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A1 S2: At the Blue Tower Docks
Back to the scull, Huruyan maneuvered the boat through the thickening mass of boats and barges as Kumahl kept watch.
The smell of too many people living together on water for too long, grew stronger with each stroke of the scull.

The shouts of "Make way!", "Watch where you're going!" and "Back to the dirt with you!" were not always directed at your boat as others also pushed their way towards the pair of blue painted towers.
Eventually you could just touch a floating dock that was connected in all directions by walkways. You could see a path made of these walkways that ended on dry land near the gates that the blue towers flanked.
There is a constant flux of nearly naked people moving bundles, barrels and crates along these walkways. All manner of goods were moving to and fro as well dressed men on shaded raised platforms watched.
Occasionally they directed the scribes below them to make updates to papers.

Near the bottom of the towers were soldiers in blue and gold lacquered Chlen hide. Their scalloped Chlen-hide swords clacked against their thighs as they walked to breakup any clumps of people blocking the flow through the gates they guarded.
The shore was thronged with boats selling goods. There were slaves running errands and several palanquins carrying nobles above the heads of the crowd. There was even a tall blank mantis like creature talking to one of the overseers on their platform.

A man near your boat gives you a hard look. You can tell by the fabric he is wearing and has draped over one shoulder that he is in charge of some of the workmen nearby.
The emblem on the fabric over his heart is of a  green mortar and pestle.
In a manner of a superior to a servant he demands, "Why are you here? Do you have cargo to deliver or are you picking one up? Where is your manifest? Hurry up! You are taking up space I need."
His strong accent is strange to your ears. In fact, everyone you hear has an accent and some are barely understandable.
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Re: A1 S2: At the Blue Tower Docks
"Actually, our cargo is the boat and gear on it. Do you know of anyone who needs a fishing boat complete with all the gear?" Huruyan said respectfully, from down in the boat, below the level of the dock.
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Re: A1 S2: At the Blue Tower Docks
Kumahl smiles politely but says nothing.