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Sat 17 May 2014
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Dust Runner Quarters
Use this thread for any posts in quarters while on the ship...
Arc Tangent
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Tue 2 Jul 2019
at 19:16
Dust Runner Quarters
On the one hand, his quarters here on the 'new' ship didn't really seem to be any different than his quarters had been back on the Dust Runner. It looked to be the same size... a standard starship stateroom.

Once he settled in, though, he realized that it was bigger. Only slightly bigger... not enough to be readily noticeable to the naked eye, but there was a few inches extra elbow room.

There were other subtle differences, too... lighting didn't seem to be as harsh... more diffuse.

It wasn't more luxurious; he certainly couldn't say that. Yet, it felt like it was.

All the rooms had a slightly different decor, too. So maybe that was it. He'd selected the 'lavender' room. The walls had a pale lavender coloring to them.

It wasn't until he laid down that the best feature of all came into play: the star-field ceiling! The ceiling was an elaborate vidscreen. It could be changed to match the rest of the color, or it could be made dark black, or it could show the star-field as if you were looking out a window. The stars moved as the ship moved. How cool was that?
Harry McStubbin
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Wed 3 Jul 2019
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Dust Runner Quarters
In reply to Arc Tangent (msg # 2):

"Who is your roommate Arc? We need to double up. Half the number of staterooms as crew, Ex is in with me."

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Adriannah Orilliah
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Thu 12 Mar 2020
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Dust Runner Quarters
Four hours later Adriannah emerged from her cabin. Pleased that there was more than sufficient space to hold her Clothes, shoes and personal items, infact there was easily enough space to hold eight times what she has. Adriannah headed to the galley for something to eat.

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