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Zheng Tien Fong
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Tue 9 Sep 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Here goes nothing. Spending Chiv Joss.

9, 8, 7, 6, 6, 3 & 3

2x6 + 15 Tactics (Military Action) - 5 penalty + 5 AB = 41

 GM, 282 posts
Tue 9 Sep 2014
at 21:11
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Contested check:
10, 10, 6, 2, 2, 2 & 1
*Tactics 32 + Tactics 10 + AB 5 - Penalty 5 = 42

Xiaozong looks... unconvinced.  "That was not a request, Commander Tien Fong."  Xiaozong kicks his staff up and drives it into Buliwyf's chest, knocking him on the ground.  Some of his scabs open back up again.  The barbarians shout and yell at him, momentarily drowning out his next sentence.  He repeats himself.

"Come on.  This is pointless."  He turns and starts to walk out of the prison.  "I need to see your men.  You have a reputation for being a lax commander, Tien Fong.  I'll see what tactics they used against the barbarians."
Zheng Tien Fong
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Tue 9 Sep 2014
at 21:49
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Although his ploy was unsuccessful, inside Tien Fong breathes a sigh of relief. The barbarians will no longer be subject to the pair's scrutiny.

The commander simply nods, then follows the Lieutenant.
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Tue 9 Sep 2014
at 22:09
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
"Hm.  I suppose you should ask the men to fall into formation but that's probably not advisable.  We need them to take care of the ruffians.  To the wall, Lieutenant?"  Desheng suggests.

"The wall sounds perfect," Xiaozong agrees, heading for a ladder and leading the way up.  "The walls here are strong.  Good for defense, I see.  I'll do an inspection of your men, Commander, then we can move to the next step."
Zheng Tien Fong
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Tue 9 Sep 2014
at 23:14
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Tien Fong bristles internally, his patience wearing thin from the pair's review. "The wise general is like the farmer," he reminds himself of a quote from the warmaster Wei Pei. "He sees when it is time to sow and when it is time to reap."

He beckons Sergeant Xi to his side, and introduces him to his guests. "My trusted troop leader. Together he and I will take you to the barracks."
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Wed 10 Sep 2014
at 15:19
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Xiaozong won't be distracted by anything Tien Fong says; he simply heads up the ladder to the wide and accommodating walls.  Xiaozong stares out over the wall at the barbarian camp.  Desheng looks pleased at their construction and upkeep.

"Sir,"  Sergeant Xi bows to Yun Xiaozong once introduced.  His nervousness, while plainly visible to Tien Fong, looks like boredom to anyone else.

"Ah, good.  Your second in command."  Xiaozong says, "Excellent.  Sergeant Xi, you are hereby appointed by the authority of General Snow Leopard and the Jin Dynasty to the rank of Commander of the garrison of Hanging White Paper.  Your first order is to arrest the traitorous Zheng Tien Fong."
Zheng Tien Fong
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Wed 10 Sep 2014
at 19:01
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
10, 7, 7, 7, 5, 4 & 3

River 2x7
Initiative: 1x7 + 5 AB = 22

The Lieutenant's command takes Tien Fong aback, but he always knew in the back of his mind that deceit and subterfuge was never his strong suit. He should be more surprised that he was able to carry it on for this long.

"Arresting?" The commander smirks, not bothering to even raise his saber. "I'm afraid the only arresting thing around these walls will be the spot where I'll display your head on a stake."

EDIT: Spending 2 Mal Joss: 2 & 1.

Not changing anything

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Wed 10 Sep 2014
at 20:10
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Sergeant Xi Round 1 Initiative:
8, 8, 8, 6, 6, 3 & 3
*Float 6-6
*Cover Ground 23 + Footwork 5 = 28
*Analyze Xiaozong Kung Fu Fears 38 + Tactics 5 = 43
*Minions will form in zone he'll be Covering Ground to.  They're equipped with bows so will naturally get a Ranged attack.
*Lesser Legends Go Second Last
*Minions Go Last

Xiaozong Round 1 Initiative:
10, 8, 7, 7, 5, 4 & 2
*Focus on Breath 27 + Tactics 10 + AB 5 = 42, 2 Chi at end of round
*Initiative 18 + Speed 10 + AB 5 = 33
*Ridged Staff is Staff/Massive, for the record.

