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Law of AO.

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Thu 13 Feb 2014
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Law of AO

New Players should read these RULES in their entirety and, if applicable, the ACTs of the current Age.


#1. All players are allowed one sentence per ACT.  Each player will start each Age with two ACTs.  New ACTs will be accrued at 11:59 pm, Central Standard Time, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Watch the time, since I will treat any premature ACT as invalid, even if it is only a few minutes too early.

   1a) An ACT is a singular thing that a god wishes done in Creation.  This may Create a thing, Write a Law of the Universe, Change a thing (or class of things), Destroy a thing (within limits) or Commune with a portion of the Mortal World.  Whatever it is, it should not ever do two separate things.

   1b) An ACT is a specific thing.  Generic ACTs are highly discouraged.

       An excellent example of what NOT to do includes, "Thor creates plants."  This ACT is not specific, it doesn't describe the kinds of plants to be created, and (in effect) it tries to violate Rule 1a by creating a series of different species all at once.

#2. All players are allowed to save up 1, 2, or 3 ACTs if they so choose, and use them all at the same time. No ACTs beyond 3 are permitted.  They will be automatically "burned" off.

   2a) Burned off ACTs may still affect Creation, as AO channels the wasted energy into the Universe.

   2b) Any player that has burned more than 3 ACTs in an Age will have permanent consequences applied to their character, even if they are active enough overall to avoid Stasis. (See Rule #5)

#3. All players are bound by the parameters of all previous ACTs by all players.

   3a) No ACT can be undone, negated, or made 100% ineffective.  Not even by the original poster.  What's done is done, and any attempt to break Rule 3 will result in Wrath.

   3b) Altering or redirecting ACTs is permitted within reason, though.

#4. There is a short window after posting in which players may edit their ACT for any reason (grammar, punctuation, HTML formatting, avoiding Wrath, etc.)  Players have no more than 10 minutes after posting their ACT to edit the post.  Any ACT edited more than 10 minutes after posting will provoke Wrath.  Proofread your posts carefully.  I advise players make use of the Preview Post tool to ensure the post looks right before posting.


#5. STASIS is available for those who have real world concerns that prevent them from signing online and making ACT post.  This will automatically occur after one week.

   If for some reason you know you will absent from play, you can enter actively STASIS where you will not receive ACTs as the days pass, but you will not be destroyed either.

   STASIS turns you, a GOD or GODDESS, into some tangible object or ARTIFACT (see ITEMS OF POWER below) that cannot be destroyed but is none-the-less real to the beings and things of Creation. If you know you will be going into Stasis, you may define the appearance of this artifact and one Power, but I will decide where it is located at the beginning of your STASIS.  Otherwise, I will decide.  It can be moved, stolen, or enhanced, but not destroyed or altered.  It will ALWAYS appear very special and may draw the interest of beings, especially those who worship you. This artifact however ceases to exist as a reliquary once you have re-entered play. Perhaps the hollow-chamber that once housed your essence may remain... it's my call.

   WARNING: If you are absent from play for more than 2 weeks without notification and active STASIS, you will be destroyed by PARADOX. You cannot exist and not-exist at the same time.  This may have in-game effects as your ACTs are weakened by being created by noone.

Posting ACTs

#6. When posting your ACT, please limit the ACT portion of your post to a singular sentence and action per ACT or suffer the Wrath of AO.  The sentence may be before, after, or even in the middle of your descriptive text, but it should be clearly distinguished by being BOLD and IN COLOR.  (The default color doesn't count.)  If I can't tell what sentence marks your ACT, then Wrath may be applied.

   6a)  If the Wrath of AO involves your post being deleted ENTIRELY, you MIGHT get your ACT again the next day as if you had saved it.  I'll let you know.

   6b)  I will be keeping track of your ACT storage.  If you provoke Wrath, I may or may not undo whatever you have done.  But, you are unlikely to get what you actually wanted.

#7. When posting, please describe your ACT in as much (or as little) detail as you deem necessary, but be aware that I will put an italicized byline at the bottom summarizing it.  I WILL ADD UNFORESEEN DETAILS TO ACTS. These details will never alter the spirit (as detailed by you in the description, a private line, or message if necessary) of your intended action, they will only add flavor.

  When deciding how much detail to add to description, keep in mind that vagueness frees me to fill in undefined details.  On the other hand, extraneous detail can add more features and effects of an ACT that I can use to create unforeseen results.  Choose wisely.


#8. Feel free to use the Chamber of the Children thread as a way of communicating in-character (IC) with other players and AO. Out-of-character conversations should be separate, either in PM or the OOC thread, so as not to confuse others. Feel free to make alliances, coordinate your turns to accomplish greater things, and generally be social with the other gods.


