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What Are These Powers?
Whatever you believe them to be, here are the mechanics of these new powers you are learning about:

The Sense

As you may have noted, you are able to 'sense' which people do and do not have these strange powers you've acquired.  They have a visible colored aura around them.

Using Powers

Powers that require a roll work the same as any other skill or action.  There will be an associated pool of dice (say 5d) that you roll to use that power.

A power that shoots bolts of lightening, for example, would have its own dice pool but would work the same as swinging a sword or shooting an arrow.  A power to turn water into wine would require a successful match at least to succeed.

Some powers are a little nebulous in what they can do.  I suggest you try and see what happens.  At base, all powers operate just like skills.  For example, if I had a power to "create fire 5d" and I wanted to throw a fireball at an enemy, I would roll a pool of 5d and do damage just like an attack with a bow.  If I wanted to use a cloud of flame to block incoming attacks, it would be much like a block roll with a pool of 5d.

Anyone who has played Godlike will recognize this convention, but if any clarification is needed please ask.

Some powers have no associated die pool and are passive and just always work as long as you have Echo points (see below).


Each of you now have an "Echo" stat x/y reflecting your current reserves of power.  The "X" is the number of Echo points you have to spend, the "Y" is your 'capacity'.

Spending Echo

Some powers specify that you must spend Echo.  Naturally, you must have an available number of Echo to spend in order to activate that power.  For powers with a die pool, you spend the Echo to make the roll and do not regain the Echo if the power fails (no match).

Some powers are "passive" and merely require you to have any Echo left.  These powers do not 'spend' Echo but if you drop to 0 Echo, they cannot be used.

Gaining Echo

Each full night of rest you will regain 1 Echo, up to your 'Capacity'.  It is possible to have more Echo points than your Capacity, but at that point you will not regain any by resting.

Defeating an opponent with the same powers will transfer his aura to you.  This will grant some echo.  "Defeat" does not necessarily mean "kill".  Any foe whose will is broken is also "defeated" for this purpose.

There are other ways to earn Echo, but those are as yet unknown to you or you need to figure them out.


In addition to Echo and powers, you each now have a Path.  This is a feeling or urge that you begin to notice that pushes you toward or away from certain behaviors.

Each path has two parts:
1. Things you SHOULD NOT do and,
2. Things you SHOULD do.

You may always choose not to follow your path, but it can have consequences.

If you violate the SHOULD NOT, you will lose Echo points or if you violate them enough, you will lose Capacity.  If you follow the SHOULD, you may gain Echo points or Capacity.

Paths can be restrictive and purposefully nebulous.  I will warn you if you are at risk of failing to follow your Path.

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Re: What Are These Powers?
In reply to GM (msg # 1):

For those who want an accounting:

Aura Colors:

Enrei (DEAD) - dull red, formerly then Bluish green.
Brennan - Blue
Titus - Orange
Uldaf - Green
Old Lady Hannah - Causes prophetic dreams - Bright red
Garren (Twin Brother, summons crows) - Greenish
Lyse (Twin Sister, summons scarecrows) - Blueish
Lightening man (DEAD) - blueish
Iron Man (DEAD) - Rust Red
plant guy (DEAD) - Green
Kraik (flying thief) - red
Albert (DEAD), "Witch" caught by Flynn (supposedly summons animals, fire and spits poison) - green
Deev (full name Deleev) - young man from Thorngate.  Can change his face. - Orange
"Lady Garr" (DEAD) - Bride-to-be of Lord Garr - light purple

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