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Library Data
Lanth UWP-A879533-B  Ni

     The sub sector capital, it is on the main trade and xboat route through the sub sector. The world has a standard atmosphere and a large percentage of the surface is water (about 90%). Land masses are few, the largest is the main ‘continent’ and where the star port and capital are located. Most other land masses are large islands or archipelagos.
     The population is around half a million, with over half this number living in the star town or capital, with the rest living in small cities and towns across the main continent, with a few thousand living on the other islands of the planet. The seas teem with life and provide the world’s main exports, sea food.
     The world is considered underdeveloped but is self-sufficient. A small scout base and naval base are present in the system, but these are mainly used as repair and refuelling stops for navy and scout ships.
     The people of Lanth are fairly typical citizens of the third imperium with a homogenous outlook on things (like many worlds of the imperium) and are quite welcoming towards off worlders.
     The system is a binary star, the main star being an F class and its companion being a M class (red dwarf). Lanth orbits the F class star. There are a number of other rocky worlds in the system, but no gas giants.