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The Runelord
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Tue 16 Dec 2014
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Your Extras
Able, Bob and Goettel

Agility d8
Strength d6
Vigor d6
Smarts d6
Spirit d6

Toughness: 6 (1)
Parry: 5

Relevant Skills:
Fighting d6
Knowledge (Nature) d4
Notice d8
Shooting d10
Survival d6
Throwing d4
Tracking d8

Longbows + 50 arrows each
Short Swords
Leather Armor

Alpha arrows: 50/50
Beta arrows: 50/50

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The Runelord
 GM, 400 posts
 must be solved...
Fri 19 Dec 2014
at 20:19
Re: Your Extras
Steve the Cleric (maybe someday a high priest!)

Agility d6
Strength d4
Vigor d6
Smarts d6
Spirit d8

Toughness: 5
Parry: 5

Fighting d6
Knowledge (Religion) d8
Healing d10
Faith d10

Arcane Background: Miracles

Power Points: 20/20

Power: Healing