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Flynn's Company

Flynn Goodall - Leader of the company.  Large bald man in mid fourties.  Carries a long sword and heavy shield.
Elsa - First officer.  Stern and cold archer.  Has a scar across her face.
Jacob Larelle - Lean and lanky.  Takative.  Carries a spear, javelins and a thick but small shield.  Wears a pot helm.
The Kattenses - (Hoy and Marlo).  Identical twins.  Seven-foot tall.  Quiet.  Wear maille and carry long swords but little else.  Wear matching red sashes.
Lump - Young hunchback 'squire' to Flynn.
Turncoat Dan - has "deserter" brand on forehead.  Loudmouth.
Hobbled Seth - Big hairy man with a bad limp.  Fights with a large axe.  Wears feathered helmet.
Sir Twelvepenny - Handsome and well-dressed, could easily be mistaken for a Knight but is not.
Arule - Chunky swordsman.  Religious.
Harma Smith - beaded-out female.  Fights with axe and shield.  Has a pet mouse.
Khan the low - Came from the Badlands.  Uses sling and Goedendag.  Wears a bone charm around his neck that he talks to.  His helm is made from the skull of an Ogre, he says.  Crude man.
Halfdead - Real name: Templeton.  Missing fingers, toes, patches of scalp.  Carries a large iron and brass lantern/lamp pole as a weapon.

Godrick Rogers - Lord Gent's master of coin.

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Common NPC Stats
Peasant or other Commoner:

All stats generally 3d.
    Religion 4d.
    Ride 4d
    Brawl and/or melee 4d

Most commoners will have a trade and thus associated dice in that skill, especially tradesmen (fletcher, carpenter, smith, tinker, tailor, cooper, etc.)

Merchants will additionally have:
    Resist 4d
    Law 4d
    Commerce 4d
    Negotiate 5d

Guardsman or civilian solider

All stats 3d.
    Religion 4d.
    Ride 4d
    Brawl and/or melee 4d
    Dodge 4d
    Archery 4d
    Throw 4d

Commonly armed with:
Padded, quilted or leather armor.  Knife, axe, stick, club, spear, mallot, bow, etc.

Professional Soldier

All stats 3d except Body and Coordination 4d
    Ride 5d
    Brawl and/or melee 5d
    Martial Arts 6d
    Dodge 5d
    Archery 5d
    Throw 5d
    Sight/Listen 4d
    Search 4d

Commonly Armed with:
-Leather armor, sometimes coif/hauberk and maille gloves.  Halfhelm.  Short sword, axe, spear, club, knife, small shield, bow, etc.

Officers will have Leadership, intimidate, etc.

Man-At Arms
These are highly trained professional soldiers, often with their own lands and entourage.

Brains, Empathy 3d, Body, Sense, Command and Coordination 4d
    Ride 6d
    Martial Arts 7d
    Dodge 6d
    Archery 6d
    Throw 6d
    Sight/Listen/Search 6d
    Leadership/Intimidate/Resist 6d

Commonly Armed with:
-Quilted armor with coif and hauberk over.  Helm, gauntlets.  Sometimes breastplate and grieves.  Swords, axes, mace, spear, bow or crossbow, shield.

These are minor or major lords with a large degree of training, expensive equipment and loads of support staff.

Stats for these great warriors will vary greatly since encountering one will likely be a major event.

All Stats 4d.  Body and/or Coordination sometimes 5d.
    Ride 7d
    Martial Arts 7d-10d
    Dodge 7d
    Archery 5d
    Throw 7d-9d
    Sight/Listen/Search 6d
    Leadership/Intimidate/Resist/persuasion/Negotiate/Stability 6d-8d
    Law/Religion 7d

Commonly Armed with:
The finest weapons.  At least quilted padding under maille, often full plate.  Tend to be mounted and supported by at least a squire or two if not fully-trained soldiers or Man-at-Arms.  Fight with lance, shield, sword, longsword, axe, mace, etc.

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