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Age 1 Laws.

Posted by AO, The BeginningFor group 0
AO, The Beginning
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Mon 16 May 2016
at 01:22
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Age 1 Laws

Immutable Laws  (The Laws You Can't Change)

1) Age 1 is intended to be the creation of the Cosmos.  ACTs should support that goal.

2) To avoid a race to be first to create Life, no Life-Creation ACTs will be permitted with the first 3 ACTs earned.  (This means the starting 2 and the first ACT earned.)

   2a)  Also, the first three ACTs may not be used to create or alter Laws that affect Life.

   2b)  No sentient or intelligent Life should be created in the first Age. (The Dawn of Civilization will wait until Age 2)

3) The Universe is currently limited to 2 alternate planes of reality to Primary Creation.  These are intended for 'behind the scenes' work of deities (like afterlives or containing energies there while they move in and out of Primary Creation.)  They should not have alternate realities or living creatures in them.  Nor should physical matter move in and out between planes.  Please focus your work on Primary Creation.

4) Time exists in the Void.  During Age 1, each Divine Day lasts for 10 million 'Earth Years.'  The Age of Creation will thus last for 90 million years with a 20 million year time jump at the end.  (Future Ages will have each Divine Day last an 'Earth Century' and will last 1000 years with a 200 year time jump at the end of each.)

Manipulable Laws  (The Laws You Can Change)

1) The Laws of Motion and the three Laws of Thermodynamics apply.  As such, they do not need to be created.

2) The Law of Gravity applies in the Void.

3) Life is defined as:
     A) A complex, organized arrangement of matter,
     B) Capable of taking in energy, transforming that energy, and using that energy for its own purposes, and
     C) Capable of some form of response to its environment
     D) Capable of some form of physical individual Life energy.

4) Any creation that qualifies as 'Life' will have the following restrictions until stated otherwise:
     A) Its lifespan is limited by the survival of its physical form.
     B) The sustenance of the life requires frequent infusions of energy from some source.
     C) It must shed waste as a result of the energies it takes in and transforms to maintain its life.
     D) A life, once ended, will not be able to be restarted.
     E) As life reproduces, it is subject to slow change over time as AO wills it. (This may take an Age or more to have noticeable long-term effects.

5) Sentience will be defined as:

   A) A living being

   B) Capable of some level of problem-solving skill, including tool usage

   C) Capable of some form of communicative language

   D) Capable of comprehending music

   E) Capable of self-aware thought aka consciousness

Note: While a species must be capable of all of these to be considered 'sentient,' it may not actually possess all of these upon creation.  A sentient species that is capable of tool use may not actually use tools for a while.  Being capable of language is different than having developed a language.  Etc.
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AO, The Beginning
GM, 231 posts
Mon 6 Jun 2016
at 17:02
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Age 1 Laws

Note: Laws that are Mutable in Age 1 may not be mutable in Age 2.  If you want to change the definition/restrictions of Life or the Laws of Physics, you should probably do so before the change in Age.
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