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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Tien Fong

Yep, that's good for a Laughs!

Shock vs Tien Fong:
*27 - Chi Aura 18 = 9, a Trivial:  Numb Left Shoulder

Strike vs Tien Fong:
*19 + Damage 10 - Toughness 5 - Chi Aura 15 = 9, a Trivial:  Bruised Ribs

Secondary Strike vs Tien Fong:
*19 + Damage 10 - Toughness 5 - Chi Aura 18 = 6, Inflames Trivial to Minor:  Cracked Ribs!  Tien Fong takes a Breath penalty whenever he doesn't play this up or otherwise finds a way to incorporate them into his actions.

Already rolled Buliwyf's init.

Buliwyf stands up, his leg spilling blood on the round.  That fall cracked Tien Fong's ribs; he can feel something's begun to give.

"These are almost all of my people, men, women, children.  We cannot defeat all of your people.  Not through numbers or by strength of arms." Buliwyf tells him candidly.  "We will not be slaves.  So we will either prove our worth or we will die.  Submit, Commander, and none of your city will be harmed."


Xin Wude

Nope, you're right; he's at 6/7 ripples.

Gerulf Defense:  Not enough.  Dispatch him however you wish.

Roza Attack:
10, 8, 8, 5, 4, 3 & 3
*Strike 28 + 10 = 38; Better Blocked, Block -5; EKF:  Block a further -5
*Knockback 23 + Stealth 5 = 28

Gerulf doesn't stand a chance.  Roza watches in horror as he's easily overwhelmed and then she runs away, disappearing into the underbrush.  Wude, you can hear the battle between the stealthy Delegate and his foe continuing thanks to the clash of thin metal on metal.

There's a slight sob from a bush to Wude's left!  The attack is coming from there!- no, the arrow curves in from the right, aimed right for his ribs.


Cai Lu

Amalric Defense:
4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2 & 1
*Defend 33 + Dodge 5 + AB 5 - Better Blocked 5 = 38 vs 66, 2 Ripples:  4/7

Amalric Attack:
8, 7, 5, 4, 3, 1 & 1
*Strike with 21 + 20 + AB 5 - Circumstance Penalty 5 = 41; Better Dodged
*Secondary Strike with Flooded 24 + Strike 20 + AB 5 - Circumstance Penalty 5 = 44; Better Dodged

Amalric's points are still stuck in Cai Lu's body as he's dragged into the lethal bear hug.  Cai Lu tightens his grip and he can hear the man's bones start to splinter as he tightens it; in response the berserker keeps driving the spears in deeper, depending on Cai Lu's own power to do the work.  He's not in the best position to do this, though, so his attack is a little awkward.

Amalric Initiative:
9, 7, 6, 6, 5, 4 & 1
*Float 6-6

Xin Wude
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Tue 3 Jun 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Another barbarian collapses under the brutal assault of the Thousand-Li Waterfall; one cut, then another, then another, then another, until Gerulf's torso is marked with crimson-red ribbons. Wude executes the attack with neither malice nor glee, but neither does he feel any sadness for the now-crumpled Gerulf. The wounds themselves were not fatal, if he were to receive prompt and proper attention. From the distant sounds of battle on the northern approach, it's unlikely that he'll receive it.

Even if he were inclined toward a moment's sympathy, the younger barbarian's arrow would bring his attention to the present moment. The Sword Eccentric leaps forward to avoid the missile, but he's not quite quick enough; the slightest of scratches mars his skin.
Defense v Roza 10, 9, 8, 6, 6, 5 & 1
River the 6's
Defense vs Strike [38]:18 + 10 (Footwork/Unarmed) + 5 (AB) = 34, 1 ripple
Defense vs Knockback [28]: 19 + 5 (Hardiness) + 5 (AB) = 29

End of R3: 1 Ripple, 13/13 chi (2 chi spent, 4 chi regained), River 6/6

Wude's running after Roza as soon as the arrows passes; Roza may be swift, but she's no match for a man of cultivation. He comes upon her with sword already in offensive posture; to Roza's eyes, it appears to waver and writhe like a ribbon, more like cloth than steel. When he strikes, the jian seems to come from every direction at once; she'll be hard-pressed to side-step the attack called by Wude's teacher Many-Forking River Sword.

"Yield now, and you'll be harmed no more."

