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Xin Wude
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Thu 23 Apr 2015
at 19:34
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
The speedy Peng manages to land a glancing blow, this pass--this despite the whirling wall of steel that surrounds the sitting Sword Eccentric. Lest he take overmuch satisfaction, however, he'll discover, upon coming to a stop, that Wude has matched him slice for slice, leaving a thin cut in just the same place that Peng cut Wude.

Wude stands, brushes himself off, and readies himself for another pass from Peng.

Defense R3
10, 7, 5, 4, 4, 2 & 1

Tenfold Steel Guard4n chiRound-long +15 Block, +10 Toughness
Block24 + 20 (Block/Sword) + 15 (10fSG) + 10 (AB) + 5 (Laughs) - 5 (AP) - 5 (Better Dodged)64; 1 Ripple
Victory in SurrenderFlood 6Reply

RoundRipplesRiverChi SpentChi RecoveredTotal ChiAdverse Conditions
End of 316/-6614n/a

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 GM, 523 posts
Thu 23 Apr 2015
at 21:44
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash

Meteor Peng:  Initiative Round 4
10, 6, 6, 5, 4, 4 & 4

Elusive Desert Being1F, 1N ChiSpeed +10, Footwork +10, Round-Long
Time Stands Still3N ChiPhysical defenses Laugh At/don't Fear opponent, Opponent Fears and can't Laugh At defenses, Round-Long
Analyze Style Fears34 + Tactics 5 + AB 1049
Cover Ground26 + Footwork 15 + AB 10 + IKF 1061- to where?  Who knows!
Initiative15 + Speed 15 + AB 10 + IKF 1050

Xin Wude
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Fri 24 Apr 2015
at 00:00
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Dropping 1 cJoss.

R4 Init
8, 7, 5, 4, 3, 3, 2 & 1

Extend Sword Mindset3 chiExtend SM effects
Dragon in Flightfree w/SM+5 Speed; use Init as CG
Focus on Breath18 + 15 (Confidence/spec) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)38; recover 1 additional chi
Initiative23 + 10 (Speed/Unarmed) + 5 (DiF) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)43

 GM, 525 posts
Mon 27 Apr 2015
at 17:08
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash

Attack R4
10, 10, 7, 7, 6, 6 & 1

Fusing Flames1F ChiIgnore Environmental Penalties
Blanketing Chi Guidance2N ChiStrike +10
Strike Wude27 + Strike 15 + AB 10 + Laughs 5 + IKF 10 + Fears 572, Better Dodged; Block -5
Break CG Wave20 + Strike 15 + AB 10 + Laughs 5 + EKF 5 + Fears 560, CG Wave Broken
Float6-66-6 In River

Before Wude can move Meteor Peng blinks back next to him, slashing at his legs with a heavy slice at Wude's legs.  The choking, horrible smoke caused by the burning old wood of the fortress doesn't seem to inhibit Meteor Peng in the least.  He's in his element: fire and smoke.  How can Wude resist?!
Xin Wude
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Mon 27 Apr 2015
at 20:22
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Wude can barely make out the speedy Fire Cultist in the growing smoke; only the ubiquity of his whirling blade, and the fullest application of his effort and concentration, manage to turn Meteor Peng's blade aside.

The Sword Eccentric's response is a wild flurry of blows; they're trivially avoided, but not, it turns out, intended to land. The spreading blaze has weakened the walkway, creating weak spots, exposed nails, bent wood---a minefield of potential impediments to solid footwork and speedy movement.

The flurry ends with the pair almost cheek to cheek; in a hoarse whisper, "You seek enlightenment in the flames, but you're lost in the smoke it emits. You try to find higher consciousness, but you end up trapped by your fruitless anger!"