Xiaozong Round 1 Attack:
8, 8, 6, 6, 5, 2 & 2
*Float 8-8
*Break Cover Ground 22 + Strike 15 + AB 5 = 42, breaks Sergeant Xi's Cover Ground
*Flooded Secondary Strike 28 + Strike 15 + AB 5 + EKF 5 = 53, Block -10
*Strike Sergeant Xi 26 + Strike 15 + AB 5 + EKF 5 = 51, Block -10

Sergeant Xi Round 1 Defense:
9, 9, 8, 5, 5, 4 & 1.
*Flood 6 on defense:
*Secondary Defense 29 + Footwork 5 + Laughs 5 (Superior Reach) + Fears 5 = 44, takes a Ripple
*Primary Defense 25 + Footwork 5 + Laughs 5 (Superior Reach) + Fears 5 = 40, takes a Ripple

Tien Fong, Sergeant Xi, Minions.

"Can't arrest the man who saved my life, sir.  Sir, does this mean I get a commensurate pay increase?" Sergeant Xi draws his spear and gives a high-pitched whistle, summoning the men to him!  He begins to dance back, his spear twisting in his hand.  Tien Fong knows what he's trying to do here:  give Tien Fong room to fight Xiaozong while pressuring the other xia from afar with his long spear.

"Impious traitors,"  Xiaozong snarls at both of them, "Did you really think you could keep your treachery hidden?  You're in league with the barbarians!  I'll cut off your hands and drag you back to Another Storm by your beard and then you'll wish you'd slit your own throat!"

He looks between the two, and for a moment Tien Fong is just too intimidating.  There's something about the confidence that unnerves Xiaozong, so he focuses on Sergeant Xi.

"It's a pity, but your virtue has led you to supporting the wrong side.  For now pass on without regrets!"  Xiaozong leaps at Sergeant Xi, cutting him off with a slamming of his staff.  He whirls it about, striking him on a shoulder once and then twice.  Sergeant Xi gasps as the staff blows bruise his shoulders but shuffles back while jabbing with his spear, keeping Xiaozong at bay.

"Steady and stable wins the day,"  Sergeant Xi drones to his commander as he tries to lead Xiaozong into a more compromising position, "If this is the best he has this will end shortly."
Zheng Tien Fong
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Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 14:17
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
" Sir, does this mean I get a commensurate pay increase?"

"Xiaozong is rocking a pretty nice staff, Sergeant," the commander quips back. "You may have it in return for your loyalty."

Tien Fong's goose-quill saber flashes out from its scabbard as he takes into account the positions of Xi and his men, and then maneuvers himself to engage the Yun warrior from an angle such that his opponent's back is threatened from multiple fronts, keeping him off balance. His attention divided, Tien Fong slams into the Lieutenant with unyielding force, threatening to send him off the city walls!

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 & 4.

1 chi on Footfalls Shake the Earth
2 chi on Dragon Turns Over
3 chi on Dragon Claw Flexes

Strike: Flow out 2x7 for 3x7 + 10 Strike + 10 DCF + 5 AB = 62. Will use Sword's Flood ability for free per DCF.
Disrupt Footwork: 1x9 + 15 Tactics (Disruption) + 5 FStE + 5 AB = 44
Knockback: 2x4 + 5 Might + 10 DTO + 5 AB = 44

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 GM, 297 posts
Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 17:21
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Xiaozong Round 1 Defense:
6, 4, 3, 3 & 1
*5 Chi:  Frozen Shadow, Strike -15 in same zone
*Block Attack 23 + Block 5 + AB 5 = 33 vs 47 (62-15), a Ripple + Roll
*Takes Disrupt
*Takes Knockback:  a bonus RR is made against him!

RR 1:
*2 for 1 Chi Aura
*19 + Damage 15 - Toughness 5 - Chi Aura 11 = 18, a Trivial

RR 2:
*16 + Damage 5 - Toughness 5 = 16, another Trivial; this can only inflame the previous Trivial if it's related to bruised or broken bones, particularly of the lower body.