R4 Init: 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 & 3
3 chi to extend Sword Mindset; using Sword Heaven for Sword/Flexible; flow a 6
Init: 13 + blahblah
Focus on Breath: 26 + 15 (Confidence w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 46, recover 2 additional chi
Cover Ground: 28 + 5 (Footwork) + 5 (AB) = 38

R4 Attack: 10, 10, 9, 5, 5, 4 & 3
3 chi for BoIS, Snake in Grass free w/SM
Primary: 20 + 10 (Strike) + 10 (Weapon) + 5 (IKF) + 5 (AB) = 50, Better Blocked w/-10 penalty (Flexible)
Secondary: 25 + 10 (Strike) + 10 (Weapon) + 5 (AB) = 50, Better Blocked w/-10 penalty (Flexible)

1 Ripple, 7/13 chi (6 chi spent), River 6/-

Cai Lu
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Tue 3 Jun 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"You think a few little pinpricks bother me? Calm is the essence of my training," Cai Lu says, tightening his grip and lifting the man even as he's stabbed, robbing the spears of the leverage to pierce the thick layers of muscle and fat, "My body is a better weapon than your rage."

With a quick shout Cai Lu tightens his arms further and takes a deep breath, expanding his chest so forcefully it begins to cut off the breathing of his opponent.

(Defense: 10, 10, 8, 7, 5, 4, 2, 1 & 1
Strike: 41 - 20 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 = miss
Strike: 44 - 21 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 = miss

Init: 8, 6, 6, 5, 5, 3 & 1
FoB: 18 for 1 chi
Shaping : Might : Compress : 25 + 10 + 5 = 40
Shaping : Might : Deny Leverage : 26 + 10 + 5 = 41

Attack: 10, 9, 9, 9, 5, 4 & 1
'Strike': 39 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 54, better dodged

River: 7-7
Ripples: 6
Disrupted Footwork
Disrupted Strike)

Zheng Tien Fong
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Fri 6 Jun 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Tien Fong’s planted saber assists his rise to his feet. Clutching his chest and wincing in pain, he declares, “We fight for the same things, merely on opposite sides. We simply seek the best for both our people. Like you, I do not want them to be subjugated by a foreign power. And like you, I desire not the harming of innocents.”

The commander crouches slightly, inhaling deeply as he prepares for his next salvo. “But I am not the aggressor here. I stand in defense of the city placed under my charge. As long as I continue to draw breath,” — and this is admittedly getting more and more difficult for the xia — “my city shall not fall!”

His weapon strikes the ground to punctuate his defiance, setting off a concentrated tremor that cause the earth immediately beneath the two combatants to shudder. Ripples of earth and mud, like those from a stone dropped in water, emanate from the point of impact…and is that a trickle of water springing out from the dirt?

Init: 10, 9, 8, 8, 5, 3 & 1

2 chi for Dragon Turns Over
Shaping Marvel: 53 = 2x8 + 5 Might + 15 DTO + 5 AB
Creating unstable footing to tap into his Fears, and set up Tien Fong’s goal of tapping into some sort of underground water source with his next action. He’s got Survival (Northwestern Territories), so he knows the area.

His breathing belabored, the general’s son surges forward, right behind a wave of earth that plays havoc with Buliwyf’s stance. Tien Fong’s saber criss-crosses the ground as he does so, building up the rush of rock and mud into a cresting breaker that threatens to overwhelm the barbarian! The chieftain can certainly try to stave off the attack with his hammer, but the mire caused by the mingling of soil and water stirred up by his foe will certainly make it impossible for him to maintain a stable foundation for his pattern!

Attack: 10, 10, 10, 9, 7, 5 & 2

Telling Tien Fong things candidly = good for another Laughs?
Strike: 44 = 1x9 + 15 Strike - 5 Disrupt + 5 Laughs At Honesty + 5 Fears Unstable Footing + 5 AB; this wall of earth is Best Dodged!

1 chi on Footfalls Shake the Earth
Disrupt Footwork: 65 = 3x10 + 15 Tactics (Disruption) + 5 Laughs At Honesty + 5 Fears Unstable Footing + 5 FStE + 5 AB; shooting for a more permanent way to tap that Fears Unstable Footing every round

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Sat 7 Jun 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Tien Fong

Tien Fong's Shaping Wave is a success.  You can hit his Fears pretty hard now.  And oh yes.  Buliwyf is fairly honest.  You can hit that Laughs.

Buliwyf defense:
8, 7, 7, 6, 3, 3, 2 & 1
*Takes Disrupt:  You can pretty much hit that Fears whenever you want.
*Defense vs Strike 27 + Block 20 + AB 5 - Better Dodged 5 = 47 vs 44, Blocks

Buliwyf attack:
10, 9, 9, 8, 7, 6, 6 & 2
*Shock 29 + Shock 15 + AB 5 + Fears 5 (Hidden/Unorthodox) = 54 ; Block is -5 against Energy Attacks
*Disrupt Footwork 26 + Tactics 15 + AB 5 = 46
*Secondary Strike with Flooded 34 + Strike 20 + AB 5 + Fears 5 (Hidden/Unorthodox) - Disrupt 5 = 59, Block is -10
*Primary Strike 18 + Strike 20 + AB 5 - Disrupt 5 = 38, Block is -10

The ground shakes, sending Buliwyf sprawling.  The water spreads out, making the plain they're standing on nothing more than a big pit of mud with worrying rapidity.  He swings his hammer desperately, parrying aside Tien Fong's saber.  His hammer flies from his hand into the mud behind the Commander.  That at least buys him the time he needs to get up on his feet.