R4 Defense
10, 7, 6, 6, 4, 3, 2 & 2

Tenfold Steel Guard4n ChiRound-long +15 Block, +10 Toughness
FloatAdd 2 to RiverRiver 6/2
FlowAdd 6 to LakeRiver 2/-
Block36 + 20 (Block/Sword) + 15 (10fSG) + 10 (AB) + 5 (Laughs) - 5 (AP) - 5 (Better Dodged)76; blocked

R4 Attack
8, 8, 8, 5, 5, 3, 2 & 1

FlowAdd 2 to LakeRiver -/-
Courtier QW1 chi; 38 + 15 (Inspire/spec) + 5 (Fears) + 10 (AB)68; defend w/Confidence
Wisdom Tool1 chi+5 to any RR from QW Attack
Disrupt Speed25 + 10 (Tactics) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)50
Disrupt Footwork22 + 10 (Tactics) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)47

RoundRipplesRiverChi SpentChi RecoveredTotal ChiAdverse Conditions
End of R41-/-9510none

 GM, 527 posts
Mon 27 Apr 2015
at 21:59
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash

Defense R4
10, 7, 6, 4, 4, 4 & 2

Defense vs Quick Work34 + Bullheaded Confidence 10 + AB 10 + Laughs 559 vs 68, takes Ripple #4
Takes Both DisruptsBoth LandRecovery 50, 47

Initiative R5
10, 10, 10, 9, 6, 6, 6, 6 & 1

MalJossUse 2 MalJossLake -2 vs Meteor Peng
Elusive Desert Being1F, 1N ChiSpeed +10, Footwork +10, Round-Long
1 Chi: Shaping Wave30 + Burn 10 + AB 1050, will increase difficulty to leave Zone to 50
Initiative26 + Speed 15 + AB 10 - Disrupt 5 + IKF 1056
Cover Ground26 + Footwork 15 + AB 10 - Disrupt 5 + IKF 1056, who knows where!

Wude takes a Ripple from smoke exhalation.

Meteor Peng laughs, "Where is the smoke?!  Where is the flame!  There is no smoke, there is no flame, there is no dust!  There is no anger in the buddha-nature!"

OK.  Yeah.  He's... not the brightest tool in the shed; he's really torturing his Buddhist roots here.  Though Wude certainly offers him a lot of things to trip up on, he draws on his inner flame to continue his insane speed and to otherwise ignore any little stumbles he makes.

Though he's not as quick as he was a moment ago.

But Wude has a sinking feeling about this next exchange...

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Xin Wude
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Tue 28 Apr 2015
at 03:14
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Time seems to slow to a crawl. Maybe he's just acclimating to the tremendous speed of his opponent, or maybe---just maybe---he catches a glimpse of the world the way the greatest sages and masters Shen Zhou has ever known see it. He even feels like he has the time to ponder the question before springing into action. He can sense his opponent's movements before they begin, and his own nerves respond just a little more quickly: in the time it takes to blink, he's already leaping backward, away from the the burning walkway and the Finger Peng had previously set to flame. The only thing he leaves behind is his voice, chiding the volatile Fire Cultist. "You see no fire? You feel no heat? You think you're enlightened; but you're simply insensate! Keep up now, and let's see if I can't bring you to your senses."

1 cJoss spent
R5 Init
9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 8, 6 & 5

Floatn/aRiver 9/9
Extend Sword Mindset4 nChiExtend Sword Mindset effects
Dragon in FlightFree w/SM+5 Speed; Init counts as CG
Initiative39 + 10 (Speed/Unarmed) + 5 (DiF) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)59; counts as CG wave w/DiF
Focus on Breath18 + 15 (Confidence/spec) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)respire 1 addtl chi

From the sublime to the ridiculuous ...

