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Sun 26 Jan 2014
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Key point: your character must have motivation to do heroic things on behalf of Sandpoint, the town in which you are starting, Crininals and mercenaries need not apply ;-)

Basic qualifications for players:

  1. Must be able to post 2-3 times per week and be willing to give me head's up when you can't post. If you think it's okay not to communicate, I am not the GM for you.
  2. Must be willing to commit to this game for six months in real time.
  3. Must be able to write reasonably well--complete sentences, coherent thoughts.
  4. Must be familiar with or willing to read and understand the Savage Worlds rules.
  5. Must be willing to play a character who wants to be a hero in an action setting--not a pacifist, not a mercenary, not an anti-social anti-hero. Your character must care about the common good.

Players who say nice things about the above but show to be lacking in an area (such as ability to understand the rules or warn the GM when they can't post consistently) will be put on a month's probation. If they don't improve, they'll be removed.

I am serious about the time commitment. If you can't do that or don't want to keep the commitment, please don't apply.

For your RTJ:
  1. Show me that you understand and meet the requirements above.
  2. Share your RPG background.
  3. Tell me about your two favorite RPG campaigns ever.
  4. Share your level of experience with Savage Worlds.
  5. Share your character concept in a couple of paragraphs. DO NOT submit a character sheet as part of your initial submission or you will not be admitted to the game. We will worry about character creation after you are allowed i

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