"You are not... really... the aggressor, no.  But in my place, you would do the same."  He states matter-of-factly, "I respect your resolve, Zheng Tien Fong.  As you must respect mine.  You do not know the burden my people have suffered.  We have no other choice.  And then there are the personal matters.  Someone must answer for the murder of my wife."

He gestures with the hammer and it flies back to his hand, smashing into Tien Fong from behind!  As soon as it's in his hand he lapses back into his more orthodox pattern.  The big, heavy blows are all but impossible to parry, made with bone-crunching force.  He methodically forces Tien Fong into the worst of the mud, to make sure that if he can't stand steadily neither can his opponent.  Then, the chieftain smiles.  He points his hammer at the mud and tilts his head in a little salute, then shoots a bolt of lightning directly into the water at Tien Fong's feet.

He takes a moment's respite to scan the area.  He starts shouting orders, nonsense words that Tien Fong realizes are battle code.

Buliwyf Initiative:
10, 10, 10, 9, 6, 3, 1 & 1
*Float 0-0-0
*Shaping Wave:  Tactics.  21 + 15 + AB 5 = 41 ; this is to get Tien Fong better within his Pattern for a Laughs.


Xin Wude

Roza Init:
7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2 & 1
*Cover Ground 24 + 15 = 39

Roza Defense:
10, 9, 8, 8, 8, 5 & 1
*Float 8-8
*Defense vs Strike 19 + 15 - 10 = 24 vs 50, 2 Ripples:  2/7
*Defense vs Secondary Strike 18 + 15 - 10 = 23 vs 50, 2 Ripples:  4/7

Roza Attack:
10, 8, 8, 7, 6, 6 & 1
*Flowed Knockback 48 + Stealth 5 = 53
*Strike 26 + 10 = 36 ; EKF provides Block -5 vs her attack; Better Dodged for a further -5 Block

Xin Wude is on Roza as soon as she moves.  He slashes her viciously, drawing body-wracking sobs of fear from the girl.  She nonetheless bolts back into the underbrush, further into the dark woods of Hanging White Paper.  There's another whisper to Wude's right side.

This time that's exactly where the arrow comes from.  The arrow drives right for him.  Roza's hoping to stagger him back to open up some space between them.


Cai Lu

Amalric struggles and curses but that only makes things easier for him.  The man's struggling becomes feeble and then he slips into unconsciousness.

Now that Cai Lu has a moment, he can see the barbarians are rushing all around him.  There are several climbing ladders up to the walls, where Tien Fong's garrison is doing its best to keep them away... but they were understrength in the first place and, credit where credit is due, the barbarian army knows what it's doing.

Other than that he can tell that Tien Fong has his hands full with the lightning-spouting barbarian chieftain.  The barbarian army is also giving them a respectful distance.

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Xin Wude
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Sat 7 Jun 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Wude's blade once more forms a steel encasement, moving with such rapidity and strength that Roza's nigh-unblockable arrowss are turned aside. The Sword Eccentric stands firm.

R4 Defense: 10, 10, 8, 8, 4, 2 & 1
4 chi for 10fold Steel Guard
Block Knockback: 28 + 10 (Block) + 10 (Sword) + 15 (IKF) + 5 (AB) - 10 (pen) = 58
Block Strike: 20 + 10 (Block) + 10 (Sword) + 15 (IKF) + 5 (AB) - 10 (pen) = 50

End of R4: 1 Ripple, 9/13 chi (10 chi spent, 6 respired), River 6/-

But he doesn't stand firm for long. He's after her like a shot, this time his still-snaking blade slicing through the trees like scissors through silk. What had been a tangle of wood and weeds is now a clearing, and the fallen timber forms a kind of cordon around the archer.

Once more, Wude deploys the Many-Forking River Sword to torment his already wounded opponent; he's increasingly aware of the amount of time he's spending on these two, and is eager to finish things off.

R5 Init: 10, 10, 7, 7, 4, 4 & 3
4 chi to extend Sword Mindset; Sword Heaven (free w/SM) for Sword/Flexible
Init: 13 + &c.
FoB: 20 + 15 (Confidence w/spec) + 5 (AB) = 40
Cover Ground: 24 + 5 (Footwork) + 5 (AB) = 34
Shaping Wave: 27 + 5 (Tactics) + 5 (AB) = 37

Shaping Wave is to increase the difficulty to leave the zone.

