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The GM
 GM, 4 posts
Sun 23 Feb 2014
at 18:25
1) No one is a direct descendant of one of the actual characters.
2) This is mature, so I guess no over describing sex.
3) Try and post at least once a day, not really a rule but you might be skipped if you are gone for to long.
4) Rules may change.
The GM
 GM, 11 posts
Tue 25 Feb 2014
at 21:47
Re: Rules
There are no guns or cars in my setting.

I know this might get confusing but, there are trains and computers.

Computers will not be a big part of the setting but they will be there. There are also TV's and movie theaters.

Trains will be just coming into creation. Very few tracks will have been laid and it is very special to everyone.
The GM
 GM, 24 posts
Thu 27 Feb 2014
at 04:03
Re: Rules
More Rules:

5) Punch and kick attacks deal 1d4 damage and do not provoke and attack of opportunity unless you miss the attack by more than 5.
6) I am creating religions and stuff about them. (They are not to important at the moment but keep them in mind and choose one.)
The GM
 GM, 116 posts
Wed 5 Mar 2014
at 02:25
Re: Rules
7) If you do not post within 48 hours of your last post, you will be skipped.