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Kree Milestones and Unlockables

Remember That You Are Kree!

The Kree people have lost their way since House Fiyero took
power. You want to lead them to the heights of their former glory.

1 XP when you discuss the glories of the Kree Empire.
3 XP when you publicly question the ability of your superiors
to lead.
10 XP when you get into a position to lead the Kree Empire into
greater glories or sever all ties to the Kree and become
an outcast.

Genetic Kickstart

The Kree have been evolutionarily stagnant for generations.
Whether by experimentation or bargains with strange powers,
you’re determined to jump-start your genetics.

1 XP when you discuss Kree evolution either with a scientist
or a strange power.
3 XP when you create an asset for jump-starting Kree genetics.
10 XP when you either create a powerful Kree hybrid to add
to the empire’s glory or give up on the Kree, declaring
the species en route to extinction.


Kree heroes or those with ties to the Kree can spend XP on
the following unlockables:

[5 XP/10 XP] Activate Sentry: The Kree spread their advanced
robots, Sentries, throughout the galaxy for a variety of purposes.
For 5 XP, a prominent Kree can find the nearest Sentry
and program it for new duty to assist for one Scene. For 10
XP, the Sentry will accompany the heroes for the duration of
the Event.

[5 XP/10 XP] Kree Assistance: The Kree are fiercely loyal and
have no patience for weakness. A hero who has proven his
worth can unlock the assistance of a Kree squad—perhaps the
remnants of the Kree Star Corps or other independent military
unit. For 5 XP, the unit assists for one Scene, and then departs
for its own business. For 10 XP, the squad will accompany until
the end of the Event.

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Re: Milestones

Hidden Threat

Skrulls are experienced in infiltrating other races to get what
they want.

1 XP when you take part in a discussion with someone who
knows the person you’re impersonating.
3 XP when you take out a target so that you can take their
10 XP when you either disappear into a role, becoming a longterm
sleeper agent, or when you leave a cover, returning
to the bosom of the Skrull Empire.

Without a Home

The Skrull homeworld has been destroyed, along with more of
their worlds. Defending the worlds that the Skrulls have left is of
paramount importance.

1 XP when you discuss the glories of the Skrull homeworld
and colonies.
3 XP when you show appreciation for a world that is not yet
under Skrull control.
10 XP when you either put a world under the Skrull Empire’s
banner or free a world from Skrull oppression.


These unlockables are available to any hero following one
of the Skrull Milestones presented above.

[5 XP/10 XP] Unlock Baroness S’bak: Although she’s more
concerned with her own schemes, Baroness S’bak isn’t blind
to what’s happening with the Annihilation Wave moving
through Skrull space. For 5 XP, you receive a personal favor
from Baroness S’bak, such as aid in an investigation, a military
diversion, or backup on a mission. For 10 XP, Baroness
S’bak lends the heroes a Team 3d8 squad of Skrull warships,
shares secret information gathered from her circle of spies
regarding the Event, or provides some other significant aid
within her powers.

[5 XP/10 XP] Skrull Infiltrator: The Skrull Empire may be persuaded
to aid the heroes using their vast network of disguised
troops. For 5 XP, the heroes receive one-time assistance from
somewhere they could have placed a disguised Skrull. For 10
XP, the Skrulls consider you an ally of convenience and are
willing to sacrifice multiple Skrull agents for one mission.

[5 XP/10 XP] Unexpected Allies: For 5 XP, the hero can unlock
a Warskrull as an ally, making him available as a supporting
Watcher character for one battle. For 10 XP, the hero can
unlock a squad of Warskrull allies for one battle.

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Re: Milestones
Nova Corps Milestones

Code 8X8

With the direction of the Worldmind, you’re ready to respond
to the galaxy’s worst threats.

1 XP when you access information from the Worldmind.
3 XP when you disobey the orders of a Nova Corps superior.
10 XP when either you’re promoted to Nova command, or
you’re declared to be unfit to serve the Nova Corps.


[5XP/10XP] Unlock Nova Reinforcements: The Nova Corps
may have a fairly rigid command structure, but on occasion,
non-Nova Corps members have inspired them to do great
things. For 5 XP, the player gains command of a Nova Cohort
(Team 5d6 Millennians) for use in one Scene. For 10 XP, the
Cohort is upgraded to the rank of Denarian (Team 5d8) and
they remain under the Hero’s command for the remainder
of the Event.
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Re: Milestones

A History of War

The Shi’ar Empire has a history of conquest. You would see it

1 XP when you discuss past conquests of the Shi’ar Empire.
3 XP when you question your Shi’ar commanding officer’s
10 XP when you either enter battle and add another glorious
victory to the Shi’ar’s proud history or declare the Shi’ar
conquest amoral and abandon your military post.

