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Sat 27 Jan 2018
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XP & Treasure Thread
For convenience, I will keep an up to date inventory of "group treasure" and XP here.
Updated: March 20

 Level XP needed
  1   0
  2   1000
  3   3000
  4   6000
  5   10,000
  6   15,000

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Sun 2 Sep 2018
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XP & Treasure Thread
Group "Treasure":

Please send me details of whatever you need to add to that list, and I'll update.

From Lamm's goons:
 - Hedgehog:
- pair of Kukris (masterwork)
- coin pouch (5gp, 20sp)
- 2 potions found (healing d8+5 both)
 - Alligator:
- flail (standard)
- coin pouch (10gp, opal worth 25gp)
- pendant (worth 10gp)
 - Seagull:
- wand ( ? )
- two flasks of acid (splash, 3d4/1d4 damage)
- coin pouch (100sp)

From Lamm's office:
 - small packages:
- fist-sized scrimshaw carving of a kraken with garnets for eyes (worth 100 gp)
- a silver ring (worth 50 gp)
- an adamantine hatchet (masterwork)
- a holy symbol of Abadar (worth 100 gp)
- a Harrow deck in a worn leather box
- a tiny glass vial (red liquid inside)
- a hickory wand (probably magic)
- a bejeweled brooch with a broken clasp (probably worth a lot)
 - shoebox with a preserved Tortoise head
 - erotica prints  (maybe worth something?)
 - 3 magic lanterns (worth 50gp each, curently used in the house )

Queen's gift:
 - 5 gold bars, worth 200 gp each

 - locked casket (6" wide, for vials or flasks)
 - a dozen daggers
 - store-room's worth of lentils, cereals, dried fruits, onions, oil, cheap brandy
 - desk's worth of ink, pens, paper and parchment

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Wed 11 Mar 2020
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All the children

Kids at the house:
Ulrik the Bear (M), 10, 5' tall & chubby.
Edwina, a spotted Panther (F), 12, protected the others with a dagger.
Louy White Rat (M), 5 'the smallest child'
Fiona the Black Snake (F) 13-14
Narjes, Dove (F) 6 (captured by Komodo)
Tarkan Lizard (M) 8

Back with relatives or friends:
Toh-Ni, Tiger (M), Rawl's nephew.
Bull (M), 11-13, lost a hand & has scars.
Mouse (M), 10y old, Pips
Rat (F), 11, lost a tail & has scars
2 others (unspecified)

Left on their own:
Cat (M), 12-13, protected the others with a dagger, hurt.
Cat (F), 12-13, protected the others with a dagger.
Belen, Blackbird (M)
Xabi, Blackbird (F)
At least 2 others (unspecified)

Left to an orphanage with Mantikka the Gorilla
3 more (unspecified)