R5 Attack: 10, 10, 6, 6, 5, 2 & 1
Same as last time: 3 chi for BoIS, Snake in Grass free w/SM, flowing the 6.
Primary Strike: 20 + 10 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 50, better blocked w/-10 to dodge
Secondary Strike: 36 + 10 + 10 + 5 = 61, better blocked w/-10

1 Ripple, 7 chi spent (2/13), River -/-

Cai Lu
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Sun 8 Jun 2014
at 01:34
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"A swift river may toss even the mightiest boulder about," Cai Lu says, watching the siege as he reaches down and lifts his limp opponent.

His feet start to pivot, moving him in a slow circle that steadily increases, the force of the spin slowly raising the barbarian.

Timing the release, low and following the ground to a clump of the invaders at the base of the wall is a bit tricky.

"I challenge each of you for the right to be the next upon that wall!" he screams in the barbarian tongue.

(Drawing Attention: 10, 8, 8, 6, 5, 5 & 4.
Amlaric as Bowling Ball: 25 + 10 + 5 + 5 = 45
Bellowing Challenge: 28 + 5 + 5 = 38)
Zheng Tien Fong
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Mon 9 Jun 2014
at 17:38
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"We fight to survive, and to survive with honor," the commander concurs with labored breath amidst the ringing of steel, "But just as we physically descend into this mire, we can also sink from the weight of our convictions, bringing our peoples down with us. Shall it only be by strength of force that one conviction wins out over the other? Or is there another way?"

Tien Fong erects a stalwart defense, reasoning that the harder he requires the barbarian to strike, the more difficulty his foe must struggle to maintain his footing. Despite this, Buliwyf’s strikes remain too forceful and numerous for Tien Fong to deflect. A current of lightning jolts up his spine from the puddle beneath him, softening him up for the follow-up hammer-blows that bludgeon his frame.

Realized that I forgot to include additional +5 to Fears from Profiting by Their Panic; that should be a 49 vs his 47 Block so Buliwyf picks up another Ripple?

10, 10, 10, 6, 6, 4 & 2

vs 54 Shock: 3x10 + 15 Block - 5 vs Energy + 5 Laughs + 5 AB = 50, Ripple no roll
vs 38 Primary: 1x4 + 15 Block - 10 Massive + 5 Laughs + 10 Fears + 5 AB = 39, Just Blocked!
vs 59 Secondary: 2x6 + 15 Block - 10 Massive + 5 Laughs + 10 Fears + 5 AB = 51, Ripple no roll
vs 46 Disrupt: Not much I can do with a 1x2. Disrupted!

Tien Fong’s up to 8 Ripples now by my count. Strike and Footwork Disrupted.  3 chi spent, 3 chi regained. He stands at 5/13 chi.

The commander grits his teeth, breathing hard as his lungs struggle to draw breath. "Ida told me of your bride, her cousin Raganhildis. You condolences." His voice is somber, and for a brief moment, the tactician relaxes his grip on his saber.

Drawing out the necklace from the folds of his cloak, he displays it to the outlander champion. "My men discovered this in the outskirts of the city. Ida says this was your gift to your beloved."

Abruptly, Tien Fong hurls the pendant at Buliwyf, straight towards his chest. "It rightly belongs to you."

Init R4, spending Chiv Joss
10, 10, 8, 6, 2, 2, 1 & 1

River 2x10
Shaping Marvel: 26 = 1x1 + 10 Tactics + 5 AB; the intent here is to break the pattern and prevent Buliwyf from getting a Laughs At bonus; see attack roll that follows
Focus on Breath:  37 = 2x2 + 10 Hardiness (FOB) + 5 AB
Initiative 1x8

The military man's goose-quill saber trails closely behind the thrown medallion, the pointed tip of the weapon trailing it by just a hair's breadth and matching its speed almost perfectly. Buliwyf instantly recognizes the conundrum his opponent has placed him in — if he does not open up his  latticework the trinket will shatter on impact against his defense. But if he lets the necklace through, he lets the commander's blade in with it!

10, 10, 9, 8, 7, 4, 3 & 1
Flow out 2x10
Spend 2 chi on Dragon Claw Flexes
Attack: 80 = 4x10 + 15 Strike - 5 Disrupt + 10 DCF + 5 Laughs At + 10 Fears + 5 AB, Hard to Block!

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Mon 9 Jun 2014
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Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Tien Fong

In this case, no; I might've had Buliwyf decide to apportion his dice differently (including using the River) to avoid that ripple.

Buliwyf Initiative:
10, 9, 9, 5, 4, 3, 3 & 2
*Float 9-9
*Shaping Wave:  Direct Troops 23 + 15 + AB 5 = 43

Tien Fong's Shaping Wave is made at 26, but Buliwyf's pattern establishment was at 41.  Still, a good shaping wave which will get you other benefits.

Also Dragon Claw Flexes is 3 Chi.