Sergeant Xi attack:

Minion attack:
9, 9, 6, 3, 2, 1 & 1
*Strike Xiaozong 29 + Tactics 10 = 39, Better Blocked

Xiaozong defense:
10, 9, 9, 4, 3, 3 & 2
*Defense 29 + Block 5 + AB 5 = 39, takes another Ripple


Xiazong recovers from his attack and spins his staff, blowing cold air in every direction to try to cover his back.  For a few moments it's hard for Tien Fong to push through to attack!  But attack he does, and he's gratified to feel his saber bite flesh.  Then the slam, driving Xiaozong off the walls.  Xiaozong hits a nearby building, cartwheeling down to the street below.

"Not interested in the staff, Sir.  I prefer my spear,"  Sergeant Xi says off-handedly as he skewers Desheng's calf, hamstringing him.  The staff officer caterwauls like a screaming child.  "Fire away, soldiers!  Make sure he can't duck out of the way!"

Tien Fong's soldiers open fire with their crossbows.  Xiaozong manages to crouch into a small ball despite his injuries, spinning his staff again... not to produce gusts of cold air but to block the arrows.  He's mostly successful, though he gets a few scratches.

"Have sense, you damned rebel!"  Xiaozong shouts up at him, "Even if you kill me do you think you can get away with this perfidy?!"

That's when Ida steps out from a nearby alleyway, dragging her huge sword against the cobbles.  "Tien Fong.  Let us get blood on our muzzles."

Xiaozong sees the pale beauty approaching him and he sneers, "I see... so this is why you betrayed Shen Zhou!  Then I will make sure any victory you have will be a victory of ash!"

"We need to get down there, Sir."  Sergeant Xi slings his spear on his back and starts descending the ladder.


Xiazong is 2 zones away if you try to approach from the slow and sure way (Difficulty 20).  If you take the more dangerous route- IE jumping straight down- it's one.  Making your way down safely is a CG 40 roll that requires the use of Lightfoot to avoid harm.

Sergeant Xi is taking the long way; he can't hope to get down there without hurting himself.  Thankfully he can try to attack with his spear from the ladder, though with penalties.

Xiaozong Initiative:
8, 7, 7, 5, 5, 4, 3, 3 & 2
*Spends 2 Malicious Joss
*Float 7-7
*Focus on Breath with 25 for 2 Chi
*Initiative 18 + Speed 10 + AB 5 = 33
*Analyze Tien Fong External Kung Fu Qualities 23 + Tactics 10 + AB 5 = 38

Ida Initiative:
10, 7, 7, 6, 3, 3 & 2
*Float 7-7
*Analyze Xiaozong Kung Fu Fears 23 + Tactics 0 + AB 5 - Foreign 5 = 23, Analyzes
*Lesser Legends Go Second Last

Sergeant Xi Initiative:
10, 10, 8, 7, 5, 3 & 2
*Cover Ground 20 + Footwork 5 = 25
*Lesser Legends Go Second Last
*Minions Go Last

Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 163 posts
Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 19:24
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
6 chi spent, 3 chi respired

10, 5, 4, 3, 3, 2 & 1

2 Chi on Lightfoot
1 Chi on Submissive Steel
Cover Ground: 2x3 + 10 Lightfoot + 5 Laughs At + 5 AB = 43
Initiative: 1x5 + 5 AB = 20

Tien Fong grimaces at Ida's unexpected arrival. That Yun bastard's going to eat her alive!

Thinking quickly, the commander repurposes a sizable length of rope lying nearby, tying it to the hilt of his saber.

"Incoming!" he bellows out to his new housecarl in her native tongue, hurling the makeshift grappling hook towards the wall above her head. When he hears the *THUNK* of steel against concrete, the rebel leader grasps the rope taut and channels his chi into the saber, using the technique that would normally summon his weapon to instead send him soaring towards his embedded blade.

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 GM, 306 posts
Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 20:43
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest

Xiaozong has Cracked Ribs, a Minor injury.

