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Fortunately, the Dust Runner got to Regina after it had already repulsed the attack/would-be invasion by the Zhodani, so it wasn't a case of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

However, shortly after the ship landed on Regina, the entire Spinward Marches was declared an Amber Zone by the Travellers' Aid Society. That meant little traffic was going in or out of Regina unless it was military.

For the next two years, world after world falls to the enemy--Zhodani, Sword Worlds, or Vargr.

It isn't until 120-1110 when the war turns with the recapture of Lanth. It takes another year before a final armistice is reached.

During the three years, the Dust Runner and crew have been stranded on Regina... not so much because of any military restriction but because fuel is being mostly diverted for the military and the space around Regina isn't safe. It's also unclear which worlds are safe to travel to; on more than one instance, a destination was picked only to find out the next day that it had been occupied by the enemy.

During those three years, the crew had to do some fast-stepping to keep the Dust Runner from being conscripted by the military. In the end, it wasn't armored enough or armed enough to be useful, and it was finally decided that the resources needed to upgrade it would be better spent on other ships.

The ship-trading with Clive was also put on hold pending the military dispensation but eventually the negotiation went through. The Dust Runner was parked next to the Darrian ship and the conversion to a restaurant was made with the crew's help. Somewhat oddly, the restaurant business actually got better since there were a lot military personnel now eating there.

Once Lanth was recaptured, the war did seem to be winding down and there seemed to be less chance of Regina being attacked again. During that last year, the crew was able to effect repairs to the Darrian ship and do the rest of the refurbishing.

It was originally called the Calliope though there are no records left that indicate why it was named that. The restaurant was called the Fusion, being changed to the New Fusion in the Dust Runner. It's customary to rename a ship when it changes functions, though sometimes when it just changes owners, too.

Even before the refurbishing is done, you've got a prospective client. Baron Mylar Vorkosigan wants to pack his whole family and estate off world to somewhere a bit farther away from the 'border'. He's still trying to decide where that is, but wants to know if you are interested in doing the transport.

OOC: Meanwhile, if there's any trouble you want to get into while you wait for the war to end, you can do that, too!
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"I've got to do a bit of shopping to get ready for space again, anybody need anything?" Harry asks before setting off to pick up a few things.

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