R5 Attack
10, 8, 6, 5, 4 & 1

Courtier QW Attack1 nChi; 18 + 15 (Inspire/spec) + 10 (AB)43; defend w/Confidence

 GM, 528 posts
Tue 28 Apr 2015
at 19:12
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash

Defense R5
8, 7, 6, 5, 2, 1 & 1

Defense vs Quick Work21 + Bullheaded Confidence 10 + AB 10 + Laughs 546 vs 43, avoids

Attack R5
10, 8, 7, 7, 3, 3 & 2

Prayer of Cosmic Rebirth27 + BURN 30 + AB 10 + Laughs 5 + Fears 5 (FRS is Reactive)77, RR +15, makes Chi Aura cost double for the rest of the fight, Block -5
KnockbackFlowed 26 + Finesse 10 + AB 10 + L/F 1056, will Knockback into the starting position, now thoroughly aflame
Disrupt Speed23 + Finesse 10 + AB 10 + L/F 1053
Primary Strike18 + Strike 10 + AB 10 + L/F 1048, Better Dodged

Meteor Peng just laughs, "Even the fires of Mara have no effect on Meteor Peng!  They are my strength, my creation!"

The bullheaded Fire Doctrine fighter lets out a burst of flame, setting the entire walkway on fire with a wall of fire chi.  He explodes out through the flame, his weapon cherry-red with his own fire chi.  He thrust his saber hard at Wude's chest, the heat rolling off of it in waves; and in a slight moment Meteor Peng grips Wude's robes and deftly flings him back in the direction he came.

End of Round 5.  Fire spreads from Walkway to adjacent locations and from the second Finger to adjacent zones.  Check map.
Zheng Tien Fong
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Tue 28 Apr 2015
at 19:59
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
  "There's glory and then there's being subsumed by glory, Zheng Tien Fong.  I would be fuel for your fire, nothing more.  I thank you for the offer but I will have to find my own path to greatness.  Perhaps in the future we will cross paths again and I will be happy to fight as an ally."

Before Wude and Peng's match, Tien Fong has another word with the androgynous acolyte before he prepares to coordinate the evacuation efforts.

"If I have learned anything in my life, Disciple Szu, it is this: one does not get to choose to be great. History is the one that determines your true legacy. 'Find your own path' if you wish, but greatness will not be sought. Greatness will find you...if you are worthy."

The look that the commander gives Lucky Scale indicates that the he intended for the last statement to be a challenge.

"Keep waiting and seeking, if that is your desire, but you would be blind not to see the offer...the opportunity laid before you. To wage war against the Jin, to be part of the destruction of an empire, to reforge Shen Zhou itself."

"Subsumed by my glory?" he laughs. "The glory to be had here is far, far larger than one man can ever attain, for the cause is bigger than one man, and this war will be fought on multiple fronts. Do you think we shall take Jian Kang by marching straight through the Imperial Highway?"

"Think of this, Disciple Szu: Luo Shing was but a lowly lieutenant when he devised and implemented his now famous maneuver that turned the tide at the Battle at Five Brides. Now the Luo Shing Reverse Splinter Approach is what is taught in military academies everywhere. It is his statue is immortalized at Five Brides Square."

"Each general —"
Tien Fong regards the firebrand carefully with the mention of the title. " — will be rightly remembered for their own merits, their own achievements, and how they led their troops to victory."

8, 5, 3, 2, 2, 1 & 1
2x2 + 10 Tactics + 5 AB = 37
Not sure if his Tactics specs apply here.

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Xin Wude
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Tue 28 Apr 2015
at 22:45
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
For all his unflappable self-presentation, the heat, the smoke, and---not least of all---Meteor Peng have Wude pushed to the brink. To draw upon the blade-wall skill his shifu taught him requires the very dregs of his inner potency; he closes his eyes, focuses on the figure of his opponent, and lets instinct and training dictate the shape of his defense. He meets the Fire Cultist's saber with his sword first, not so much parrying it as aggressively striking it---once, then again, and again, and again, metal-on-metal clangs marking each meeting. One or two such strikes would be sufficient to turn aside the (frankly, not very impressive) saber blow, but the overpowering heat the Cultist emits is harder to turn aside. And while the Sword Eccentric does keep it at a bearable distance, the sleeve of his robe on his sword-arm is blackened and singed for his trouble.