Imperial Guard

When the Shi’ar Empire needs to bring out the big guns, it
turns to you.

1 XP when you declare your allegiance to the Majestor or
3 XP when you question orders from within the Imperial
10 XP when you either rise up to lead the Imperial Guard from
the very top of the command pyramid or leave the guard
forever, seeing the flaws in the Shi’ar way of life.


Heroes who deal with the Shi’ar during the game or have a
close tie to them can spend XP on the following unlockables.

[5 XP/10 XP] Unlock Imperial Guard: The Imperial Guard is
the elite warrior force of the Shi’ar Empire. For 5 XP, the hero
can receive help from one of the Imperial Guard for a short
time or brief assistance from a squad of Borderers in battle.
For 10 XP, the Imperial Guard arrives in force during one battle
to act as the hero’s ally as Watcher characters. Alternatively,
you may unlock Gladiator, the most powerful of the Imperial
Guard, as a hero for Act Two.

[5 XP/10 XP/15 XP] Unlock Shi’ar Assistance: While not immediately
threatened by the Annihilation Wave, Shi’ar forces could help
turn the tide of the war. For 5 XP, the Shi’ar allow the use of
their fleets and stargates to move refugees and Resistance
troops. For 10 XP, the Shi’ar consider you an ally and offer
troops, weapons, vital information, or other forms of assistance
to aid you.  For 15 XP, you can unlock Gladiator as a playable character.
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Re: Milestones

Stop Thanos

All the Eternals of Titan share in the guilt of the Mad Titan’s actions.
Whenever he arises to threaten innocent lives, the Eternals
will be there to oppose him.

1 XP when you discuss the past atrocities of Thanos.
3 XP when you work with agents of Thanos.
10 XP when you either destroy Thanos or find a way to imprison
him, taking responsibility as the Mad Titan’s warden.


Any character following one of the Titans Milestones can
access this unlockable during the game.

[10 XP/15XP] Unlock Titan Assistance: The Titans possess
highly advanced technology. Mentor puts the technical
resources of the Eternals at your disposal. By buying
this unlockable during a Transition Scene, you can create a
resource as though you had one of the following Specialties:
Cosmic, Science, Tech, or Vehicle. For 10 XP, treat the resource
as though you had a Master Specialty. For 15 XP, treat it as a
Grandmaster Specialty.
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Re: Milestones

Not All Is Negative in the Negative Zone

As a resident of the Negative Zone, those in the positive matter
universe don’t always look favorably on you. While battling prejudice
because of your home dimension, you want to redeem the
image of the home of Annihilus.

1 XP when you try to put life in the Negative Zone into perspective
for these positive matter folk.
3 XP when you fight against those who do evil and bring
shame to the Negative Zone.
10 XP when you either create a place of freedom and glory in
the Negative Zone or declare yourself an exile and vow
to never return.


These unlockables are available to any hero following one
of the Negative Zone Milestones presented above.

[5 XP/10 XP] Negative Zone Tech: You’ve come across an abandoned
piece of ancient technology on a forgotten planet. By
buying this unlockable during a Transition Scene, you can
create a resource as though you had one of the following
Specialties: Cosmic, Science, Tech, or Vehicle. For 5 XP, treat
the resource as though you had a Master Specialty. For 10 XP,
treat it as a Grandmaster Specialty.

[5 XP/10 XP] Portals: Travel to and from the Negative Zone
can be difficult. Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled upon a previously
undiscovered portal. For 5 XP, the hero can use the
portal once to travel safely into or out of the Negative Zone
once. For 10 XP, the portal can be accessed throughout an Act.

[5 XP/10 XP] Positive and Negative Together: Though the
residents of the Negative Zone have never shown themselves
to be fans of any in the positive matter universe, Annihilus
has united both sides of matter against him. For 5 XP, you may
recruit the assistance of a group of Negative Zoners for one
favor, like Blastaar sharing his teleportation technology or a
group of freed UX-73 prisoners helping make a distraction.
For 10 XP, you may unlock Blastaar or Praxagora as a player
hero for Act Two.
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Re: Milestones

Galactus Must Be Fed

Galactus is a necessary evil to ensure cosmic balance. Though
it’s terrible, he must be kept fed—or else the consequences will
be ever more far-reaching.

1 XP when you study a planet’s resources.
3 XP when you find a piece of a world that you will keep safe
from the hunger of Galactus.
10 XP when you either feed a populated world to Galactus or
declare his hunger evil and leave his service.

Galactus Must Be Stopped

Devourer of countless worlds, including possibly your own,
Galactus must finally be stopped before he destroys another inhabited

1 XP when you reference a world that’s been destroyed by
the hunger of Galactus.
3 XP when you inflict stress or a complication on Galactus or
his herald.
10 XP when you successfully drive Galactus away from a populated
world he was intending to feed on, or aid Galactus’
feeding in order to preserve cosmic consonance.


