tower of the red dome that we may have a place to sleep and put our belongings. If you know of a good place on the way to stop and get a full meal that would be welcome, but with the warning in mind of conscriptions by the navy we must be at the tower before dark."With that Huruyan gives another small bow to Unalanu and turns to leave.

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