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The Runelord
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Wed 29 Jan 2014
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Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
Please post this thread:
  • information about your character that others in the group would know.
  • Discussion about how you know each other.

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Kelar Bauerson
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Wed 29 Jan 2014
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
Kelar Bauerson is a human in his mid-forties, balding, with a neatly trimmed graying beard.  He wears simple clothing and carries a staff as a walking stick, as he has a severe limp in his right leg.  It's known by many that his body and limbs have quite a few old, fading scars, but he doesn't talk about them, and the people of Sandpoint respect that privacy.

He runs a shop with is wife Eleanor, an herbalist and healer.  They sell mostly dried herbs for cooking, healing poultices, and way-bread and jerky (trail rations) to travelers.  They have three children, their son Manfried is a squire at a knightly order, their daughter Gwendolyn is being courted by a local glass-blower, and their youngest son Joseph is learning the family trade of raising and preparing herbs.

Save for one incident, and the scars, everyone would assume he's simple man with a simple family life.  A few years back a group of would-be "adventurers" were passing through, and had a little to much ale to drink.  One noticed the scars on Kelar's arms, decided Kelar was a retired warrior, and wanted to spar.  Kelar politely, then firmly refused.  The man wouldn't take that for answer, and drew his sword.  Onlookers sword the man tripped over Kelar's staff and fell, knocking himself out.  The other three leaped to their feet and attacked.  Even drunk Kelar should have been no match for them, but they seemed unable to hit him, and he ended chasing them round the bar beating them to submission with his staff.  Only one local ever asked, Kelar simply said they were drunk, with a glare that said the conversation was over.

How he knows the others

(If any of this doesn't fit, let me know in the OOC thread, and I will edit.  In particular I never discussed any of it with Jareth)

Cyrus - knows Kelar through Eleanor and Marie.  Eleanor is an herbalist and healer, and she sometimes works with Marie on difficult cases.   When Cyrus came to deliver some dried roots, Eleanor asked after Marie, and commented that the witch is a good teacher.

Hywel - brought Kelar a message from Balak the Bold of Jarlhoff, a noted dwarf warrior.  The fact that a warrior as famed as Balak knows this crippled old human was enough to make Hywel think there was more to Kelar than a simple family man.  They get together occasional for an ale and a game of chess.

Jareth - Jareth is one of the few people with whom Kelar has ever discussed his past, or sparred (in secret).  Kelar tried gently to dissuade him from an adventuring life, then when that didn't seem possible, has given him some advice here and there on things to avoid.  (Weather or not Jareth believes Kelar, or is just humoring the old man is up to you)

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Hywel of Clan Silverscroll
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Wed 29 Jan 2014
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
A young dwarf with some sixty-one winters behind him.  He hails from Janderhoff and his Clan's holdings there; he speaks fondly of his home and does seem to miss the company of family.  Arrived in Sandpoint around a month or so ago to assist the Dwarven crews constructing the cathedral.  His assistance, as would be plainly obvious to anyone observing said construction, would seem to be of an almost strictly clerical nature.  In fact,nthe Dwarven workmen see, to hae very little to do with Hywel.  A sentiment which he seems to share.  In fact, he tends to frequent whichever establishments are less frequented by the other dwarves.  To be honest, he is looking forward to the completion of construction and the completion of the paperwork.

Kelar - After delivering the message, Hywel has become quite fond of the old, secretive human and his family.  The shared ales, perhaps even the occasional fine herbal tea on the right morning, and the games have become one ofthe few highlights for him in the village.  He does enjoy chess, but also enjoys a game Dwarven Tafl.  Surprisingly, Kelar already knew the rules....

Jareth - The young militiaman has provided another bright spot for Hywel's stay in town.  The boy has proven to be fond of Hywel's tales of Dwarven history.  Dwarves have a long, glorious, and detailed military history and it warms Hywel's heart to share the old stories with someone whowasn't raised on them.

Cyrus - Construction projects, even efficient Dwarven ones, do meet their fair share of accidents.  Hywel has likely met with Cyrus more than a few times to document the injuries sustained and treatments applied to whatever unfortunate workman drew the proverbial short straw.  Hywel also likely handled the payment of said services.

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Thu 30 Jan 2014
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
Jereth is fairly young, being eighteen summers old, but already knows what he wants out of life.  Born the son of an Ulfen Blacksmith and a Taldoran merchant's daughter he grew up in Sandpoint immersed in the life of the town.  Over the years he's grown tired of his father's trade.  His soul felt the call to conflict and it was a savvy father who pushed him to train and join the militia.  Thus Jereth's desire to make a name for himself was given a positive focus and he learned about duty, honor and loyalty.

Now, after several years of service he is beginning to feel a desire for something more.  He's heard stories of great heroes and villains for all his life, and now he is determined to find a way to make a real difference in the world, and not just in Sandpoint.  He has channeled that into his work as a peace-keeper in the town.  He has a reputation as the kind of man who runs towards dangers when others run away.  Indeed, he volunteered to be among the men who hunted down Chopper in the serial killer's own island.

