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House Rules
If you are low on Bennies, you will get a Bennies refresh at the beginning of each Chapter. This will not be a frequent event. However, you should never be short on bennies if you play things right--see below.

Benny Rewards
Entertaining roleplay WILL earn you Bennies. The GM will pass out Bennies whenever amused or impressed by a post. Also, whenever you roll a really, really high number through an Ace roll without using a Benny to get it, you will get a Benny.

Story Bennies
In a nod to the Numenera system, I will periodically offer up plot complications. I will do this through a PM. If you want to decline the plot complication, you can spend a Benny. If you accept, you gain a Benny for yourself--and for all the other player characters! You can also propose plot complications via PM. I will never disclose which player accepted a plot complication or who proposed one; you can always admit it to the others, though.

Posting standards:
  • Try to keep metagame conversation not directly related to the scene unfolding in the OOC thread. If you don't, I may move your OOC comments there for you.
  • It is not okay if your post is just an OOC question in the IC thread. If you have a scene-related OOC question, please PM me or put it in the OOC thread. OOC text in the IC thread should describe your action or your roll, but nothing else.
  • When I ask you for a roll, ALWAYS copy the result from the dice roller here into the IC thread. Put that and any other mechanical detail in orange text after the in-character text in the IC thread. Do not put them in "spoiler" mode or in a private post. You can make them smaller text if it makes you feel better, but don't hide or obscure them.
  • It is okay if your post is just a copied dice roll. Pace of posting is more important than aesthetics in this context.
  • No rules arguments in the open forum. if someone does something wrong, send them a PM. If I do something wrong, absolutely do send me a PM.  If someone (me or someone else) does something you don't agree with, send a PM.
  • I will remind people to post sometimes via PM. This is to help the game keep moving and not a personal reflection on you. Giving me attitude about this or failing to respond/post are bad.

Shaken Condition
This game uses the Savage Worlds Deluxe rules of 2011, in which rolls to un-Shake go like this:
Failure: The character remains Shaken. He can only perform free actions (see page 66).
Success: The character is no longer Shaken, but can still only perform free actions.
Raise: The character is no longer Shaken and may act normally.

I am aware that in newer versions of the rules, one can act if one un-Shakes. That is not the case in this game.

XP and Advancement

In general terms, I am not going to use XP as such. I am just going to grant Advances for hitting goals or milestones in the game. You start with 4.

You can expect to Advance at the end of a Chapter in the game, most of the time.

Magic & Powers

Power Point Refresh
Power points can be refreshed in two ways. First, you regain one per hour (or at a faster "normal" rate if you have the right Edge). Second, you can spend a Benny to get 3 Power Points at any time right away.

Some magical power can be used without expending Power Points by taking longer. Some magical effects can also only be done over time. This kind of extended expenditure is called a "ritual" in game mechanics terms; in-character, these can be described in whatever forms are appropriate (rites for divine magic, magical formulae for arcane magic etc.) for the setting.

In game terms, rituals are Dramatic Tasks (page 84, Savage Worlds Deluxe).  You use one of your powers to do something bigger and badder with them. You and I will decide what you want to do, first of all, and then we negotiate a length of task and a Difficulty. You then work toward that ritual.

As a rule of thumb, rituals will take minutes, not hours, at Seasoned rank. At higher ranks, you get to do longer rituals for more powerful spells.

Money & Currencies

The basic coin of trade will be the Silver piece. The $ symbol in the game represents a silver piece.
A gold coin is worth 10 silver pieces, and are represented by the term GP (capitalized).
A platinum coin is worth 100 silver pieces, and is represented by the symbol PP. They are also referred to as Crowns. In certain countries, only nobles can carry platinum pieces.
Copper coins are worth 1/100th of a silver coin and are referred to with the symbol .

Currency is relatively internationalized in Golarion. Regional coins will be identified as we play the game.

"Biography" Line
Please list your current Parry, Toughness, Wounds and Bennies in your Biography in Character Details, like so:
P: 6 T:8(1) W:0 B:4
or some such format.


Bennies & Extras
If you have Leadership Edges and have an Extra who is a spellcaster, you can use Bennies to recharge power points for them as the recharge rules above.

Initiative and Extras
The GM draws all initiative cards; players do not draw them.

For the sanity of the GM, presume that changes to the initiative of a Wild Card affects all the Extras associated with that PC. A PC can have an Extra hold their action as needed, though, and Edges that rearrange initiative order can be applied to individual Extras as well.

GM Rulings

The GM reserves the right to interpret the Savage Worlds rules in specific circumstances in ways that may strike a player as conflicting with "rules as written" (RAW).

If you feel the GM's ruling is grossly wrong or unfair, please send him a PM. He makes mistakes, naturally, and is very willing to correct them and retcon, particularly in the forgiving world of play-by-post.

Please do not quote the rules to the GM or start rules arguments in a thread. If you feel a wider rules discussion is warranted, PM the GM first and when he agrees to the discussion, you can conduct it in the OOC thread.

GM Rulings

If the GM has made a mistake, or you think he made a mistake, send him a PM. Don't post it on the open board. Call me sensitive or cranky, but I like to be reminded of my mistakes quietly.

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