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Fri 21 Feb 2014
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Character Creation Overview
Lords of Gossamer and Shadow characters are defined broadly by the four attributes: Psyche, Presence, Prowess, and Physicality (see the house rules thread for an explanation of why these are different from the core book's attributes).

Each character gets 100 points to spend on Attributes, Powers, items and allies.  We will not be using Domains in this game, and allies must make sense in the contest of your character's world.

The first step is to hold the Attribute auction.

Keep in mind that your character's abilities are largely secret from the other players.  They will have a rough idea of how they compare in terms of Attributes, but will have no idea about your character's Powers until they come into play.

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Fri 21 Feb 2014
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Attributes are measured as follows:

Average - normal human
Superior - human prodigy
Paragon - beyond human ability
Ranked - better than Paragon

Each PC gets Paragon level Attributes for free.  You may voluntarily lower an Attribute level to gain back character points.  Reducing an Attribute to superior level gets you 10 points, to average level gets you 25 points.  However, that puts the PC at a severe disadvantage in that Attribute.

You may also gain points by taking Bad Stuff.  This is essentially an indicator of bad luck.  The more points you gained by taking Bad Stuff, the worse your character's luck is.  Bad Stuff will make your character's life miserable.  Do not go above 10 points of Bad Stuff.

If you have points left over after character creation, those points become Good Stuff.  Good Stuff makes your character's life easier.  If you have more than 10 points left after character creation, you will get 10 points of Good Stuff, and the rest will be banked until you use it during advancement.
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Fri 21 Feb 2014
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Attribute Auction
All players bid character points on each attribute.  Points bid are locked into that attribute, and the auction results shows the relative ranks of the player characters.  All other things being equal, the 1st ranked PC will beat the 2nd ranked PC in a contest using that attribute.

Bidding at least one point in an Attribute makes the character ranked in that Attribute.

The auction for each Attribute starts with a silent round of bidding.  Each player secretly says what their initial bid is for an Attribute.  It's worth bidding 1 point to be ranked in an Attribute that you don't otherwise care for, unless your character concept dictates that your character should have a lower value for the Attribute.

After the silent bids are revealed, open bidding starts.  Eventually bids die off, and the amounts of the bids determine the public ranking of PCs for that Attribute.

After all Attributes have been auctioned, each player may secretly assign extra points to an Attribute to increase their rank.  If you equal someone else's public point investment, you end up just slightly worse than them at that Attribute.  You may not exceed 1st ranked in an Attribute using secret spending.  That rank only comes through victory in the auction.

The results of the auction will be public knowledge; the results of the secret spending are not.  Therefore you do not know exactly how good each PC is at an Attribute (unless they won the auction for that Attribute).
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Fri 21 Feb 2014
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If you have the book, I suggest you pick powers based on your character concept and work out how many points you need to have after the Attribute auction.

If you do not have the book, provide me enough detail about your character to be able to judge how much they'll need to spend after the auction, and I'll tell you how many points you can afford to spend in the auction.

Certain powers are not available to characters during character creation:

Warden of the Grand Stair
Master of the Grand Stair

These are summaries of the powers that are available, along with their costs:

Eidolon Mastery - the power of order and stability, a master is immortal and can manipulate the order in reality.  This is serious power.  50 points.

Umbra Mastery - the power of entropy and change, a master can recover from grievous wounds by shape shifting into a new form.  This is serious power.  50 points.

Wrighting - the power of creating Icons, devices which allow communication with and travel to another specific being.  30 points.

Invocation - the power of True Names.  Knowing the True Name of a being allows this character to compel their obedience, to call them from afar, to banish them, and more.  20 points.

Cantrips - a series of minor magics, easy and quick to cast.  1 point per cantrip.

Sorcery - more involved magic. Sorcerous spells must be cast ahead of time and triggered when needed. 15 points.

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Fri 21 Feb 2014
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Artifacts and Creatures
Artifacts are unique magical items.  These are created with character points during character creation.  An artifact may have any power you like on its home world, but only those powers that were bought with points will work outside of that world.

If you do not have the book, please describe your artifacts to me in some detail and I'll let you know how many points they'll cost.

Creatures are functionally identical to artifacts, save that they are living beings.
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Fri 21 Feb 2014
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Allies are beings that your character can call upon when in need.  They are not always present (create a Creature for that).

Only these types of allies are available in this game:

Ally - someone from your home world that owes you a favor and is willing to offer aid and hospitality. 1 point.

Mentor - someone from your home world who trained you, and has a stronger bond of loyalty.  2 points.

Devotee - someone from your home world who is devoted to you. 3 points.

Partisan Support - an entire group from your home world affiliated with you. Not always reliable.  3 points.