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Sun 23 Oct 2016
at 18:51
A5 S3: A Bitter Pill
Morning came to the clanhouse and all drifted back into The Chamber of Satiating the Physical Hungers, to break their fast.

A messenger from Senior Stewart Jugal arrived and announced that members of the Red Axe have agreed to collect some of the fungus.
They will expect proper compensation (10K) for their troubles, to be delivered to their clanhouse as soon as convenient.

The hall has a steady flow of people in and out. Most are groggy and the music and laughter from last night is now missing.

While the while the rain has slacked to a drizzle, it has not stopped except intermittently.

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Mon 24 Oct 2016
at 16:41
A5 S3: A Bitter Pill
Kumahl comes out and joins those gathering. Dressed only in his loose fitting tunic, it is not evident the events that transpired the night before.

At the mention of money, Kumahl checks around for Lord Seer.

"I could use several sections of leather big enough to fit inside of this," Kumahl lifts up the Death Beetle carapace. "I could also use a dozen candles, a pot, and a fire. I will pay for the leather and the wax candles."

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Lord Seer Epengar
Mon 24 Oct 2016
at 20:27
A5 S3: A Bitter Pill
"Good morning Craftsman Kumahl."
"I hope you know something for healing my head."
"I feel like I drank as much as that carapace would hold."

"By the way, you didn't drag that thing in here yourself did you?"
"Doing things like that in public make me look like I'm associating with the wrong kind of people."
"I have my image to think of you know."
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Mon 24 Oct 2016
at 23:57
A5 S3: A Bitter Pill
"I meant no offense Lord Seer. As a Craftsman, I do have a need to handle my work. Hopefully I can secure a secluded location where I can work and be of no further offense."

Nodding towards a servant, "Please remove this," holding the carapace to the side away from Lord Seer, "from the Lord Seer's presence and let me know how procurement for my other needs are proceeding."

As the servant leaves, Kumahl looks at Lord Seer, "How does the rest of you feel?" Pointing to a wine cask that has yet to be removed with the morning refuse, "That empty cask there, Lord Seer, was all your doing. How fast do you want your head to stop hurting?"
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Tue 25 Oct 2016
at 10:27
A5 S3: A Bitter Pill
In reply to Kumahl (msg # 4):

"Good morning Kumahl, Good morning Lord Seer, how are preparations for dealing with the Hungry Maw proceeding?"

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