Against Peng's grappling, Wude can only let the defense to which he's already committed carry him through; as the two blades meet for the final time, and Peng's hand reaches out to grab him, he pronates his wrist and pulls his sword-arm in, redirecting the follow-through to smack his assailant's palm with the hilt of his sword---his only chance of turning aside the grapple.

R5 Defense
10, 9, 6, 5, 4 & 2

Flown/a9,9 in Lake; River -/-
Tenfold Steel Guard4 nChiRound-long +15 Block, +10 Toughness
Block Burn Attack29 + 20 (Block) + 15 (10fSG) + 10 (AB) + 5 (Laughs) - 5 (Better Dodged)74; 1 Ripple
Block Saber Strike15 + 20 (Block) + 15 (10fSG) + 10 (AB) + 5 (Laughs) - 5 (Better Dodged)60; blocked
Block Knockback19 + 20 (Block) + 15 (10fSG) + 10 (AB) + 5 (Laughs) - 10 (Better Defended w/skill)54/59
Block Disrupt16 + 20 (Block) + 15 (10fSG) + 10 (AB) + 5 (Laughs) - 10 (Better Defended w/skill)56

ETA: Was a little quick on the draw applying the environmental penalty, it seems; adjusted accordingly.</Mono>

RoundRipplesRiverChi SpentChi RecoveredTotal ChiAdverse Conditions
End of R53-/-1055n/a

R6 Init
8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 & 3

Sword Mindset5 chiSM effects
Cover Ground23 + 10 (Footwork/Unarmed) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)38, away from the smoke!
Focus on Breath18 + 15 (Confidence/spec) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)33; +1 chi respired
Initiative17 + 10 (Speed/Unarmed) + 10 (AB) - 5 (AP)32

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 GM, 529 posts
Wed 29 Apr 2015
at 16:11
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Szu counters with tactics:  17 + 0 + 0 = 17, a fail.

Szu bows her head, lowering her eyes.  "You favor me with promises that are incorrect to make,"  She says, "Or with titles I don't deserve.  I don't know anything about the Luo Shing Reverse Splinter Approach, or Five Brides Square, or leading anyone.  How could I be a general in your grand army of barbarians and angry Han?  Generalship... an empty title."

She casts a glance at her teacher, who's busily at work talking to a distraught peasant.

"You are greedy, Tien Fong, greedy for talent and help.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing.  But this is what a subsuming of destiny means.  I could be your general, yes!  But I would be a poor one, and with you choosing my path how many other ways would I be misused?

But I don't think Master Samadhi Flame is making the right choice, either."


Wude avoids the Knockback, etc.

Initiative R6
9, 9, 9, 8, 8, 6 & 3

Initiative16 + Speed 15 + AB 10 - Disrupt 536
Focus on Breath28 + Wu Wei 10 + AB 1048, 2 Chi at end of round
Cover Ground39 + Footwork 15 + AB 10 - Disrupt 559

Attack R6
10, 9, 8, 8, 4, 3 & 1

Prayer of Cosmic Rebirth28 + Burn 30 + AB 10 + L/F 1078, Block -5
Break CGFlowed 26 + Strike 15 + AB 10 + EKF 556, breaks CG
Primary Strike19 + Strike 15 + AB 10 + L/F 1054, Block -5

Despite Meteor Peng's best efforts, Wude manages to avoid the worst of his attack... though now the smoke and fire is spreading across the ancient wood.  What's worse, Wude can feel the flame licking through his chi channels, causing minor blockages and making the fight just a bit harder.

Meteor Peng seems to feed off of Wude's style.  His own style, quick and reactive, manages to catch Wude just after Wude recovers from his last defense.  Meteor Peng gives Wude another impossibly fast and heavy slash that keeps him from recovering his footing, then remarkably headbutts the Sword Saint with a burning brow!

And almost as fast as he attacked he's gone, jumping back to the next walkway.
Xin Wude
 player, 298 posts
Wed 29 Apr 2015
at 18:42
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
And just like that, Wude collapses in a bloody, burnt heap. His chi depleted, his lungs and eyes stinging, his sword finally seconds too slow, Meteor Peng pierces the Sword Eccentric's heretofore unbreakable defenses with shocking ease.

