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Tue 27 Sep 2016
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Major World Changes
I have endeavored to make the world more accessible to the humans of Autochthonia. I've used M&M to bring everyone's powers generally into line making it possible to be a bad ass normal that fights along side an Alchemical Exalt. I have also pulled from a completely separate series and introduced elemental based magic into the world to give humans more potential beyond being a moving speaker, a soldier, or Batman. I also needed a reason for a group of humans to be able to have agency outside of doing their day to day duties.

1. The scarcity dial has been turned back just a touch making it reasonable that city leadership might send a mixed group of people out into the the reaches on potentially dangerous missions.

2. I've added Codex Alera/ Last Air Bender style elemental magic that can be potentially learned by anyone. Humans having magical potential alleviates the dependence on Champions.

3. Polar mutants are more common. I thought they were cool and underrepresented.

4. There is now an organization of Rogue Trader-like captains that take tunnel craft out into the reaches to scout for threats and trade between nations that are not currently linked. You will be one such crew.
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 The Great Furies
Sat 29 Oct 2016
at 01:39
Major World Changes
#1.1 This applies to the soul shortage most of all. It provides the greatest impetus for the Autochthonians to try to go to Creation. I would rather that be an interesting gambit on the part of a nation rather than the key to long term survival as a species.

#4.1 I suppose most of these are probably the retinue of either Champions or high ranking Tripartite members. I suppose it is possible that a tunnel folk merchant or something might be able to get a craft up and running.