Xiaozong Attack:
10, 7, 6, 4, 4, 2 & 1
*Waits until Tien Fong arrives in his zone
*4 Chi:  Devastation of Black Ice on Primary Strike
*2 Chi:  Ice Cracking the Willow on Primary Strike
*Floods 7 to ignore Tien Fong's armor with Massive
*Strike Tien Fong 24 + Strike 15 + AB 5 = 44 ; Block is -10 from Massive ; Block and Dodge are -10 from Devastation of Black Ice ; Ignores Armor ; Tien Fong's Toughness is -10 ; Inflicts Extra Ripple If Hits

Remember you're -2 for your Lake against him this round.

Xiaozong stands his ground, ignoring Ida as she shows up.  Tien Fong descends rapidly with his saber, which gives Xiaozong all the time he needs to channel his water chi into his ridged staff.  It grows heavy spikes of ice, glinting in the day's light.  He judges Tien Fong's descent and then swings with all of his might, his breath hitching from his cracked ribs... but it's not enough to slow his heavy, withering swing.  Nothing can stop it, one can only attempt to get out of the way!

"Hah!  I have you now!"
Zheng Tien Fong
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Thu 11 Sep 2014
at 23:05
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Completes Cover Ground Wave
Spends 3 chi on Iron-Pushing Step

8, 7, 7, 5 & 2
2x7 + 15 Block vs Disrupted + 10 IPS - 10 Massive - 10 DoBI + 5 AB = 37 vs 44 is good for Ripple

9, 9, 8, 4 & 4
Decent roll for being gimped!
Stick the pair 4s in River
Spend 3 chi on Dragon Claw Flexes
2x9 + 15 Strike vs Disrupted + 10 DCF + 5 AB = 59, using free Flood ability of making Chi aura for RR costing 2 per die
Flood 1x4 for March Towards Hell: creates Disrupt Strike on hit
Flood 1x4 for Into the Jaws of Hell: creates Knockback with result equal to strike on hit

The commander is almost to the Lieutenant when he brings his frost-laced staff to bear. With one final tug, Tien Fong's saber returns to his grasp, just in time to meet the Yun's strike in mid-air. The water-chi fueled blow proves too potent for the rebel leader. Is that what he is now? The thought crosses his mind momentarily as he is sent spinning backwards by the force of the ice-wielder's attack.

With a grunt, he turns his spiraling momentum to his advantage, coming back at Xiaozong from an unexpected angle with another overwhelming blow that threatens to pummel his adversary back towards Sergeant Xi.
 GM, 307 posts
Fri 12 Sep 2014
at 16:31
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Tien Fong takes 2 ripples thanks to Devastation of Black Ice.

Xiaozong Round 2 Defense:
10, 10, 8, 7, 3, 3 & 1
*5 Chi:  Frozen Shadow, enemy Strike -15 in same zone
*Strike Defense 23 + Block 5 + AB 5 = 33 vs 59-15=44, Ripple + Roll
*Keep the 4 you flooded for the knockback, as Sgt Xi is on the Ladder leading down to Base Of Wall, which is your current zone.  Knockbacking onto Ladder doesn't make much sense.

Ripple + Roll:
5, 3, 2 & 1
*15 + Damage 15 - Toughness 5 = 25, a new Trivial wound.  As per gchat, inflicts a Strike disrupt!

Sergeant Xi Attack:
10, 9, 7, 3 & 1
*Flood 6 to extend attack from ladder
*Strike 19 + Strike 15 + Fears 5 - Ladder Penalty = 34, Better Dodged

Xiaozong Round 2 Defense vs Xi:
10, 9, 9, 6, 6, 5 & 3
*Block Strike 29 + Block 5 + AB 5 - Better Dodged 5 = 34 vs 39, takes Ripple

Ida Attack:
10, 6, 5, 4 & 4.
*Flowed Disrupt Block 27 + Might 15 + AB 5 + EKF 5 = 52
*Strike Xiaozong 24 + Strike 10 + AB 5 = 39, Block is -10

