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Character Sheets
Post 'em here, hopefully as a link to a document that can be altered as play goes on.  This thread will also include some basic information of NPCs you encounter, while you encounter them.

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Re: Character Sheets
Zheng Tien Fong

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Re: Character Sheets
Xin Wude's Sheet
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Re: Character Sheets
Cai Lu's sheet
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Re: Character Sheets
NPCs introduced in Sessions 1-2, in order of appearance (any pictures will be hotlinked to their name!):

Mayor Fat Boar is the mayor of Hanging White Paper.  He is quite obese and fond of all sorts of gut-wrenching foods, and a messy eater.  However, he seems to have an excellent grasp of politics and business.  The Mayor is very prickly about his position in the city and annoyed at Snow Leopard's plans, believing they are nothing more than disguised land grabs.  Mayor Fat Boar doesn't seem to be cultivated; if he is, the cultivation is seriously weak, which is common enough among the political elite of Shen Zhou.

Hears Everything is the Liquid Metal Delegate assigned to Hanging White Paper.  While his kung fu isn't particularly strong, he holds the leverage of his entire order behind him and uses that like others would a sword.  Years of training have made him reasonably impervious to standard uses of the Secret Arts, making it difficult to change his mind or behavior.  He has a big dog Xiaotian as a constant companion.  It has been revealed he is a member of the Shadow Hounds, a cadre of Delegates who were raised alongside the Young Yellow Emperor to act as his companions and personal bodyguards.

Old Doctor Cat is an ex-Phoenix who's set up a practice in Hanging White Paper.  A moment of weakness made her take a bribe from a foul slaver, which led to her dismissal from the Resplendent Phoenix Society and a divorce from her Sword Devil husband, Cypress on the Crag.  Her cultivation has either waned or been forcibly cut off, leaving her with little chance of ever interacting with the Jiang Hu again.  This may change with the upcoming war.  Her practice is one of the better ones in Hanging White Paper, as it is bolstered with feng shui to speed up the healing process.  She is also the only source of any information on the missing Cypress.

The Hanging White Paper Garrison are the soldiers under Zheng Tien Fong's command.  These include the seasoned scout Private Huan and his cousin the huge (and actually literate!) Private Big Xuan, the courier Private Fifth Dog, and the seasoned tactician Sergeant Xi.

The Young Yellow Emperor is the current Emperor of Shen Zhou.  The Jin Emperor has taken a very personal interest in the war with the barbarians and has sent his most trusted Delegates to report on the war effort.

Buliwyf and the Barbarian Champions are the invaders of Shen Zhou.  Mostly honorable and fighting with a strange mix of familiar kung fu styles, they have been defeated by the forces of Hanging White Paper and have become friendly with their conquerors.  According to Buliwyf, they fled from their home far to the West after it was clear they could no longer protect their ancestral lands from the Death March.

Does Nothing is one of the superior Liquid Metal Delegates in the North, answering directly to The Young Yellow Emperor.  He bears some kind of powerful Earth chi and is closely tied with the Shadow Hounds.  He gave Commander Zhen Tien Fong orders from the Emperor to 'rebel' and to eliminate the power-hungry East and West Chambers.

The Sword Sinner is an insanely heretical Heaven's Eccentric who has dedicated her life to breaking the Heaven Sword Alliance.  She wields the red blade Cinnabar Dust and her potent curses in battle.  Simply being in her presence is enough to traumatize anyone who uses Jade Spirit Sword!  She claims to be the reincarnation of a young girl who was murdered by the Sword Saint, and has returned again and again to plague the Heaven Sword Alliance.  She was last seen working alongside the Spider Judges as a hired assassin.

Noisy End is the leader of the Bad Star Bandits, unlucky souls who've fled to the wilderness to live a life of banditry.  She is a talented priestess and devotee of Nu Wa, and is equally talented with her double hook blades... though that did her little good against Xin Wude.  Years of living with unwashed bandits have made her brash and unrefined.  She has thrown in her lot with the rebels in the hopes of securing a general amnesty for the Bad Star Bandits, with the ulterior motive of pursuing Wude.

Cold Copper is a Sword Eccentric who was attempting to collect a meteor to forge into a sword.  Unfortunately for him, he was drawn into a three-way fight for the meteor with Noisy End and Xin Wude.  The scholar couldn't cut it and ceded his right to the meteor.  Upon seeing it was nothing but white jade, he decided to cut his losses and leave, but not before providing some more information on the Sword Sinner and the supposedly-fictional Three Swords War.

Yun Haolong was the commander of the garrison at Lao Tzu Pass before his defeat at the eponymous battle.  Also known as the Bare Blue Mountain, he is an excellent mounted combatant if a bit thick in the head.  The burly Yun Clan fighter was rescued by 108 Stone Beads after the battle, and was temporarily taken out of the conflict as part of the deal that would let him live.  Now he must surely nurses bitter thoughts of revenge against his opponent, Zheng Tien Fong... and it will no doubt get worse when he finds that Tien Fong killed his cousin, the Western Tempest Yun Xiaozong.

