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Request To Join:

[Please note that much of what comes below is taken liberally from several of the MHR games that I play in and I would like to express my gratitude to all of the contributors.]

For anyone not familiar with it, Annihilation is a war story.  That doesn't mean it is an endless brawl, but the fate of entire races and sectors of space will be in your characters hands.  Also, like any war, characters may be forced to perform ruthless acts to achieve their goals.  That said, any conflict or disagreements are between characters, NOT players.  Please keep that in mind.

I will be accepting canon Marvel Universe characters only.  There is a fairly extensive list of characters available for Annihilation, but I'll entertain other possibilities so long as the character has a plausible reason to be participating in a vast space war epic.  Any characters not listed specifically in Annihilation have to be submitted for my approval and I reserve the right to alter the datafile in the interests of game balance.

Please list 2-4 characters you'd be interested in playing, as well as an explanation of why you want to play that character .  There are several options and points at which characters can be switched out with another as well, so please keep that in mind if you don't get your first choice.


(Originals shamelessly copied and cobbled together from kp91 and sbodmann and liblarva.)

These should all be fairly obvious, but...


1. Posting frequency of at least once per 48hrs. Anything slower than that drags and dies. If you don't keep up that rate, I will skip you or post for you. Once we get to combat, especially with the Marvel Heroic rules, once every 24 hours is preferred. A couple of skips and you will be replaced.

2. RL will get in the way. In that case, I ask that you warn me that you won't be able to keep up the pace. If I don't hear from you and you haven't posted for a week, I reserve the right to drop you and give your character to someone else.

3. On the flip side, players need to post at about the same rate as everyone else. Again, based on my experience, one or two players dominating the posts detracts from the game for everyone else. A good rule of thumb - if you're posting twice as much as other players, it's probably too much.

4. One-liner posts are discouraged, but so are really long posts. Just generally try to keep your posts interesting and entertaining.

5. Please post consistently in the present tense (Spider-Man swings into action...) as this will make reading the game much easier on everyone.

6. Please include your character's stress, any complications, stunts, resources, assets, plot points, and xp you have earned so far at the bottom of your posts.  We will also have a Status Tracker thread, but it helps to have that information immediately available in posts.

It should look like this:
Status: PS:00 ES:00 MS:00 PP:00 XP:00, complications/assets list etc.

7. Please write any out-of-character text at the end of your post in orange.

8. Marvel Heroic is a much more narrative-focused game than others. As such a certain extra level of creativity would be appreciated by your GM and fellow players. To up everyone's enjoyment levels, please go a bit over-the-top in your actions, these are superheroes after all.

9. Initiative. If you don't remember to include who's next in your original post, the action goes to a Watcher character. Don't edit one in after the fact please, minor train wrecks can ensue.

10. Dice pools. When posting an action or reaction, please list the sources of the dice you are rolling. For example:

Solo D10 + I'm a Badass D8 + Badass Strength D12 + Combat Badass D10.

You don't have to follow that format, but I do want to know where your dice are coming from. Hint: If you do a good enough job describing your action I'll already know where they're coming from.


1. Always be respectful to your fellow players. IC, play your character's personality, but be respectful. Characters can be disrespectful if the scene calls for it, but be sure you separate the characters' actions from the players'.

2. If you have problems with another player, remember we're all adults and bring it up with that player privately. If you can't resolve the issue, bring it to me privately.

3. I will be flagging the game as mature.  Annihilation can deal with some heady subjects, but graphic and gratuitous sex and violence are prohibited.


1. All of the rules and decisions made by the Watcher are in the interest of having fun. We're all here to have fun. Bad things will happen to your character, if you can't accept that, don't play. You agree that bad things will happen to your character in furtherance of the plot, and I agree to make sure there's a pay off. If nothing bad happens to your characters, there's no drama. No drama, no engaging story. This won't be a soap opera, but this also won't be an endless brawl.

2. Continuity is largely out the window. We can't and won't follow the canon.

Rules Clarifications:

1. Complication and Stress Dice. You can use a complication dice AND a stress dice from your opponent in a roll without spending a plot point.

2. Assets. When creating an asset, a larger reaction die does NOT step down the resulting asset.

3. Players Grandstanding. Fifty States (FS10) seems to indicate that characters can grandstand to target a specific dice in the doom pool. While no specifics are mentioned, I think the player should indicate the die size they're targeting and roll against the doom pool. If the character's action is successful their effect die either reduces or removes the targeted doom die.

4. Looser Scene Distinctions. Fifty States (FS11) allows for scene distinctions to be set higher or lower than the standard d8. Unless explicitly mentioned, assume all scene distinctions are set at the standard d8.

5. Area Attack. You have to allocate all of your effect dice BEFORE buying dice to boost your total. This is to prevent the area-attacker from using dice on the total and getting "free" D4 effect dice on the targets.

House Rules:

1. Opportunities on the Table. When the Watcher rolls an opportunity the player they were rolled against has the right of first refusal on activating those opportunities. If that player declines any opportunities any other player can pay to activate those opportunities.

Please explicitly state that you've read this thread in your RTJ.

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