Defense vs PoCR: 26 + 15 + 5 + 10 + 5 - 5 - 5 = 51; 2 ripples & a roll
Defense vs Strike: 19 + 15 + 5 + 10 + 5 - 5 - 5 = 44; 1 Ripple & a roll

And no chi for Aura dice. Good times. (I made the RRs in the order in which you listed them.)

RR from PoCR: 9, 8, 4, 4 & 1; 24 + 15 = 39, good for a Major.
RR from Strike: 8, 8, 7, 6, 2 & 2; 28 + 10 = 38, good for a 2nd Major.


Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 277 posts
Wed 29 Apr 2015
at 20:08
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
"I use military titles and examples because I am a military man, Disciple Szu. They mean nothing to you, much like they mean nothing to my sword-wielding colleague facing your upstart brother. But he has seen past terminology and into the greater truth: the glory one receives is commensurate to the challenge one overcomes. Hence he dives into opportunities headlong, to test his mettle against all the Heavens would bring his way."

"I give Wude no title. No troops accompany him save those that he requests. His missions are tailored to his skills and talents. He knows only the cause, what we fight for, and that it is greater than him."

Tien Fong smiles.

"Greedy? That a word one may use. More precise would be 'opportunistic,' a word I would also use to describe Xin Wude — fully aware of daunting task before us and taking what Heaven has offered. Just moments ago I saw this quality in y--."

The commander doesn't finish his thought as he sees Meteor Peng punch through Wude's defenses. He rushes headlong towards his fallen comrade through the smoke and flame.
 GM, 531 posts
Tue 5 May 2015
at 19:46
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Burned Forehead, Deeply Cut Stomach

Szu doesn't have a chance to reply- she was listening carefully right up to the point that Meteor Peng drilled Wude into the ground.  She's faster than Tien Fong, sprinting past him into the smoke.

Samadhi Flame is faster.  The high priest doesn't seem to exert himself.  His legs and arms barely move, his robes ripple behind him as he shoots past them into the smoke and flame.  He raises his hands and all the fire sucks itself into his hands, leaving the Fingers scorched and smelling of woodsmoke but intact.

Meteor Peng almost looks like he's going to go after Wude again but thinks better of it.  He sheathes his sword with a cocky smirk, leaning against the scorched wood.  "I warned him."

"Once again, Meteor Peng shows he's more bloodthirsty than intelligent," Szu mutters as she kneels by Wude, looking over his wounds.  "A little more would've killed him."

"He should know how to play the game better.  Put forth his best strength and mock me for holding back, he gets what he deserves.

Your friend should watch his mouth in the future,"
  Meteor Peng says blithely to Tien Fong.

"Enough, Meteor Peng."  Samadhi Flame chastises him.  "You won AND you got what you want."
Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 278 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 00:22
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Tien Fong's eyes narrow in contempt as he quickly surveys his fallen ally's wounds. His saber flashes free from his scabbard and he rushes the churlish disciple.

"You won AND you got what you want."

"No, Master Samadhi," the commander growls as he thunders towards Meteor Peng. "He will be getting more than he bargained for."

I think I've lost count of my Joss, but if I've got at least 1 Mal Joss I'll burn it.

9, 9, 9, 8, 6, 5, 3 & 1
Analyze Style's Fears: 2x9 + 10 Tactics + 5 AB = 44
Float 1x9 into River
Initiative: 1x8 + 5 = 23

 GM, 532 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 16:14
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Basically, Meteor Peng's disrupts go away.  He gets 2 rounds of chi regen (1 for the normal end-of-round, one to count as waiting for TF).  TF has full Joss.