Though a being of unimaginable power, Galactus has shown
that he can be reasoned with; he even possesses some measure
of honor.

[5, 10 or 15 XP] Favor from Galactus: Galactus pays his debts.
For 5 XP, Galactus will do one minor favor for you that does
not tax him, such as having his Herald transport you to another
well known location or provide a piece of important information.
For 10 XP, Galactus himself will instantly teleport
you and your allies to virtually anywhere in the galaxy, completely
restore you and your allies, or loan you a piece of
advanced technology. Alternatively, Galactus may lend his
current Herald to your cause. For 15 XP, Galactus will grant
you access to the Power Cosmic, perhaps even choosing you
as a new Herald.
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Re: Milestones

Clear Your Name

You were wrongly imprisoned by one of the major galactic
powers and sentenced to life in the Kyln. Though it may seem
hopeless, you’re determined to clear your name of the charges.

1 XP when you protest your innocence to your alleged crimes.
3 XP when you create an asset in order to help clear your
10 XP when you either clear your name or take full responsibility
for your crimes.

Infiltrate the Prison

The worst of the worst prisoners of the universe are imprisoned
in the Kyln. One of these prisoners has information of critical importance,
but the only way to get it is to enter the prison yourself
as a prisoner.

1 XP when you ask about your target prisoner.
3 XP when you help your target prisoner out of a tight spot.
10 XP when either you get the information you need, or take
over Kyln and rise up as the prison’s warlord.


[5 XP/10 XP] Prisoner Information: The Kyln prisoners are
the scum of the universe, but they also know some of the
universe’s best kept secrets. For 5 XP, one of the prisoners is
willing to provide some information regarding a faction that
the heroes are dealing with. For 10 XP, a prisoner knows a
piece of unique lore—which is likely the reason he was put
away to begin with.

[5 XP/10 XP] Inmate Assistance: Some of the most dangerous
individuals in the cosmos are locked in the Kyln, and
they could be useful—if not particularly trustworthy—allies
after the Annihilation Wave destroys the prison. For 5 XP, one
of the surviving Kyln inmates teams up with the heroes and
aids them for as long as it’s in the prisoner’s interest. For 10
XP, the prisoner remains loyal, wishing to redeem himself for
past transgressions.

[5 XP/10 XP] Recruit Omega Core: One of the last surviving
Omega Core officers from the Kyln is at your service. For 5
XP, he deputizes you into the Omega Core and grants you
information and access to resources. For 10 XP, the officer
joins you and fights to the death to bring Annihilus to justice
and avenge his fallen comrades.
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Re: Milestones

Minor Power

Compared to the likes of the Kree or the Shi’ar, your people are
considered small and weak. You’re here to show the galaxy that
they are a force to be respected.

1 XP when you criticize the major powers of the galaxy.
3 XP when you team up with a major cosmic power in order
to raise your people up.
10 XP when you see your people rise up and take their rightful
place as major powers in the galaxy or when your efforts
lead to a major catastrophe for your people.

Dead Race

Your people stand on the brink of extinction, if they’re not there
already. It’s up to you to preserve what’s left of them and make
sure their memory doesn’t vanish, too.

1 XP when you speak of your people’s art and culture.
3 XP when you create an asset from knowledge that only your
people knew about.
10 XP when you either create a monument to your people’s
existence so that they’ll be remembered until the end
of time or find a way to re-populate the galaxy with your


These unlockables are available for any hero following one
of the Other Cosmic Locations Milestones above.

[5XP/10XP] Allied Boon: Making an alliance with a civilization
not directly involved with the Annihilation War can add
a wild card to the struggle. By buying this unlockable during
a Transition Scene, an alien race issues a boon of some kind.
For 5 XP, the boon can be something to assist in a Scene, such
as safe refuge in the Keystone Quadrant. For 10 XP, the boon
is something more substantial such a gift of Galadorian Tech
from the Spaceknights (an extra d8 power trait), or a sentient
vessel on loan from the Spartoi for the remainder of the Event.

[5XP/10XP] Allied Forces: Despite the tendency for civilizations
throughout the galaxy to make war with each other,
when faced with a greater foe, those same civilizations can be
made willing to band together. For 5 XP, an allied 5-man squad
of Expert level forces (such as a squad of Badoon hunters) acts
as bodyguards to the heroes for one Scene. For 10 XP, the new
alien bodyguards stay with the heroes for the remainder of
the Event, or you can choose to upgrade them to Master level.