Xiaozong Round 2 Defense vs Ida:
10, 9, 9, 7, 2, 2 & 1
*Defend vs Disrupt 22, it hits
*Defend vs Strike 29 + Footwork 5 + AB 5 - Disrupt 5 = 34 vs 39-15=24, avoids strike

Minion Attack:
6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2 & 2
*32 + Tactics 10 = 42, Better Dodged

Xiaozong Round 2 Defense vs Minions:
10, 9, 7, 5, 3, 2 & 1.
*Block 19 + Block 5 + AB 5 - Disrupted Block 5 = 24 vs 42, takes Ripple


Xiaozong ins in the middle of a tempest.  His cold air blows around him, making it hard for Tien Fong and Ida to approach, but it's definitely not enough.  Tien Fong's blow catches him hard, denting the armor of his gauntlets and making it harder for him to hold his staff.

Sergeant Xi leans over from the ladder, hanging from an arm as he jabs with his long spear.  The spear is long and thin- there's no way for the wind to find purchase to drag it off course!  It whistles around the spearpoint as he scratches Xiaozong's magnificent armor.

And then Ida steps forward, bringing that huge sword to bear.  She can't manage to get an accurate blow on the Yun bastard, but the flat of her blade slams into his arms, staggering him further...

... and thus opens him to attack from the ramparts.  Another flurry of arrows from the troops above drive Xiaozong back, with one sticking from his upper arm.  He pulls it out with a scowl.

"So, that's the way this is- a leopard nibbled to pieces by mice." He thinks quickly and backs up against a nearby building's wall, and with supreme mastery of his body steadies his battered legs.  "Honorless dogs, my Uncle will cut your hearts from your frozen bodies for this!"


Xiaozong Initiative Round 3
8, 7, 5, 3, 3, 3 & 1
*Recover From Footwork Disrupt 33 + Hardiness 10 + AB 5 = 48, recovers
*Initiative 18 + Speed 10 + AB 5 = 33

Holding off LL for Tien Fong's orders.

Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 165 posts
Fri 12 Sep 2014
at 20:27
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
New minor: can we aggravate those brusied ribs?
Another 6 chi spent, 3 respired, begins round 3 at 6/12
2 Ripples

9, 8, 3, 3, 3, 2 & 1

3x3 + 10 Hardiness (FOB) + 5 = 43, respires 2 extra chi
Initiative: 1x9 + 5 AB = 24

Tien Fong alights upon the ground by Ida, ready to engage his adversary once more. "Keep an eye out for his toadie, Desheng. Make sure he does not escape in the chaos." he tells her, before his gaze returns to the Lieutenant.

"That's the thing about you and your uncle," he declares staunchly. "Stuck so high in your ice towers that you always forget about the mice."

He throws a glance at Ida, then back to the Ice Sutra practitioner. "She is not the cause of this, Xiaozong. You of all people know what it means to fight for your survival. Your clan was not unlike her people, not so long ago. Once relegated to the far reaches of the empire and ostracized for being the wandering nomads of the Xiongnu, but look where you are today fabled pillars of the Wulin."

"No, I fight because the Jin Empire has rotted from within, the Emperor a puppet manipulated by the greedy and self-serving. The Mandate of Heaven rests no longer upon its crooked shoulders."

He adjusts his grip on his blade, clutching it with both hands as he prepares for the Yun's next arctic salvo.

"Deep within your rime-crusted bones you know this to be true. Join my cause, and we can restore Shen Zhou to its rightful place!"

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 GM, 312 posts
Sat 13 Sep 2014
at 15:05
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
It's a new Trivial, so no; he'll have a Trivial and a Minor wound:  Cracked Ribs.

Sergeant Xi Round 3 Initiative:
7, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4 & 3
*Float 4-4
*Cover Ground 25 + Footwork 5 = 30
*Lesser Legend Goes Second Last
*Minions Go Last

Ida Round 3 Initiative:
10, 8, 6, 5, 3, 2 & 1
*Lesser Legend Goes Second Last


"Too high and your men have it already,"  Ida shoots back at him, readying her sword.  "I am your shieldbearer.  I stay by your side."