Initiative R1
10, 10, 9, 9, 4, 2 & 1

Initiative14 + Speed 15 + AB 1039
Shaping Wave:  BURN29 + BURN 10 + AB 1049
Cover Ground20 + Footwork 15 + AB 1045

Attack R1
8, 8, 6, 5, 5 & 1

Prayer of Cosmic Rebirth28 + Burn 30 + AB 1068, Block -5, if hits TF's Chi Aura costs 2 Chi/die for rest of fight
Float5-5River 5-5
Primary Strike16 + Strike 15 + AB 1041, Block -5

Meteor Peng fears:  Similarly quick individuals, unpredictability.

Samadhi Flame and Szu take Wude out immediately... and just in time.  Meteor Peng gives Tien Fong a Wulin salute over his own saber-sword, the heat rising from his flesh.  "Our blades draw each other!"  He pronounces in a tone of faint ritual, "Come, dishonorable one.  When I defeat you I'll throw you and your people out of our home!"

Then there's an explosion of heat and flame.  The room's engulfed with the billowing dark clouds and then Meteor Peng rushes Tien Fong, slashing at him with his heavy blade- glimmering with red-hot heat.  Then Meteor Peng runs past, leaving a trail of burning footprints as he heads to one of the adjacent walkways.

As before, the smoke/flame inflicts a -5 AP to sight-based actions as well as FoB actions.  A full round spent in the smoke and flame inflicts a Ripple.  Every 2 rounds it spreads to every adjacent zone.

Map here:

TF is blue.

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Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 279 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 19:15
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Tien Fong's saber meets the fire zealot's weapon head on, but it dissipates and rematerializes in a gout of flame and smoke, piercing the commander with searing steel.

9, 8, 8, 5, 4, 4 & 2
3 chi on Iron Pushing Snap
Defend vs Prayer of Cosmic Rebirth: 2x9 + 10 IPS + 5 Block - 5 Best Dodged + 5 AB = 44 vs 68
Defend vs Strike: 2x8 + 5 Block + 5 AB = 38 vs 41

1 Chi on Chi Aura
Meteor's out of range, so TF's unable to attack

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 GM, 534 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 19:45
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Actually 33 vs 41, but still just a Ripple.

RR on Tien Fong
7, 6

TF Chi Aura172 Chi
Burn17 + Burn 15 - Chi Aura 1715, a Minor wound:  Burned Right Arm

Init Round 2
10, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6 & 5

Hundred Li Step3 ChiCover Multiple Zones
Fusing Flame2 ChiIgnore Fire-based Environmental Effects
Elusive Desert Being3 ChiRound-Long, Speed/Footwork +10
Shaping Wave:  BURNFlowed 35 + BURN 10 + AB 101 Chi, 55
Cover Ground28 + Footwork 15 + AB 10 + IKF 1063, CG to TF's zone and beyond
Initiative19 + Speed 15 + AB 10 + IKF 1054

Smoke Obscuration is now in effect in TF's zone.  He takes a Ripple if he stays in the smoke.

Tien Fong's armor manages to deflect the worst of Meteor Peng's sword blow, but the searing heat of his blade raises horrific blisters on Tien Fong's arm.  Then Peng reverses, sprinting at Tien Fong at full speed!

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Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 280 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 21:04
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
It would be most prudent for the commander to not linger when that wave of smoldering destruction arrives at his present position. Recognizing that Meteor Peng intended to rush past him, Tien Fong propels himself using his saber to keep up with his elusive opponent.

10, 9, 9, 9, 7, 4, 3 & 1

Burning 1 Chiv Joss
1 chi on Submissive Steel, 2 chi on Hungry Falcon Edge
Init: 1x7 + 5 AB = 22
Cover Ground with propelled saber: 3x9 + 15 Tactics (Battlefield Analysis) + 5 HFE + 5 AB = 64
Intending to get out of this zone and follow Meteor to the next

 GM, 535 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 21:30
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash

Attack Round 2
7, 7, 7, 3, 2, 2 & 1

Blanketing Chi Guidance2 ChiStrike +10
Primary Strike Tien Fong22 + Strike 15 + AB 10 + IKF 1057, Better Dodged, Block -5
Knockback Tien Fong37 + Finesse 10 + AB 1057, will Knockback into now-burning walkway he just vacated

