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Thu 20 Feb 2014
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Request To Join
[We are currently full!  No new requests to join will be approved until we have a vacancy.  If you want to lurk, request that access and post only in the Out of Character thread.]

This is a game that may deal with mature themes.  It is not, however, an adult game and will avoid any themes that may classify it as such.

Players are expected to check for messages five days a week.  That doesn't mean you have to post if there isn't anything for you to respond to, but you should be checking so that if there is something waiting for your response you can do so in a timely manner.

Running this game is a way for me to get experience GMing Lords of Gossamer and Shadow.  I expect this to be a learning experience for me.  Join knowing that and accepting it.

Before requesting to join the game, please:

1) Read the House Rules thread so you know in what ways we're not playing the core Lords of Gossamer and Shadow system

2) Understand the above statement about this being a learning experience for me

In your request to join, include:

1) Some background on the character you would like to play.  Narrative description is fine at this point, although if you have the rules feel free to say what powers you think you'd like.

2) A writing sample involving that character in their home world, giving a flavor of who they are.

3) A description of the character's home world.

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