"As she says.  I've got men on it already, Sir."  Sergeant Xi answers.

Xiaozong gapes at Tien Fong, his eyes bulging.  "Wh-yo-  You damnable Han!"  He spits at Tien Fong, "Not so long ago?  Generations!  Centuries!  And in those centuries we have remained autonomous yet have become staunch allies of Shen Zhou.  Our troops mingle with the Empire's, Uncle Snow Leopard has been given the strength of their armies.  We have supported the Jin with all of our might as a pillar of the Wulin and the Empire.  You and all the Han are so quick to throw our past in our faces, but we have made you rich and guarded your borders, and this is what we get?  To be thrown into the same basket as them?  That we're still no better than unwashed murderers from beyond our borders?  When will there be parity!"

He points his staff at Tien Fong.

"You claim the Empire has rotted from within?  Well, I say that fish rots from the head!  From the moment I came here you have lied to me, ZHENG Tien Fong, infamous son of General Zheng the Butcher.  I sat and ate with you peacefully and you said nothing while that ridiculous fat man stuffed his face.  I stepped into the stockade and you lied to me repeatedly.  How can I trust a word you say?  How can I accept your good intentions?  You are a power-grasping dog, and I'll never join your cause and sully my good name by associating with you!"

He charges right at Tien Fong, ignoring everything else.  Ice forms under his feet and he stops mid-charge, sliding the rest of the way towards Tien Fong as he settles into his stance!  Then he swings his staff with all of his might, using the momentum to carry him around for a second time for a much harder, stronger blow.  He puffs out his cheeks and exhales a solid stream of cold chi right at Tien Fong's body!


Xiaozong Round 3 Attack:
10, 9, 9, 8, 8, 7 & 1
*Float 8-8
*4 Chi:  Devastation of Black Ice on Secondary Strike
*3 Chi:  Freeze attack
*2 Chi:  If Secondary Strike hits, Tien Fong doesn't regenerate Earth chi!
*Strike 17 + Strike 15 + EKF 5 + AB 5 - Disrupt 5 = 37, Block is -10 from Massive
*Flooded Secondary Strike 28 + Strike 15 + EKF 5 + AB 5 - Disrupt 5 = 48, Block is -10 from Massive, Block and Dodge are -10 from Devastation of Black Ice, inflicts extra Ripple if hits, shuts down Earth Chi regeneration if hits
*Freeze 29 + Freeze 20 + AB 5 = 54, Block is -5 as per Energy Attack rules

Zheng Tien Fong
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Mon 15 Sep 2014
at 17:46
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
10, 9, 8, 7, 7, 3 & 1

So tell me how you really feel, Xiaozong. Sounds like a whole lot of honesty to me, which BFWF Laughs At.

2 chi on Iron Pushing Step
vs Primary Strike 37: 1x8 + 15 Block - 10 Massive + 5 AB + 5 Laughs = 33, good for a Ripple
vs Secondary Strike 48: 2x7 + 15 Block - 10 Massive + 10 IPS - 10 DoBI + 5 Laughs + 5 AB = 42, good for 2 Ripples
vs Freeze 54: 1x9 + 15 Block - 5 Energy + 5 Laughs + 5 AB = 39, Ripple + Roll

By my count TF is at 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 Ripples
Spending 2 chi on Chi Aura
I'll await RR results before posting his attack action

Tien Fong comes to a realization as he girds himself against the Lieutenant's approach. The line has been drawn. He has declared war on the Empire, and this was his new reality. Where previously it was all bold statements and preparations, it now truly dawns on him that those that he once stood beside as allies are now his enemies. And in the back of his mind, Xiaozong's words resonate. He was never one for deceit or subterfuge, but is this what war does? Is this the path his father took, that ultimately corrupted him?

Engrossed in second-guessing himself, the commander is ill-equipped to withstand his adversary's attack. His saber barely counters the first blow before getting overwhelmed by the second, and then the cold. The bitter, bitter cold.

