ACT ONE: FIRST CONTACT (ACTION): Battle for Xandar.   Posted by Watcher.Group: 0
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Thu 14 Jan 2016
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ACT ONE:  FIRST CONTACT (ACTION):  Battle for Xandar
After long days of travel through the void of hyperspace, Kyln Prison Transport 616 enters the Tranta system near Xandar, HEADQUARTERS OF THE NOVA CORPS and homeworld of the Xandarian race.  The planet Xandar has been decimated several times throughout its history and currently consists of surviving chunks of the planet protected by AIRTIGHT LIFE-SUPPORT DOMES linked together in a FRAGILE INTERCONNECTED NETWORK called the Xandar Cluster.

Your arrival has not gone unnoticed and several vessels of the Nova Corps fleet move to intercept you before you approach too closely to the Xandar Cluster.  The comm system aboard the ship crackles to life as you are hailed.  "Kyln Prison Transport 616, cut your engines and prepare to be taken in tow.  Any resistance will be met with force."

[OOC:  New Scene is up!  As always scene distinctions are in BLUE.  You can assume that all of you are present.  Firelord and Air-Walker are both former Nova Corps Officers, so when the Corps put out a call for help to deal with the loss of contact with the Kyln you responded.  The Corps knows that something bad happened at The Crunch, but details have been slow in coming and there are all sorts of wild stories to sift through.  Super-Skrull, you are here as well.  In disguise of course.  The Xandarians and Skrulls have lots of history, none of it good.]

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Thu 14 Jan 2016
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ACT ONE:  FIRST CONTACT (ACTION):  Battle for Xandar
Kl'rt has assumed the look of a Nova Corp member, using his FF powers to mimic their ability to move about. If only he can find one of the actual Nova Corp to waylay and steal his uniform he can access the worldmind. Perhaps it can help him on his obsession slash quest to save his son's planet.

((OOC: He's using his powers to mimic theirs while appearing to be one of them. But he thinks the WorldMind might could help him figure out a way to combat the massive fleet that he fears is pointed at his people before it can actually reach them. If he finds a Nova corpsman he can get alone enough to ambush then he'll Menace and Clobber them.

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