[10XP/15XP] The Lost: The universe has lost countless planets
to forces such as Galactus, but in many cases, their people live
on. Though scattered, they’re frequently the bearers of lost
knowledge or power. For 10 XP, members of an orphan race
offer some ancient and helpful knowledge that their people
guarded before their destruction. For 15 XP, they grant you a
source of power, such as a Symbiote joining.
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Re: Milestones
Event Milestones

A Small Universe After All

The universe is vast, yet you keep running
into people you know.

1 XP when you first declare that you have
a history with a Watcher character in
the current Scene.
3 XP when you cause stress on another
character because of your past
10 XP when you betray someone you have
a history with or you discover that
your historical links run far deeper
than you first knew.

Captain’s Log

You’re a commander of a space-faring
vessel, whether a small scout ship or a massive
Shi’ar cruiser.

1 XP when you give orders to someone
under your command.
3 XP when you give an order that sends
your ship into direct danger.
10 XP when you abandon ship, or go down
with the ship.

Fascinating, and Logical Too

The effects of a super nova’s particle decay
have never been studied up close while interacting
with a hypergate field. It’s up to you to
witness it!

1 XP when you use scientific technobabble
to talk about the current
3 XP when you use your Science or Cosmic
Specialty to avoid taking stress or a
10 XP when you exploit a cosmic event in
order to help solve the current situation,
or let a cosmic event run its
course so that you can study it without

For My People

You are an exemplar of your alien culture,
admired and fiercely protective of them.

1 XP when you claim that an achievement
is a result of your people’s work.
3 XP when your pride in your people
puts you into conflict with another
10 XP when you are exiled from your
people, or vow to never again work
with anyone who is not your people.

I Hate This Cosmic Stuff

You come from a backwater world (like
Earth). All of this galactic this and cosmic that
is beyond your understanding.

1 XP when you take a simple approach to
a cosmic problem.
3 XP when you make a roll to try to understand
advanced technology or
strange alien beings.
10 XP when you become an important
figure in the universe, or reject
cosmic importance in order to help
your home planet.

In It to Save Lives

No matter how much damage a creature
has caused, you believe all lives are worth

1 XP when you state the case that all lives
are worth saving.
3 XP when you put yourself in direct
danger to save someone’s life.
10 XP when you save a life that you know
will lead to more death, or you’re
forced to take a life to save many

Last, Best Hope for Peace

Eons of galactic strife have lead to many
intergalactic enemies, but only you can bring
them together to fight the Annihilation Wave.

1 XP when you tell someone unfriendly
that you only want to talk.
3 XP when you forge an alliance between
two sides in conflict.
10 XP when you break an alliance to declare
war, or when the alliance is
broken by war being declared on

Son of a Schma’Ag

You’re a criminal, fugitive, and/or all
around nasty piece of work, and you’re proud
of it.

1 XP when you use your Menace Specialty
to inflict emotional stress.
3 XP when you add a d12 to the doom
10 XP when you perform a truly heroic act
in front of witnesses, or switch sides
suddenly to ally with someone who’s
nastier than you are.

Step Three: Profit

Even with a war going on, you’re still concerned
with keeping the money flowing.

1 XP when your business instincts apply
to a non-business situation.
3 XP when a Business asset or resource
you created is lost.
10 XP when you make a big enough business
deal to be able to retire, or if
you spend all of your money financing
opposition to the Annihilation

Sufficiently Advanced Technology

The right piece of technology might be able
to turn the tide against the Annihilation Wave.
If only you had time to invent it.

1 XP when you explain a piece of
3 XP when you produce an asset or
resource using Tech Master or
10 XP when you invent something that will
change the universe for the better,
or one of your inventions becomes
a major threat to the universe.

Tag Along

You’ve encountered a being that wants to
stay with you and, without your help, it will
probably be helpless against the Annihilation

1 XP when you take action to protect
someone you’ve declared as your
3 XP when your ward gets in trouble despite
your protection.
10 XP when you declare your ward as your
successor or banish your ward from
your presence.

Zen and the Edge of the Universe

The mysteries of the cosmos are vast. You
seek enlightenment in the midst of war.

1 XP when you discuss with another character
the metaphysical implications
of a cosmic event.
3 XP when you ignore an imminent threat
to witness something of cosmic
10 XP when your understanding of the universe
leads to an enhanced state of
being, or you abandon the pursuit of
enlightenment to kick some ass.
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Re: Milestones
Note that for the racial Milestones, all you have to do to get one is justify how your character is linked to that race or faction, they do not have to be a member of it necessarily.

Note that the miscellaneous ones at the bottom have no unlockables per se, but you may use the experience gained to get generic unlockables, new characters to play or even a cosmic or alien item. There is a special scene to gain a new Power Set of your choice later in the game if you have 15 xp for it, so remember to take note of those xp triggers!