#9. An ITEM OF POWER is an item infused with the Divine Might of an ACT.  Creating an Item of Power requires one ACT.  It is unnecessary to explicitly make an ITEM OF POWER unbreakable and eternal...that is a natural property of the Creation ACT.  Then, infusing the ITEM OF POWER with a POWER requires an additional ACT per POWER.  Like an ACT, the POWER can be anything that doesn't violate the laws in this thread, but any avatar, mortal, or other intelligent being that has control of the ITEM OF POWER can use the POWER.  No more than 3 POWERS can be infused in the same ITEM OF POWER and nothing but Wrath can drain or alter a POWER in an ITEM OF POWER.

   9a)  You must use at least two ACT upon the initial creation of an ITEM OF POWER, one for the creation and one for the first POWER.  These two (or three) ACTs should be in the same post.  Additional POWERS can be added later, but no ITEM OF POWER can be powerless.  You may hold onto the ITEM OF POWER over multiple posts before releasing it into Creation, if you wish.

   9b)  An ITEM OF POWER is different than a magic item (which is subject to the laws of magic as defined by whatever the Gods create and usually created by mortals).  The effects of an ITEM OF POWER are the same as ACTs, so are subject to those rules only. (And, that includes Rule #3.)

   9c)  In exchange for placing divine level power in the hands of mortals, there is a chance of a potentially negative, unusual result.  I will determine the outcome upon its use EVERY TIME the power is used.

   9d)  ARTIFACTS can be used by mortals and ultimately their use is out of your control. However, you can certainly send portents and dreams to mortals (such a message is an ACT) telling them what you want them to do with it. They don't have to do it (unless you spend an ACT making them) but probably will. Destruction of ARTIFACTS is impossible (except by the Wrath of AO).


#10. The DOMINO effect is a term used to describe some action that could result in more than one effect (as defined by AO) and runs the risk of the Wrath of AO, but starts as essentially ONE ACT so evades my direct intervention.
Such ACTS test the limits of what is allowed and are subject to my interpretation and judgement when applying the WRATH OF AO


#11. A Pantheon is defined as at least three gods who pledge to share their works openly with one another. There are two primary advantages to being in a Pantheon. First, each Age following the Age when the Pantheon was created, a Pantheon will gain PANTHEON ACTs equal to its total number of members minus 1. These can be used by any member of a PANTHEON, although discussion would seem to be advisable.  Second, stored ACTs can be donated to other Pantheon members.

   11a)  The pledge of a PANTHEON is fundamental and eternal.  Though a God may break the pledge, the Wrath of AO will be applied with a heavy hand.  And, the pledge may only be given to one PANTHEON.


#12. The Wrath of AO is essentially GM Fiat.  In other words, whatever I find interesting and appropriate. Don't complain! Anyone who suffers the Wrath of AO (no matter how little or how much) received that Wrath because he/she took a -risk- WILLINGLY.

The Passing of Ages

#13. Ages are like chapters.  Each Age lasts for 10 ACTs.  At the end of each Age, the ACTs of the previous Age are locked into Law and a short time jump happens.  AO will create a new thread for the new Age, and there will be a short break that skips the gaining of two ACTs.  A short description by AO, will head each Age to set the stage.

  13a. The reason for these chapters to be called Ages instead of Aeons is that the Ages are intended to be more closely tied together than Aeons are.  The time jumps are intended to be short and the Ages are still mostly back-to-back.  Don't expect to see massive changes as the Ages change (unless a Deity has instigated such a change.)  Adjust your expectations to match.

  13b. Creations are only guaranteed to be 'safe' from extinction-level events and ACTs for 2 Ages (including the one it is created in.)  After that, it's fair game.  Races can and should rise and fall in this game.


#14. AO retains the right to change any names or other details that he feels threaten the individuality of this game over others that may or may not have come before.  For instance, if protected IP is used, the names and other details may be changed.

  In addition, if you EXACTLY copy an animal, race, item, or action from popular culture or reality, AO will apply Wrath to ensure it is no longer a carbon-copy.  This includes humans, elves, foxes, Australia, sparkly vampires, etc.


  Thor-Clone looks out upon the Empty Plains.  He thinks it's boring, so he calls down a lightning strike.  Freezing the lightning bolt in place just as it strikes, Thor-Clone shapes it into a tree with electric blue leaves and limbs as jagged and twisted as lightning.  The tree grows a blue, pear-like fruit.

Thor-Clone creates the Lightning Tree in the Empty Plains.


  The tree stands on the Empty Plains where it drops its fruit.  The fruit is delicious and provides the animals that eat it with a huge energy boost.  Those animals swiftly spread the seeds and the planted seeds grow into trees as swiftly as a lightning strike.  Before long, there are hundreds of the trees, and the Empty Plains are now known as the Lightning Forest.

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