Buliwyf Defense:
10, 8, 8, 5, 5, 4, 4 & 2.
*Defense vs Strike 28 + Block 20 + AB 5 + Laughs 5 (Within Pattern) - Better Dodged 5 - Circumstance Penalty 5 = 48 vs 80, 2 Ripples:  4/8

Buliwyf Attack:
9, 9, 8, 6, 6, 3, 2 & 1
*Flowed Shock 49 + 15 + AB 5 + Laughs 5 (Within Pattern) + Fears 5 (Unorthodox/Hidden) - Circumstance Penalty 5 = 74, Block is -5
*Primary Strike 26 + Strike 20 + AB 5 + Laughs 5 (Within Pattern) - Disrupt 5 - Circumstance Penalty 5 = 46, Block is -10

Buliwyf's orders ring out and the barbarians start moving with greater vigor.  There's no mistaking it:  he really does know his way around the battlefield and his men are quite expert for a barbarian rabble.

Then, Tien Fong says his piece.  Flips out the pendant.  It doesn't stop the chieftain's pattern, not for a second; he actually catches it with his hammer and flips it up into his hand.  His face, though, is stricken.  This momentary pause is enough for Tien Fong to rip open his side with a heavy gash.  He counters with a hard hammer-blow that trails an arc of lightning behind it, electrifying the air.

And then there's a moment of quiet recovery.  He looks up at Tien Fong, panting, his body bleeding and his fair hair plastered to his head.  "Thank you."  He murmurs.  "Ida.  She is alive?"  He asks, his voice even, bracing for the worst news.  Despite this he can't stop a black chuckle that bubbles up out of him.  "You learned our language from her?"


Xin Wude

Taken Out in a manner of your devising.

Roza lets out a terrified scream as all of her escape routes are cut down from around her.  Then that's cut short as Wude falls upon the young archer.  She is a lamb to the slaughter and Wude holds the knife.  There's silence as there's one last 'ting' of metal.

Hears Everything soars out of the nearby bushes, bleeding in several places and with a big ugly dagger sticking out of his left arm.  "It's finished,"  He tells Wude, "I took him captive, because I'd very much like to find out how he learned that form of Murderous Shadows.  Good work here.  They'll probably need more help at the front."


Cai Lu

Cai Lu opts to take 1 Chivalrous Joss to sustain ripples taken from Amalric into his next fight.

Amalric flies out and smashes into a ladder to the sounds of screams and broken bones.  Maybe twenty men are taken out by Cai Lu's first attempt at the sport of Barbarian Hurling.

The man who comes for him next isn't as tall as Amalric or Cai Lu; he's a short, squat type... the kind that Cai Lu would normally associate with a talented wrestler.  His right hand is missing, but his left is covered with a heavy leather gauntlet studded with spikes.

"I am Wigbrand,"  He says to Cai Lu, thumping his chest with his spiked knuckles, "Your time is finished.  I don't think we should steal any more honor from Buliwyf or your commander, but I accept your challenge."

Wigbrand Init:
9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5 & 3
*Analyze Fears 25 + Tactics 15 + AB 5 - Foreign 5 = 40
*LL Go Last

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Zheng Tien Fong
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Mon 9 Jun 2014
at 23:42
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"Ida...she lives," the commander confirms in between huffs of breath as he prepares for Buliwyf's lightning-laced counter. "So does...Arnwulf. They...were cooperative. But not Chlodov--AAAAAGGGH!"

Tien Fong presses against the barbarian's blow, forcing him to sink further into the quagmire as the weapon unerringly connects once more. Flickers of light flash from the corners of his eyes as electricity shocks his system again. He does not know how much longer he can withstand the chieftain's onslaught.

10, 10, 9, 8, 8, 6, 5 & 3

vs 74 Shock: 2x8 + 15 Block - 5 vs Energy + 5 Laughs + 10 Fears + 5 AB = 58, that's a Ripple + Roll; that's a 9 Ripple roll at this juncture, spending 2 chi for aura which I'll let you resolve since you're declaring the condition
vs 46 Strike: 2x10 + 15 Block - 10 Massive + 5 Laughs + 10 Fears + 5 AB = 45, one more Ripple

I'll wait my new inflamed condition before posting initiative.

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 GM, 120 posts
Tue 10 Jun 2014
at 01:08
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
RR provides 33, no damage bonus; Tien Fong applies 2 Chi Aura for 17, dropping it to 16.  This is enough for a Minor Shock:  Right Elbow.  This is a -10 Action Penalty unless you play it up or work around it.  You've already got a Trivial Shock:  Left Shoulder for a -5 Action Penalty.

As an aside, take a Deed of Honor from Buliwyf for trying to take on this session's boss alone.  That takes rock solid brass balls.  Keep in mind that brings you up to 7 effective Joss.  Entanglement will be spent later.

Buliwyf Round 5 Init:
9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 3, 2 & 1
*Float 8-8
*Quasi-LL Go Last

Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 78 posts
Tue 10 Jun 2014
at 19:04
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Thanks for the Deed! That Joss is getting spent. Blowing another Chiv for this round.