Meteor Peng winds up, sending a plume of smoke as he bullrushes past Tien Fong.  Another heavy blow threatens to burst right through the commander's guard- and he pivots on the force of the slash, gripping the heavier warrior and spinning with both of them in place.  Then he flings Tien Fong in the direction he just came, using the momentum to transport him into the next walkway and leaving Tien Fong in the smoke.
Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 281 posts
Wed 6 May 2015
at 21:47
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
The commander grimaces as he takes the brunt of Peng's blow. The firebrand's momentum is too overpowering, however, and Tien Fong finds himself hurtled back into the fiery fray he sought to escape.

10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 5 & 3

3 Chi on IPS
Defend vs Strike: 3x8 + 5 Block + 10 IPS - 5 Best Dodged + 5 AB - 5 obscured = 48 vs 57, 1 ripple no roll
Defend vs Knockback: 1x7 + 15 Tactics (Battlefield Analysis) + 5 AB - 5 obscured = 37, fail
River 2x10

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 GM, 536 posts
Thu 7 May 2015
at 19:34
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Tien Fong is knocked into the burning walkway.  He has a few directions he can go- back towards Meteor Peng?  Into a Finger that isn't burning?

Tien Fong has a CG action he can use; if he ends the round in smoke he takes a Ripple.  TF has first init this upcoming round.
Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 283 posts
Mon 11 May 2015
at 20:14
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Tien Fong propels himself further back to escape the billowing smoke and flames, sending himself clear of Meteor Peng's fiery trail. As he does so, he triggers the hidden lever that activates one of Vigilant Fist's Mohist-constructed defense mechanisms — it seals the doorway out of the Finger his adversary just entered, and the walkway the commander just vacated suddenly crumbles in a maelstrom of crashing brick and stone!

CG to zone free of fire and smoke
10, 8, 5, 4, 2, 2, 2 & 2.
Activate the Mohist trap

Round 3

With some breathing room between himself and his adversary, the commander channels his chi through his goose-quill saber as he surveys the blazing landscape. He attunes himself to the dance of the flames and steels himself against the blistering ash. In moments the haze and smoke become immaterial to him, like the din of clashing steel that accompanies a war-time siege, and his blade becomes a soaring extension of himself, beholden to his mental command.

Spending another Chiv Joss
10, 10, 8, 8, 7, 5, 5 & 4

3 chi on Submissive Steel + Hungry Falcon Edge
Shaping Wave to give TF's saber Ranged: 2x10 + 10 Tactics + 5 HFE + 5 AB = 40
Shaping Wave to give TF smoke-piercing vision: 2x5 + 15 Awareness (Eagle Eyed) + 5 AB = 45
River 2x8

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 GM, 537 posts
Tue 12 May 2015
at 18:40
Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
Meteor Peng starts walking back with a cocky expression on his face- that turns comical once the walkway collapses.  The doors slam shut with clever Mohist ingenuity and the two are cut off.

Samadhi Flame streaks in from the inner courtyards and puts out the fires, but not before Meteor Peng can be seen jumping down from the battlements and running.

"You lost that one, I suspect."  Samadhi Flame says to Tien Fong, "But he left the field of battle, so perhaps you didn't lose too badly.  I'd hoped Meteor Peng would be stupid enough to taunt you a bit further.  I've always suspected him a spy of other sects of the Fire Doctrine."

Szu waves some burning herbs under Wude's nose, trying to wake him up.

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Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 284 posts
Tue 12 May 2015
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Re: Arc 1, Session 4:  Thunder Crash
"It was far from my finest hour," Tien Fong replies, taking one last look at his fleet-footed adversary before turning back to regard Samadhi Flame. "But it has more than shown to me the potency of your sect's style. I would ask you one more time, Elder Flame. Would you reconsider and join my cause?"