Soldier Bingwen was Yun Haolong's competent right-hand man up until the Battle of Lao Tzu Pass.  He is a solid tactician, a practicing Daoist, and a solid fighter, carrying on ancient traditions of the Still Water Soldiers.  Though he was able to fight Cai Lu to a standstill, he quickly realized that he couldn't fight against all of the rebels at once and he surrendered to save his commander's life.  Now he works for his captor in accordance with his vow of loyalty.

Brilliant Cheng was Yun Haolong's resident priest, a haughty member of the Falling Leaves Society.  He was taken in quickly by Xin Wude's lies but reacted in horror once 108 Stone Beads was able to see through the dissembling.  Though he was capable of neutralizing Noisy End's cursework he was incapable of doing anything more than slow Wude down.  He was beaten convincingly and now languishes as one of Tien Fong's captives, agonizing over whether or not the rebels truly have Heaven's favor.

108 Stone Beads was born a eunuch, and he fled to the Little Forest Sect to escape the torment of his 'betters'.  There he became a stalwart Buddhist, though he has yet to reach any sort of enlightenment.  His meditation and training make him quite adept at picking up at little clues and he was quick to realize that Wude was lying by omission.  He successfully defeated Noisy End at the Battle of Lao Tzu Pass, and in the interests of preserving lives traded her safety and medical care for the combatants in exchange for Yun Haolong's freedom.  Hears Everything suspects he has contacts with the Liquid Metal Delegates.

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Re: Character Sheets
Updated the NPC list.  If you happen to find any good reference pics for the characters, shoot 'em my way!
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Re: Character Sheets
Ida, Warrior, Barbarian Champion:
This statuesque barbarian seems carved of snow and ice, and towers over all but the largest citizens of Shen Zhou.  She is strong and merciless, wielding a massive blade with frightening skill.  She was captured in Old Master Zhou's house by Tien Fong, and has grown close to the commander in short order.  Her brother Sigdag does not seem pleased by her relationship with Tien Fong, but their chieftain Buliwyf implicitly approves.

Lake, Ripples:  7
Skills:  Might +10 [Feats of Disruption], Inspire +5 [Fear], Confidence +5 [Fearless], Survival +0 [Traditional Barbarian Methods]
External Kung Fu:  The Wolf Time w/Massive Sword [Strike +10, Block +10, Footwork +5, Damage +15] ; Block/Dodge +10 if opponent is Disrupted ; +5 to any Disrupts she makes
Bonus Loresheets:  Barbarian Invaders [Status 8:  Revered Barbarian Champion]
Semi-Permanent Condition:  Wolf Pack Tactics, Recovery 32, Minor Water Combat Condition, Action Bonus:  Ida gains an action bonus whenever she ruthlessly tears apart an enemy piece by bloody piece systematically.


Sergeant Xi, Warrior, Officer of the Imperial Army:
This solid, dependable soldier has served with the Imperial Army almost all of his life.  He lacks the charisma to lead larger groups of men- he is too quiet and unassuming- but his competence is a kind of charisma all of its own.  Sergeant Xi has a minor reputation as an excellent aide thanks not only to his kung fu but his ability to read his commander's intentions, in and out of combat.  He favors using a spear in combat, often assisting stronger fighters with understated tenacity.

Lake, Ripples:  7
Skills:  Confidence +10, Tactics +5 [Leading Minions while in Virtuous Adjutant], Politics +5, Hardiness +0 [Long-term Stamina], Inspire +0 [Leading Minions while in Virtuous Adjutant]
External Kung Fu:  Virtuous Adjutant w/Spear [Strike +15, Block +5, Footwork +5, Damage +15] ; If attack misses by 5 or less, may Flood a Die to inflict a Ripple ; if hit by a Marvel, may Flood a Die to Reply ; +5 to Inspire/Tactics when leading Minions ;  +5 to defense against Disorients
Bonus Loresheets:  Imperial Army [Status 2 ; Technique:  Leading By Example ; Technique:  Heroic Sergeant's Focus]
Semi-Permanent Condition:  Right Hand Man, Recovery 35, Earth Combat Condition, Action Bonus:  Sergeant Xi gains an action bonus whenever he follows the orders of his commander in combat.


Arnulf, Warrior, Barbarian Champion:
The youthful barbarian Arnulf the Eagle Wolf is a prodigy amongst his people, considered by many of the northerners to be their greatest fighter, in the style of their fabled Sword God.  He was captured in Old Master Zhou's house by Xin Wude, but showed no malice towards the Sword Eccentric.  His knowledge of the language of weapons allowed him to begin a sort of communication with Xin Wude, jumpstarting the alliance between the rebels and the barbarians.  Xin Wude has taken over his training after he was cruelly maimed by the Sword Sinner.  Now he will have to learn how to fight with only one hand.

Lake, Ripples:  7
Skills:  Tactics +10, Might +5, Hardiness +5
External Kung Fu:  Wotan's Axe and Spear w/Bearded Axe (Saber) [Strike +20, Block +10, Footwork +5, Damage +10]
Bonus Loresheets:  Barbarian Invaders [Status 9:  Revered Barbarian Champion]
Semi-Permanent Condition:  Proving Worth, Recovery 37, Fire Combat Condition, Action Bonus:  Anrulf gains an action bonus whenever he joyfully engages in combat to show off his prowess.

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Re: Character Sheets
Zhaimie should be all ready to go.

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Re: Character Sheets