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RTJ Guidelines
RTJ Guidelines

<b>No one ever said life on the frontier was dull! Although you thought you were just passing through Lanth, little did you know that you were on a collision course with the Fifth Frontier War.

Now you are trapped on the capitol planet of Lanth, in the Lanth sub-sector of the Spinward Marches sector. You have no idea who is fighting who, but as you escaped from the starport, you encountered Sword Worlders in the streets.

Unable to make it to your ship, you managed to hijack a damaged Swordie drop shuttle. The damaged ship barely got you to the next island; it certainly wasn't going to make it off-world. Still too close to occupying forces, you opted to try for a skip trace ship farther up north.

Just barely reaching the island, someone shot at your ship, taking out its last legs and causing it to crash.

Now it's time to take the skip trace ship away from the hijackers that have it.

Getting off world was tricky, but you managed it. Next stop: Victoria/Albert. Once in system, you made a pit stop at Sky Rig. With the Watcher Squadron no longer 'watching' the system, you decided to take a peek at the Ancient city on Albert.

What the Imperials couldn't find, you did!

The system being used is Mongoose Traveller. If you donít know the system but are willing to learn, Iíll be happy to teach it to you.

This is a Mature-rated game, so I need a statement of age from all players.

For new players, you should have an idea of what race you want to play and what career(s) you'll use for character generation.

The posting rate for this game (ideally) is one post every other day, but thatís flexible. If there are no posts from a player after a week with no explanation then your character will be NPC'ed. If there are no posts after two weeks with no explanation then you will be dropped from the game and your place offered to someone else.

Please talk to me if you canít post for a period but still wish to be involved; i am willing to try to accommodate any player who wants to be involved.

Also, you should read the sticky threads in group zero.

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