5 chi spent last round, 4 chi regained. At 4/13 chi.

Haggard and almost spent from injuries and exhaustion, a bedraggled Tien Fong inhales deeply, gathering himself for what may perhaps be his last stand. Running purely on adrenaline now, he channels his focus away from his wounds as he launches his next assault.

Initiative: 9, 8, 8, 6, 6, 4, 4 & 2

River 2x8
Hardiness Shaping Wave to ignore pain from shock injuries: 34 = 2x6 + 5 Hardiness + 5 AB
Focus on Breath: 41 = 2x6 + 10 Hardiness (FOB) + 5 AB, extra 2 chi

The commander's keen eyes dart about, his mind treating the task of overcoming the woven barrier of the chieftain's spinning hammer as a siege, analyzing this makeshift wall for structural weaknesses.

There! He locks in on the spot —  the flaw in the barbarian's defensive pattern: the fulcrum itself, Buliwyf's wrist! If it struggles to bear the weight of the hammer, then the wall is weak and vulnerable, prone to tumble backwards or collapse under pressure!

He winces at the pain in his ribs, then pounces up like the namesake Bone-Fed Wolf he emulates, honing in on his target with a feral accuracy borne of desperation. His saber feints, then probes, then strikes with the ferocity of a cornered animal.

Attack: 10, 8, 7, 7, 6, 3, 3 & 1
Flow out 2x8 and spend 3 chi on Dragon Claw Flexes
Strike: 78 = 3x8 + 15 Strike - 5 Disrupt + 10 DCF + 5 Laughs At + 10 Fears + 5 AB, Hard to Block!
Disrupt Block: 58 = 2x3 + 15 Tactics (Disruption) + 5 Laughs At + 10 Fears + 5 AB
Knockback: 57 = 2x7 + 10 Awareness (Eagle Eyed) + 5 Laughs At + 10 Fears + 5 AB

Cai Lu
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Wed 11 Jun 2014
at 03:20
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Cai Lu snorts like a winded ox, watching Wigbrand with the patience of a creature that only meant to charge once and would wait for its chance. Then he's charging, shoulder down and screaming so low it's more felt than heard, the unstoppable momentum and force overwhelming this carrion eater.

"I'm not nearly so sickly that you can stand in my way."

(Init: 10, 10, 9, 9, 4, 3, 3 & 2
Focus on Breath: 14 for 1 chi
Assess Fears: 20 + 5 + 5 = 30
Assess Qualities: 23 + 5 + 5 = 33

Float: 9-9

Attack: 10, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 4 & 2.
2 wood chi, 2 normal, 5ESC: +15 Strike/Block
Strike: 48 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 15 = 78, better dodged)

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Xin Wude
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Wed 11 Jun 2014
at 04:25
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
In the flurry of sword-strikes against young Roza, the Sword Eccentric is sure to direct some to her lower body; she'd moved with not-inconsiderable speed for one uncultivated, so he wanted to be sure that she'd be hobbled--but not permanently maimed--to prevent escape.

He bows slightly to his fallen opponents, wipes his jian clean, then turns to Hears Everything. "Indeed they will. No time to waste, then." And with that, Wude is light-footing his way back to the front lines, senses alert for sites where the town's defenses look like they're weakening, but otherwise making a straight shot to where he'd last seen Cai Lu and Tien Fong.
 GM, 121 posts
Wed 11 Jun 2014
at 05:02
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Tien Fong

Buliwyf Defense:
10, 10, 5, 5, 3, 3, 2 & 1
*Defense vs Strike:  25 + Block 20 + AB 5 + Laughs 5 - Better Dodged 5 = 50 vs 78, 2 Ripples:  6/8
*Takes Knockback
*Takes Disrupt

Buliwyf Initiative:
10, 9, 7, 7, 6, 5 & 2
*Cover Ground 27 + Footwork 5 + AB 5 - Disrupt 5 = 32

Buliwyf looks about to say something else when Tien Fong finds his second wind.  The attack smacks his hammer aside and he stumbles back; the saber slashes him across his chest and sends him sprawling in a gout of blood.  He tries to get up, his legs shaking.

"Then... there is no..."  Buliwyf wheezes, "One could not have asked for better companions, Commander Tien Fong."


Xin Wude

Xin Wude is off.  He lightfoots across the city; it looks like the siege is storming pretty badly.  The barbarians have already gained the walls and are fighting back the spare garrison.  There are even a small group of barbarians inside the city, making for the main gate.


