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Adventures on Dinomn
The wedding was the biggest event on Dinomn in the last twenty years. Not even the shadow of the war could have stopped it. The wedding itself took two hours. The reception afterwards went on for four hours, eventually evolving into an all-night party.

"Say, isn't that Baron Bomar?" Pargo Hestor said to Solomon. "You know. Dr. Hans Bomar... that eccentric scientist... or whatever he claims to be."

"I thought you said you know him? Who is that he's with? I don't recognize her."

"He was trying to get me interested in some hair-brained scheme to salvage an alien starship... somewhere out in the Ort Cloud. He didn't have any proof that the ship actually existed, and his description of it was... well, frankly, it sounded absurd."

"Look! He's heading this way? Maybe he recognized you. Don't let him drag you into it!"