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1. Pleasant Farmhouse and Barn.
This wooden house is surrounded by attractive flower gardens, with a small barn beyond.  A teenage girl is churning butter on the porch, but she sees your group and runs into the house at your approach.  Shadowy forms are visible behind closed curtains.

6. Golden Grain Inn

8. Livery Stable
This is an exceedingly run-down structure of wood.  Faint traces of a former paint job cling to small parts of the walls, but in some places the bare wood has started to rot.  A fenced walkway leads from the road to the back of the house, and horse manure is scattered liberally about.  A little boy, his face covered with dirt, is playing on the front porch.  As you approach, he toddles out to the road, smiles and says "Hi!"

9. Small Cottage
This small, square building has been freshly white-washed.  Heavy curtains hang over the windows, and the door is shut.

25. Inn of the Slumbering Serpent
A large, colorful sign pictures a red dragon with its head resting contentedly on its paws.  A plume of smoke rises from the serpent's nose and its eyes are closed.  This inn is smaller and older than the Golden Grain.  Several beds of flowers brighten the front, however, and the large middle-aged woman sweeping the porch looks cheerful.  She greets you with a friendly wave.

27. Grove of Stately Elms
A narrow trail winds among the majestic elms, at times disappearing into thick shrubbery.  The bushes between the trees are dense, rising to a height of eight or ten feet.  The elms themselves average 75' tall, and they are the only trees here.  They are widely spaced, allowing much sunlight to pour between their ancient boughs.

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