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 GM, 320 posts
Tue 16 Sep 2014
at 17:32
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
10, 9, 7, 6, 2 & 1
*19 + Freeze 5 = 24 - Toughness 0 (Energy Attack) - Chi Aura 15 = 9, a Trivial:  Frozen Throat.  This is a Breath penalty that also Freezes Tien Fong's River if it ever exceeds Trivial.

Tien Fong doesn't regenerate Earth Chi this round.

And damn straight that's a whole lot of honesty there.

Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 168 posts
Tue 16 Sep 2014
at 21:36
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
10, 6, 6, 3, 3, 2 & 1

3 chi on Dragon Claw Flexes
I'm assuming I can't double dip into Laughs At Honesty here.
Attack: 2x6 + 15 Strike vs Disrupted + 10 DCF + 5 AB = 56
Depending on results, will take advantage of DCF free use of weapon flood ability to force a RR if the roll succeeds by 5 instead 10.
Disrupt Block: 2x3 + 15 Tactics (Disruption) + 5 AB = 43

As Tien Fong whirls his saber to retaliate, he can barely even grunt, his vocal cords having been encrusted in a layer of frost. Seeing the Lieutenant's weapon similarly covered with an icy sheen and lined with icicles, the commander changes tactics. Raising his weapon high above his head with two hands, the rebel leader purposefully telegraphs his blow, fully intending for Xiaozong to instinctively block it with his staff, unaware that was his intention all along. The two implements collide with such force that it showers shards of ice up and down his adversary's arm!

"You speak truly, Western Tempest. The bridges have been burnt. All that remains now is to clear out the debris!"

10, 10, 9, 6, 4, 3 & 2

Focus on Breath: 2x10 + 10 Hardiness (FOB) + 5 = 35, respires 1 extra chi
Initiative: 1x9 + 5 AB = 24
If the 4 didn't get Flooded for the weapon ability above, using it to Analyze Fears: 2x4 + 10 Tactics + 5 AB = 39

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 GM, 323 posts
Tue 16 Sep 2014
at 22:11
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Eh, it's the same round, I'll allow it.

Xiaozong Defense Round 3:
10, 8, 7, 7, 6, 5 & 4
*5 Chi:  Frozen Shadow, -15 to Strike for all opponents in same zone
*Defense vs Strike 27 + Footwork 5 + AB 5 = 37 vs (56-15)=41, a difference of 4:  1 Ripple
*Defense vs Toughness Disrupt 18 + Hardiness 10 + AB 5 = 33 vs 43, takes Disrupt

Ida Attack Round 3:
10, 9, 8, 7, 5, 5 & 4
*Float 5-5
*Attack 19 + Strike 10 + AB 5 = 34 - 15 = 19 ; Xiaozong rolls a 37 and handily defends.

Sgt Xi Attack Round 3:
9, 8, 4, 4, 3, 1 & 1
*Flowed Strike 44 + Strike 15 + Fears 5 - Frozen Shadow 15 = 49, Better Blocked ; Xiaozong rolls a 28 + Footwork 5 + AB 5 - Better Blocked 5 = 33 vs 49, Ripple + Roll

RR on Xiaozong:
*39 + Damage 15 = 54 - Effective Toughness 0 - Chi Aura 14 = 40, a Minor:  inflames Breath to Major, Shattered Ribs

Minions Attack Round 3:
8, 7, 5, 5, 5, 2 & 1
*Attack 35 + Tactics 10 = 45, Better Blocked ; Xiaozong rolls a 26 + FW 5 + AB 5 - BB 5 = 31 vs 45, takes another Ripple


Xiaozong is a tiger at bay.  He raises his staff to block Tien Fong's attack as intended and does a credible job at it, his icy chi keeping Tien Fong from hitting with all of his might.  The commander's saber digs into his shoulder and scrapes off his armor even as his own icicles skewer and dent his armor.

Ida's pushed back by the winds- "Cursed winter warrior!"- but that doesn't bother the redoubtable Sergeant Xi.  He drops from the ladder, steadies his spear, and rams it deep into Xiaozong's ribs as the Western Tempest tries to hold back Tien Fong.  The sergeant withdraws his spear and a gout of blood erupts from the man's armor.