Cai Lu

Wigbrand Defense:
9, 7, 6, 6, 5, 2 & 1
*Dodge 26 + Footwork 15 + AB 5 = 46 vs 78, 2 Ripples:  2/7

Wigbrand Attack:
9, 8, 8, 8, 8, 5 & 2
*Float 8
*Flood 8 on attack
*Strike 38 + 15 + AB 5 = 58 ; if Strike hits, will cause Disrupt

Wigbrand lets out a 'WUFF' as Cai Lu shoulder-barges him, breaking a rib or two right off the bat.  He draws his one good arm back and punches Cai Lu's head, right on the temple.  Once, twice, a third time.
Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 79 posts
Thu 12 Jun 2014
at 19:18
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
It was the briefest of respites, but the battered commander makes the most of it. He centers his breathing, then does his best to steady his sword arm, still numb and trembling from shock.

Timing his next move with the barbarian's impending arrival, Tien Fong raises a booted foot high from the slough, then drops another chi-fueled stomp into the ground. All the punishment the commander has inflicted upon the earth has all been leading up to this — tapping into the underground river that flows beneath Hanging White Paper for one final stunt.

A geyser erupts beneath him, launching him high up into the sky, almost touching the clouds. When he hits his zenith, Tien Fong trains his downward trajectory straight at his stalwart opponent, becoming like an arrow shot from the heavens.

Instead of his arms doing the heavy lifting, gravity now does the work as the commander streamlines his form to minimize drag and maximize the downward force and momentum of his goose-quill saber's descent.

"And one could not have asked for a more worthy foe, Chieftain Buliwyf!" he bellows. "But!"

Used up all my 4 chi  last round, but regains 5 to start the round since I FOB'd.
Blowing 2 Chiv Joss this round, it's do or die time

10, 6, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1
2 chi on Dragon Turns Over
Shaping Marvel: 51 or 61 = 2x6 or 3x6 + 10 Tactics + 5 AB, tapping into the underground river to try and get a temporary +5 to Strike and minimize exertion that would tax his elbows and arms. Depending on what target number I need to hit, an extra 6 may get saved in the River.

9, 9, 9, 8, 5, 4, 2, 2 & 1
Holding until Buliwyf finishes his Cover Ground and attacking before he does
3 chi on Dragon Claw Flexes
Strike: 79 = 3x9 + 15 Strike - 5 Disrupt + 10 DCF + 5 Laughs At + 10 Fears + 5 AB, Hard to Block! (another +5 for an 84 if that Shaping Marvel is approved)

Cai Lu
 player, 73 posts
Sat 14 Jun 2014
at 19:33
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Cai Lu lets out a snort, smashes his head into his opponent's fist without hesitation. Next to the boulders and rivers he'd struggled against as a child a mere fist meant little. Instead, he sets his grip around Wigbrand's arm as it descends for the third punch, sinking his fingers in and turning, throwing the barbarian over his shoulder and into the ground.

(Defense: 10, 8, 7, 7, 6, 4, 2 & 1
1 wood, 4 normal; +15 strike/block
Block: 58 - 27 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 15 = miss

Init: 9, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1 & 1
Focus on Breath: 21 for 1 chi
Shaping : Might : Crushing Grasp : 33 + 10 + 5 = 48

Attack: 10, 10, 10, 8, 7, 6 & 5
Strike: 30 + 10 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 15 = 90, better blocked

River: 9-9)

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Xin Wude
 player, 80 posts
Sat 14 Jun 2014
at 20:52
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
The Sword Eccentric alights first for the main gate, dropping in to intercept the pack of barbarians.

"I have no interest in cutting you down," he states firmly but gravely. "Surrender, and I'll have no need."

Making an Inspire action to avoid having to go through the motions of slicing and dicing them: 9, 9, 9, 5, 4, 4 & 3

39 + 10 (Inspire) = 49. River the 4's.

 GM, 122 posts
Sat 14 Jun 2014
at 21:32
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Tien Fong

Buliwyf raises his hammer, holding it horizontally in his hands as he raises them above his head.  He keeps his eyes open right as Tien Fong descends on a fountain of water, the sword cleaving right through his the dark wood of the hammer.  The hammer splits into two pieces, and a quiverful of lightning bolts crackle out of the sky centered right around him.  The thunder's a wall of concussive force that blasts Tien Fong a few yards into soft mud.  Unfortunately for the barbarian chieftain, Tien Fong's blade remains in his side.  He pulls it out with a soft grunt, tossing it back to the commander.  He takes one step, he takes two, he stumbles forward and onto his knees.

"There is no dishonor in this,"  He mumbles, his voice muffled by soft mud and blood.  "May you die well in battle someday, Commander Tien Fong."

Tien Fong can see the battlefield's stunned to silence.  Many of the barbarians have dropped their weapons.  Some have ritually slashed their left arm with their swords.  The middle-aged barbarian in strange armor that he recognizes as Ţeodoar sprints to his chieftain's side, pulling out a bag of rags and herbs.  The barbarian doctor gets to work, his face tight with fear and resignation.

