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Tue 5 Nov 2019
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Destination: Efate
Although there was a minor skirmish in the outer reaches of the Efate system, it was a bit far removed from the Fifth Frontier War.

No one really understood what the point of the Zhodani incursion was since the Zhodani force had no chance against the Imperial Navy starforce that was stationed there. It was suggested that it was some sort of faint, but nothing else came of it.

Now that the war is over, things are back to normal on Efate.

The Frumious Bandersnatch makes the week-long trip without incident. The passengers are well-behaved and, in fact, a good time was had by all.

The passengers thank Luise for the passage and promise to put in a good word with TAS.

Because Efate is a significant industrial world, it has both a highport and a downport.

When you come out of jump, it takes only three seconds for the sensor buoys to pick up the ship's presence and transmit the standard hail. Since you have registered passengers whose state destination is Efate, you are automatically granted clearance to land at the downport and are given a vector (time, course and speed).

Not surprisingly, your ship sensors pick up the presence of nearly two dozen other ships in orbit or in transition.

From jump exit, it takes you about 6 hours to reach the atmosphere, and another 20 minutes to land at the designated bay at the starport.

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Harry McStubbin
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Tue 5 Nov 2019
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Destination: Efate
Upon landing, Harry unbuckled himself and stretched from the six hour ride in 'G' space. Next he helped passengers with their luggage to clear customs. "Nice quiet trip, I wish they were all like that."

Then it it was time for the Downport cargo-master. Find buyer for all of their cargo, deliver the mail and such.
Luise Wechsler
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Tue 3 Dec 2019
at 18:20
Destination: Efate
Before anyone leaves the ship, Luise calls everyone together and has a few words to say.

"Just wanted to give everyone a few things to think about," she says.

"The war is over, but, even so, we had decided to steer clear of the 'war zone'. So, it gets down to where do we want to go next."

"None of us have any vested interest in this region, so it's a wide open book for us. Look around, talk to people, check things out. Do we want to stick with going where the cargo and passenger winds take us, or do we want to come up with a more... focused plan."

"I have to admit, aimless wandering doesn't seem to be my style. I might be able to get used to it, but I'd still like a more specific purpose."

"To that end, see what you can drum up for... well, for lack of a better term... Adventure. Constant trading is fine as far as it goes, but it's starting to feel like... WORK."

"And last but by no means least... try to have some fun while we're here! That's an order!"

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Thu 5 Dec 2019
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Destination: Efate
In reply to Luise Wechsler (msg # 3):

Oeh secures his station and leaves the meeting and heads back to his cabin.  There he changes into his part clothes and heads to the nearest bar to see if he can pick up any rumors of places  to go have fun on.
Harry McStubbin
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Thu 5 Dec 2019
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Destination: Efate
Harry secures his station as well. He then breaks out a cigar and a snifter of brandy to celebrate landing.
Arc Tangent
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Thu 5 Dec 2019
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Destination: Efate
During the J-space journey, Arc had plenty of extra time to assess the ship's stores and complete an inventory, so, by the time they landed, he knew what the ship could use if not outright needed.

As expected, the starport at Efate had a Galaxy Outfitters store that you could order from online and have it delivered to... well, wherever, but, in this case, it was to the starship.

He spent about an hour placing the order and then headed out.

Staying inside a flying tin can really wasn't that bad, and if it had been on the ground, he probably could have stayed inside definitely. It was the 'not being able to leave' that generally constituted 'cabin fever'. So, like everyone else, he was eager to leave the ship and go have fun.

Just what was fun on Efate?

Guess he'd find out. Maybe.

Starports were never that busy in terms of ships landing and such--a real busy port could see 10 or 12 ships a day, but the number of people that worked at a starport to service those ships and their crews... now THAT is what made a starport bustle.

That, in turn, meant a lot of bars. Arc, as he was leaving the ship, decided he'd make a tour of all of them at the starport! That should be FUN. Or not.

He checked his comm unit and requested a list of starport bars, pubs and taverns. The online search engine merely looked for places that served alcohol. That was 27! Plus another dozen on the periphery.

The hard was decided where to start. He finally decided to start with the closest... something called Mos Eisley Barre & Grille, a name apparently derived from some old science fiction vid.
Harry McStubbin
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Thu 5 Dec 2019
at 14:39
Destination: Efate
Harry logs on to the Trader's Guild to see about selling their cargo.

30 tons of uncommon raw materials - 390kcr
65 tons of Basic Electronics - 910kcr +2 on Efate

09:38, Today: Harry McStubbin rolled 12 using 2d6+5 with rolls of 3,4.  broker.

09:38, Today: Harry McStubbin rolled 17 using 2d6+5 with rolls of 6,6.  broker. +2 of Efate = 19.

OOC - What do they sell for StarMaster?

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Steve Cable
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Thu 5 Dec 2019
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Destination: Efate
Apparently Arc had the same idea!

Yo! Arc! Wait up! Going to do another tour of the starport bars?" he finally asked when he caught up to Arc.

"Mind if I join you?"

"You know... I once had this idea that I was going to visit every bar in the galaxy! Well, Known Space, anyway, but I didn't rule out unexplored parts of the galaxy. I mean, what kind of bar would a race of intelligent octopi have? And what would they drink?"

"Every wonder what such a race would be like? I mean... would they somehow walk upright? Would they still live under water? If they were intelligent, wouldn't they evolve beyond the watery medium? Even if the ocean was vast or even the whole world, there is still the atmosphere, right? Maybe frozen polar regions. Maybe sargassos. And then there are all those stars up above. The sun. Moons maybe. An intelligent species would want to know about those things."

"Okay, I know what you're thinking, and, no, I haven't started drinking yet. But I'm ready!"

They reached Mos Eisley just then. It was at the start of one of the concourses. Efate was one of those radial starports, with six concourses and stardocks on all sides. It made for a very large extraterritorial area. And security headaches, no doubt.

Slipping into the bar, Steve went up to the bar.

"I'll have a PGGB. What about you, Arc? Got a favorite drink? I always hit a new planet running... starting with a PGGB. Puts hair on your chest... and everywhere else, or so they say. I've always wondered where that expression came from. Do you really think there was some guy that drank a PGGB and really did grow hair on his chest?"

"You'd think growing  hair on your head would be a better selling point."

He looked around the bar to see what it had for entertainment while he waited for his drink.

"Oh, look... a holoband. What strange aliens. Of course, with a holoband, you can have anything you want, even species that don't really exist. That we know of."

"Wait! Is that... an octopus playing flute, trumpet and sax? That's something you don't see every day!"

Harry McStubbin
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Sun 8 Dec 2019
at 13:57
Destination: Efate
OOC - 225,000 Cr for passengers and mail.

30 tons of uncommon raw materials - 390kcr
65 tons of Basic Electronics - 910kcr +2 on Efate

They'll give us the best margins.

1.3Mcr. mail and 5 passengers.

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