"Sir, down!"  Sergeant Xi calls to him, grabbing Tien Fong and pulling him to the side as a hail of arrows impact the earth around them.  A few more feather Xiaozong, the Yun warrior spitting up blood as he staggers back.

"Coward,"  Xiaozong spits up blood at Tien Fong, "Take note!  This is... how a... warrior dies..."  His breath comes in huge wracking gasps.  He steadies his staff and charges at Tien Fong, screaming a warrior's yell of hate and despair.

Xiaozong spends a Chivalrous Joss.  No matter what happens here, he will expire of his wounds.  Tien Fong nonetheless gets the last blow.
Zheng Tien Fong
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Tue 16 Sep 2014
at 22:32
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
"Take note!  This is... how a... warrior dies..."

"Indeed," Tien Fong manages to rasp, meeting the Lieutenant's charge head-on. At the last second, he spins and slides his back along the length of his foe's outstretched staff. The icy surface of the weapon only amplifies his momentum, carrying the commander close enough to deliver the killing blow. A clean cut across the shoulder, decapitating the Tempest as he threatened to earlier.

Desheng can only look aghast as his superior's head rolls to the ground. Tien Fong addresses him sternly. "You have witnessed the first casualty of this war, Staff Officer.. You will share what you know of the Yun's war effort with us now or you will become the second."

End of Battle Ripple Roll
10, 9, 9, 8, 8 & 7

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Tue 16 Sep 2014
at 22:48
Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
A Rebel's Remorse.  This is a Metal Grief Passion, Recovery of 29, Duration 1, Interval 1 Session; that means you can roll your Recovery to eliminate it at the end of the next Session.
Tien Fong suffers a Cultivation penalty any session he fails to properly and visibly regret the course of action that led to this today.  Though Xiaozong was no saint, he was a loyal soldier and nephew!

The Western Tempest's head flies from his shoulders.  As he also promises, his body turns to ice as his chi meridians go rampant.  His head shatters and then his body tips over, also shattering to pieces.

Desheng quails up at the top of the wall, one of Tien Fong's men holding him at crossbow point.  "I- I- I can't do that!"  Desheng stammers, pointing at the Western Tempest's remains.  "How can I do that when such a man lies dead in front of me?  How could I disgrace his memory!"

Sergeant Xi leans on his staff.  "We'll lean on him soon enough in the cells, Sir.  Are you doing alright, Sir?"

"He was formidable,"  Ida grants, nudging a piece of him with her toe, "But not formidable enough to face my Lord."
Zheng Tien Fong
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Sat 20 Sep 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
When Desheng is out of earshot, a dour Tien Fong confides to his two colleagues, the sweet taste of his victory clearly short-lived.

"The disappearance of the Tempest will not go unnoticed. We will do our best to make it appear that he fell prey to raiders or...'the barbarian horde,' but we must assume the worst and consider our enemies' suspicions raised," he explains."I fully expect additional scrutiny turned towards me and Hanging White Paper, and I doubt we can carry on any kind of charade much longer."

Back up on the wall, surveying the land, Ida's people, his army, the commander knows that Xiaozong's death has forced his hand. "Our timetable has shifted. Step up the preparations. I fear we must march sooner than we think to claim any element of surprise."
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Mon 22 Sep 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
"Sir,"  Sergeant Xi nods in agreement, "It will not.  We could trust the Delegates to make an excuse up.  I'll double the patrols."

"Our troops aren't quite ready.  Many are still recovering from the siege."  Ida admits in halting pidgin Chinese, "But the housecarls are prepared and our reserve warriors are ready.  We can field a sizable force."

"The nearest garrison is a smaller one.  That shouldn't be much of a problem, Sir." Sergeant Xi keeps standing at attention behind Tien Fong, "And we'd have to use a mountain pass.  If we bring too much force they'll just stack up in the pass and be useless.  Sir, we should also consider the barbarian champions are not prepared for this."
Zheng Tien Fong
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Tue 23 Sep 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 3:  Tien Fong and the Tempest
Tien Fong nods.

"I will discuss the matter further with the Delegates when they return."