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Character Generation
     Each player will have their own thread for character creation. You may use either the standard method of random rolling (but I am happy for you to pick instead of roll for skills in each term, which can help avoid gaining multiple levels in not so useful skills) or the point generation method instead.

     Maximum terms for a character is 6, though you can of course have less terms. I will allow any Mongoose Traveller book for characters.

Character Generation Checklist

Basic character generation uses the following steps:

1. Roll 2d6 7 times, and discard the lowest roll. Assign the numbers to your Characteristics in any order you wish.

2. a. Choose a homeworld.
   b. Gain background skills. 3+Edu bonus (This is a maximum)
   c. Choose 1 Education skill from the Education Skill List.
   d. House Rule--Special Skill: Swimming.
     If you know your homeworld's hydrographic rating, roll 2d6-2; if it's less than or equal to your homeworld's hydro %, roll 1d-1 for Ranks in Swimming
     If you don't know your homeworld's hydrographic rating, roll 1d-3 for your Rank in swimming.

3. When generating your Careers, you get one mulligan per term. That is, once per term, you can re-roll one dice roll, whether that is for survival, promotion, a skill, or an event.
    a. Choose a career. You cannot choose a career you have already left (Drifter is the one exception, but you can also get drafted into one that you left).
    b. Roll to qualify for that career.
    c. If you qualify for that career, go to Step 4.
    d. If you do not qualify for that career, then you can go to the Draft or enter the Drifter career. The Draft can put you back into a career you have been forced to leave, at your old rank. You can only apply for the Draft once.

4. If this is your first time on this career, get your basic training. (Get 1 skill in additional BT)

5. Choose a specialization for this career.

6. Choose one of the Skills and Training tables for this career and roll on it.
    a. Roll for survival on this career.
    b. If you succeed, go to Step 7.
    c. If you did not succeed, then events have forced you from this career. Roll on the Mishap
table, then go to Step 5 for your next four-year term, or Step 12 if you wish to finish your character.

7. a. Roll for Events.
   b. Optionally, establish a Connection with another player character.

8.  a. Roll for Advancement
    b. If you succeed, choose one of the skills and training tables for this career and roll on it. Increase your Rank and take any bonus skills from the Ranks table for this career. Go to step 9 if you wish to leave the career, or step 5 to continue with this career.
    c. If you roll less than the number of terms spent in this career, you must leave this career.
    d. Military characters (Army, Navy, Marines) can roll for commission instead of rolling for advancement.

9. Increase your age by 4 years. If your character is 34 or older, roll for Aging.

10. If you are leaving the career, roll for Benefits.

11. If you have left your current career, then go to Step 3 to choose a new career, or to Step 12 if you wish to finish your character. Otherwise, go to Step 5.

12. Finalize any Connections with other characters. Gain a skill from 2 of them.
     These Connections represent previous knowledge/meeting of another character. You can make as many of these connections as you want, but you gain a bonus skill from only 2 of them. A skill you gain is at +1 rank, but you cannot increase a skill past Rank-3 with this option.

13. Choose a Campaign Skill Pack and allocate skills from that pack.
    ((The Campaign Skill Pack being used is the expanded Traveller Pack. This is an all-round skill package, good for a campaign where the characters are trading one week and blowing things up the next.))

Advocate 1
Astrogation 1
Broker 1
Comms 1
Diplomat 1
Gun Combat (any) 1
Gunner (any) 1
Investigate 1
Medic 1
Persuade 1
Pilot (any) 1
Recon 1
Sensors 1
Stealth 1
Streetwise 1
Survival 1

    If you are joining the game already in progress, you can just choose 2 from the game's initial Campaign Skill Pack.

14. Purchase starting equipment.


Traveller Skills & Specialties (excluding psionics)
Battle Dress
Combat Engineering
   Land Mines
   Sensor Surveillance
Cover Identity
Deception (disguise, lie, cheat, sleight of hand)
Diplomat (etiquette, formal)
Discipline (High Guard)
   Life Support
   Psionic Equipment
   Small Ship Systems
   Capital Weapons
Gun Combat
   Energy Handgun
   Energy Longarms
   Neural/Sonic Handguns
   Neural/Sonic Longarms
   Slug Handguns
   Slug Longarms (rifle, shotgun)
   Slug Rifle
   Zero-G Weapons
Heavy Weapons
   Field Artillery
   Man Portable Artillery
Independence (Aslan)
Investigate (observation, search, forensics)
Jack Of All Trades
Leadership (direct, inspire, rally)
Life Sciences
Mechanic (disable device)
   Exotic (net, polearms)
   Flex (articulated, flail, whip)
   In-Fighting (Vargr)
   Martial Arts (karate, judo, etc.)
   Natural Weapons
   Unarmed Combat (brawling)
Persuade (fast talk, bargain, bluff, intimidate)
   Capital Ships
   Small Craft
Prospecting (Vargr)
Sciences, Life
Sciences, Physical
Sciences, Social
Sciences, Space
   Ocean Ships
Security/Intrusion (+2nd skill)
Survival (hunt, track, trap)
Swimming (marathon, speed)
   Free Diving
   High/Cliff Diving
   SCUBA Diving
   Umbilical Diving
   Military Tactics (troops, vehicles)
   Naval Tactics (ships, fleets)
   Civil Engineering
   Space Construction
Tolerance (Aslan)
Vacc Suit
Weapon Engineering
   Energy Weapons
   Heavy Weapons
   Miscellaneous Weapons
   Slug Throwers

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Re: Character Generation

     These are characters that started the game. They were all in the starport when the war arrived, and now they've fled north. In the chaos of the war, it's not hard to pick up new characters.

>>SECOND (current) STAGE:
     The game is currently at the second stage, so the following reasons are ways to insert your character into the game at this point.

1. You are on an air raft fleeing from the occupying forces.

2. You are stranded on the island, looking for a way off. You may have been on the
   island because you crashed there, you were diving the island's reefs, you were
   there fishing, or you were living there as a hermit or recluse.

3. You were a member of the crew of the Rucker-class ship and you are currently
   being held prisoner on the ship because the hijackers feel your skills are

4. You were a member of the crew of the Rucker-class ship and you are hiding on the ship while trying to sabotage it.

5. Variable--I'm open to other creative ideas as long as they are fairly practical.

>>> THIRD STAGE: <<< The game is now at the 3rd Stage.
     Currently unknown. Inserting characters into the game that join at this stage will depend on the type of character and where the rest of the group is at the time.

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