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Wed 19 Feb 2014
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The Rules
The Rules will be the following which is subject to change at my discretion:

1. Follow all rules of RPOL

All rules set by RPOL are to be followed to a T. Any infringing on their rules that would jeopardize this game or any player will result in immediate termination without warning.

2. No abusive or sexually assaulting language of any kind

You as a player will acknowledge the rights of each individual player, because your freedoms end when they infringe on the freedoms of another. This too will result in immediate termination if broken.

3. No copyright infringement

All ideas are to be original, they are not to be taken from a copyrighted, or trademarked source. This is to avoid any unwanted legal action that may take place. This rule is tolerated to an extent, and is mostly for the RTJ. If your RTJ is all plagiarized, then I will mail you to redo it.

4. No God Modding

You do not have the power to end or limit a player. That right lies solely with me. To end a character you must defeat the entire force; obtain their consent of defeat, and my approval. Breaking this rule will result in the move you took being revoked, and a heavy fine and punishment will also result. You will not be terminated for breaking the rule, it will just make the game harder for you.

5. Realism

Having a sense of realism is key to any Good story. Please keep it realistic, and remember to post as if you were trying to hit them. None of this catching sword bull, or dodging every attack with those who are equal in power to you. Which is EVERYONE.

6. Absence

Please alert me if you will not be posting for more than 3-4 days. I will grant 4 initial grace breaks for this rule, because emergencies can't be helped and I understand that everyone has a life outside of RPOL. 1 grace break = 1 week, a grace break is you leaving without telling me before hand. And drop me a PM on your return.

7. Posting

The normal requirement for a story post is one paragraph, third person past tense. Please try to refrain from one line posts. One line posts are allowed if no other action is available, but no more than 2-3 one liners. If one liners are constantly being used, you will be asked to revise your text or it will be deleted. Please also refrain from using text language, double posting, and contradictory posting. To resolve contradictory posting open a tab with the main thread and have it refreshed constantly while you are posting. Please try to get spelling right, I donít expect perfection but at least put a little effort. And remember that the story is pushed by the players not the GM.

8. OOC

Everything in OOC is to remain in OOC, and fighting in OOC will not be tolerated. If you need to work out a problem go to PM and send a message to me and the involvedd party. If this rule is constantly broken you will be terminated, and your posts of fighting will be deleted as well.

9. GM

If you have a problem with me drop me a PM.

As a side note I will post a warning post in OOC whenever I decide to update my rules. So keep your eyes on it.