Hywel - Jereth first met the dwarf after he was called inside the Rusty Dragon to break up a fight.  Since then Jereth has enjoyed quite a few evenings listening to stories of Dwarven history and its' heroes while drinking mugs of good black stout.  Such stories have fueled his desire to see the dwarven lands for himself someday.  A desire he recently mentioned to Hywel.

Kelar - Jereth was one of those who witnessed the fight in the tavern.  later he, discreetly, asked the man to show him how he'd done it.  Thus started a time of teaching and sparing which continues, again discreetly, to this day.  Such techniques have helped Jereth quell fights as a peace-keeper using nothing but the shaft of his spear.  He trusts Kelar's judgement in most things, but even Kelar's words aren't enough to dampen Jereth's desire to be a hero.

Cyrus - Jereth has been to see him before when he was hurt while keeping the peace.  He knows Cyrus as a capable healer, and is glad of it.

Will this work for you guys?  I'll add more and fill in details as we all decide how we relate to one another.
Cyrus Weaver
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Fri 31 Jan 2014
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
Cyrus Weaver is a Sandpoint native. His parents specialized in fishing nets, hammocks, baskets, and thick blankets favored by sailors when the waters turned cold. As as young lad, while working with his parents down in the marina, he was caught between the docks and a large fishing vessel, breaking both of his legs. The priests were unable to heal the boy, so they took him to a witch, Marie Dunoir. Though she could not return him to full strength, she did get him walking again. As payment, she took young Cyrus as an apprentice. Though many were suspicious of her, it was clear that with Cyrus, she had done a good thing.

Cyrus has a connection to the powers of nature and has learned the art of healing from his mentor. Despite his lameness, he is a gregarious, attractive man who is friendly and helpful to all.

Hywel - Marie really disliked the cathedral and wanted nothing to do with it, but Cyrus felt that he had to do his part. For obvious personal reasons, he wanted to make sure that those with broken bones got proper treatment. Cyrus worked with Hywel to identify those in need and would take payment from him (before donating it to the cathedral collection fund).

Jareth - In addition to giving medical aid to the watch when needed, Cyrus was caught a couple of times when the watch was called out to break up a tavern brawl. Though never charged, Cyrus did spend a few nights in jail while jealous boyfriends cooled in the next cell over.

Kelar - Cyrus first met Kelar and his wife when he was sent by Marie to deliver a few dried roots of odd anatomy in exchange for some ground powders. When in town, Cyrus would often drop by the shop just to chat and gossip.
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Tue 30 Dec 2014
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
Aradhel is a mysterious elven newcomer to Sandpoint, and the young woman is not here by choice, though she seems to have acclimated to the region somewhat.  She has come a very long way under poor circumstances.  None in Sandpoint truly know of her past, Aradhel is not too forthcoming and no one has asked in the first place as the elf has a reputation of being aloof and arrogant, but more worldly and perceptive types might realize the issue is she doesn't pick up on social and cultural nuances among humans.

She's a sellsword and seems to lack other skills, suggesting that she comes from a background where people didn't have to think about their livelihood too much.  She has begun to appropriate the local tongue and speaks it prettily, though very formally, as she hasn't grasped the nuances of it quite yet.

Aradhel is only considered an apprentice warrior among her (former) people, but the exotic and showy twin blade fighting style she employs can make her appear very intimidating since the more pragmatic knights and guards of Sandpoint have never gone up against it.  This helps her find work as a bodyguard, so she hasn't been in the actual town very much recently.    She was gone from the town during the recent trouble with goblins, doing escort work.

Her initial arrival in Sandpoint was a deadly comedy of errors, but thanks to a kind gesture from a compassionate member of the Town's Watch, she was given the chance to stay and acclimate.  However, she has now returned, and still owes the Town Watch a debt of service as a result of an incident where she unwittingly aided bandits and severely injured a guardsman.

Jereth - Speaking of that incident...  When Aradhel first came to Sandpoint she was starving and penniless.  To make things even better, she was also unwittingly recruited by silver tongued bandits who spoke broken Elven well enough to convince her that they were the Town Watch, and they offered the starving exile food.  To make a long story short, Aradhel soon found herself in an alley after cutting down the soldier who had tried to arrest her, surrounded by the real town militia after the bandits were successfully ambushed by same.

Jereth realized that the terrifying warrior holding the soldiers back wasn't an invincible death dealer who was mocking their orders to stand down and surrender, but rather a scared woman who had no idea what was going on and didn't understand a word being said to her.  He placed down his weapons and bravely approached her empty handed, obtaining her surrender and ending the standoff.  In the aftermath a translator was found, and he advocated for clemency for her as the story came together.

In the end the authorities agreed to drop the charges of assault and banditry for a favor to be performed later.  Though she maintains she was innocent, Aradhel is practical enough to realize the authorities still have to save face and it surely beats being hung.

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The Runelord
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Wed 31 Dec 2014
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
How much would the rest of you know about Aradhel? It can be next to nothing or more substantial--let me know here what kind if relationship your PCs have with Aradhel.
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Fri 2 Jan 2015
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Re: Shared Backgrounds and Relationshipls
Martak likely wouldn't know a criminal like Aradhel - with his marginal status, he tries to stay on the good side of most folks.