There's another towering barbarian lieutenant, his left arm already bleeding.  He approaches Tien Fong with a weighted quarterstaff, and he holds it out to the commander.  Snowy-white braided hair has been stained with mud and blood and Tien Fong can even see he already has a trinket from the war: a coin with a square hole hanging from his neck by a red cord.  He drops his quarterstaff at Tien Fong's feet.

"By Buliwyf's last wishes, I, Levonhard, surrender our people.  I hope we have proved our worth."  He raises his chin, "No matter how I wish, I will not follow the Old Ways.  Consider this!  Show honor to honor!"


Xin Wude

The lightning crash illuminates the world like the flash of a sword across the eyes.  The barbarians immediately stay quiet, and when the sound of weapons dropping on stone fills the air like raindrops they follow suit... all except for two, who ritually slash their left arms before they drop their weapons.


Cai Lu

Wigbrand Init:
10, 10, 6, 5, 5, 5 & 3
*Wash 8
*Float 0-0
*Analyze Qualities with 35

Wigbrand Defense:
8, 5, 5, 5, 3, 1 & 1
*Defense vs Strike 75:  35 + Footwork 15 + AB 5 = 55; the result is actually 70, but I'll bump to 75 thanks to the Shaping Wave; 2 Ripples, 4/7

Wigbrand struggles but Cai Lu just crushes his remaining hand, twisting him around and slamming him into the ground- which by now is mud.  Cai Lu has just enough time to see Tien Fong descend on the barbarian king and cut his hammer in half, putting him down for the count.  Wigbrand stands up woozily and almost makes for Cai Lu before he notices the eerie silence.  He groans and sits down with crossed legs, punching the ground with his spiked gauntlet.  "This is what we get for abandoning the Old Ways,"  He mutters just loudly enough for Cai Lu to hear.  "I am not afraid to die.  Do not hesitate unmanfully."
Cai Lu
 player, 74 posts
Sat 14 Jun 2014
at 23:28
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"Oh stop beating your damned head against a wall," Cai Lu says, reclaiming his staff and stretching his arms overhead with it, letting it rest against his neck like an ox-yoke, "You left your ways and that leaves ours. One of which is that the loser doesn't get to judge the worth of the winner."
Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 82 posts
Wed 18 Jun 2014
at 02:47
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
End of Battle Ripple Roll: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 3, 2 & 1. Whew. Not bad.

Chi Aura: 4 & 2

2x3 - 1x4 = 9, good for a Trivial

Staggering toward the white-haired lieutenant, Tien Fong declares, "Your people's honor and worth are evident to me, and where two proud civilizations must coexist, we need to find New Ways."

His breathing still shallow, he then picks up Levonhard's quarterstaff and hands it back to him. "Go, gather your people and take them home. Buliwyf will join Ida and Arnwulf in my custody. I assure you, he will be treated well."

Taking his goose-quill saber and sheathing it, he takes stock of the condition of his troops and of Hanging White Paper's defenses.
Xin Wude
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Wed 18 Jun 2014
at 04:16
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Wude looks up at the sky when the lightning flashes, then to the now-surrendered barbarians. He watches the arm-slashing ritual with idle curiosity, opens his mouth to speak, but says nothing. There's nothing to be said; the Sword Eccentric turns, and lightfoots off toward the battle lines so that he can discover what's happened.
 GM, 123 posts
Wed 18 Jun 2014
at 04:29
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
Wigbrand shuts up, bowing his head.  "As you say, large one."

Wude makes it to the battlements, and from there down to the battle lines, where he comes upon Tien Fong returning the staff to Levonhard.

"Gather our people and return home?"  Levonhard says incredulously.  He points at Buliwyf, "We don't have a home.  This man lead us from what was left of our home five years ago, sir.  Only one of four of us escaped the campaign of the Death Marchers.  From that, we lost three of four of our people during our flight."

Buliwyf has gone unconscious.  Ţeodoar breathes a sigh of relief, packing the wound with rags, "By now the Death Marchers have claimed all of it for themselves and have fortified everything.  There's no place for us."

Tien Fong, the garrison is... mostly standing.  They've gotten into the city, but most of his men have done well for themselves.  He sees a few dead bodies from both sides, but the barbarians make up most of the deaths- as befitting a siege.

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Cai Lu
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Wed 18 Jun 2014
at 04:32
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"Cai Lu. Come, we need to get the wounded organized and then find out what the other xia have done," Cai Lu tells Wigbrand, "Before the villagers decide the tide has turned."
Zheng Tien Fong
 player, 83 posts
Wed 18 Jun 2014
at 05:12
Re: Arc 1, Session 1:  The Calm
"The Death Marchers?" The commander asks. "Please, tell me all you know of these that would displace you from your homeland. In the meantime, you can make camp in the northern woods along the river. We will share supplies with you until we can determine a course of action."